Fade: The Rise

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She picks up her bow and arrow, forgetting about her salmon. She walks with him.

"So, is Bastion where you're from? Are you a treasure hunter? A noblemen seeking enlightenment?"
"None of the above. I'm a warrior in search of new ways to protect the people of this continent from both the R Virus caused zombies and the filth we just saw."
"Ah, and what a noble act that is!" She proclaimed, she'd heard of noble humans, who were wonderful in many ways, and had always wished to meet one.

"The R-Virus hit us hard, it killed my family, hell, it killed my city...that's why I was where...and how, I was."
"My ancestor fought against it. He was the first to wear a suit of Cerberus armor, formed by the Guardian Stones. Ever since then, my family has guarded the gates to the Deadlands. It's where my father is now."
"How intriguing." Sahna says, looking at him.

"I have an interesting past myself, as my father was a noble of us Phos. But, of course, he is now dead." I say sorrowfully.
I stop as the cave comes into sight, the entrance a large dark opening with two dragon statues on either side of it. "Was it the virus?" I begin walking towards it and set my belongings in an alcove underneath a statue when I reach it.
I look at the beautiful entrance.

"Yes...though not directly. It turned my Mother and brothers, and they came after us...they got him, but I was able to kill them all before escaping into the countryside."
I stop and look up at the natural archway, and torches light up, leading to the testing chambers. "It is sad. But, from what I can see, you carry their legacy on with honor, which is all you can do."
as Jason and Sahna enter the cave they feel the presence of something, like they are being watched.
"Thank you, that is what I wish to do. You know, you humans...you're not all bad, though some are." She says, referencing the bandits.

"This place is wonderful, isn't it?"
I watch the remaining shadows, wary of any kind of attack. "Some humans are more concerned with themselves and money then others. As for the Cave of Truth, it is indeed. Though the true beauty is in the secrets it protects." I stop at a pair of large oak doors, flanked by statues of armored dragons with semi-human appearances, wielding spears and tower shields. "And now for the test, to see if we are worthy."
She walks with him, wondering what he could mean.

"Indeed some are, though the thing with humans...some are worse than that, your kind often have evil in their hearts."
A human? and a Phos? hmmmm i hope the Human succeeds in the trial. i think to myself sitting in my egg. This Human .... if it passes my partner may have found me atlast after all these years of waiting ....
"It is unfortunate. However, don't let a few control your opinion of the many. We all have our flaws." I push the doors open, revealing a large stone arena in the shape of a circle, and on one end stood a single stone statue, like the two flanking the large doors. "One at a time, however, since you arrive with me, only I need take the test." I walk in and the doors close on their own, and I face the statue. "What is the test to be, Drago? How am I to prove my worthiness?" The statue looked at me with it's unblinking eyes for a long time, then answered.

"Through combat. I will be your opponent." I nod and draw my revolvers, preparing for the attack.
The statue steps off of its stand and walks to the middle of the ring, spear in hand/claw/something. "ready human?" the statue asks as it goes into a combat stance.
I take a ready stance, both revolvers aimed at the statue of one of the greatest dragons to ever live. "Aye, Drago. Make your move."
the statue breathes fire at Jason then while he is distracted runs up and throws several punches.
I leap up into the air and over Drago, firing a flurry of rounds at him. Landing, I release a concentrated blast of Es at his back, knocking him into the wall.
the flurry of rounds does not seem to do much to the statue. he hits the wall hard leaving a dent. "Not bad for a human such as yourself." he then gets up again and runs at Jason swinging and thrusting with the spear in his hands.
As Jason walks in the door, leaving me all alone, I look down on the ground solemnly.

"Be safe, worthy Jason."

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