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We had almost went completely out of sight from them all. But when the horse suddenly stopped, something was wrong as I was flown off of the horse, landing on top of the unknown trap that was placed earlier. An arrow was sent into my body almost immediately, being sent completely through my chest, barely missing the heart. Coldness was starting to sweep over me as my hearing was leaving me.

Matthew jumped off and landing on his bad leg, grunting in pain as he waddled over to, cupping his hands on my cheeks as he tried to get my attention. Yelling, "Ekaterina!"
"We can hide in the forest, use the trees as cover until you can recover." I then hear Matthew. "Crap. They might need help. I'll get you to the trees and then go help them."
"I don't think.... you should...I'll just slow...you down." I say, grimacing in pain.
Matthew slapped Vyra's rear, making her rear up and gallop off the road. The horse can find her own way back. He then picked my body up, it was going cold and dark as I was losing blood. Trying his best to get back on a horse without a straddle, he put his hand over the wound and held it there. It would take two days now to reach their home... They needed to hurry with all speed.
I will make my post in another thread, since this one is almost full.

Chapter 1 will start on this new thread, so there's going to be a timeskip.
I begin moving her, picking her up for faster travel. "None sense. I didn't save you to leave you when you were hurt." Reaching the tree line, I set her down behind a trunk. "I'll be back. Stay out of sight." Rushing to the yelling, I see the sight. "The hell happened here?"
I sit there, thinking of what a brave...but foolish man he was.

"Doesn't he get it, I'm done for a while, we're both as good as dead out here." I whisper to myself.
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IC: Matthew was worried for me, nothing useful was stopping the bleeding so he ripped off a piece of cloth and held it there with his hand, it wasn't going to be a pretty sight for either of them. He would do anything to save me. "I don't know, but I have to go now. There is still a chance... You better hurry and leave, the guards are coming." Matthew had Gailye galloping down the road as fast as he could, while saving energy.

(Forgot your name Zarkun...) The man found an arrow on the ground next to a pool of blood.

OOC: Okay Nait, would save time for me as well. :)

IC: I look at the arrow and feel the Es energy it, one other time had I felt it. "That bastard..." Moving quickly, I return to Sahna and move deeper into the trees. "Remember that Watcher at the assembly?"
"Oh yes, the...one who threatened to.....kill me. I remember him...just fine, why?....Wait..." I say, still straining to get the breaths out.
Reaching a good spot to rest, I lay her down, making sure she can breath. "He left us a couple gifts. An arrow that knocked off the wheel, then another that nearly killed our unnamed friend. He's trying to keep us from doing our duty."
I wake up and jump off of Jason's shoulders walking over to Sahna. I lay a paw on her chest and channel some Es into her, healing some of her injuries.
The horse was not stopping, the bleeding still passing through, my forehead cold to the touch. Color of my skin was being lost.

Matthew cursed. "Come on! Don't die one me!"
I sigh. "Arcis, you're still really tired. I can feel it through our link. You should rest more."
I suddenly feel much better, although my chest still hurts a lot. He may have helped the pain, but I can tell there are still several broken ribs.

"No..stop. Don't strain yourself again." I say, taking the dragon and putting her off to the side.

I turn back to Jason, "Wonderful...so, do you think he'll come back for us? Or do you think he'll let us be now?"
I know but ..... I didn't want Sahna to be in as much pain as she was. Sleep more now. I say curling up next to them on the ground.

EDIT: *eye twitch* must resist urge to kill something ....... Arcis is a female ........ *eye twitch*
I look at Arcis.

"You've got a very nice partner...you should feel very lucky." I say, petting the dragon lightly.

OOC: Sorry..I've got a fever right now, and apparently one of the symptoms is the inability to distinguish gender in Fade. :P
I yawn and shift my position in response to Sahna's statement and her petting me.
"I think he only wanted to slow us down. However, if we see him, I'm putting an Es round through his leg. Outta even it out."
Tyson continues to the town, his bow ready, and his eyes forever watching.

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