Fade: The Rise

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I move fluidly, avoiding the strikes while keeping a flurry of the Es rounds flying. Spotting an opening, I take it, charging my armor around my knee with Es and slamming it into the statue, sending it flying into the air, where I fire a charged Es round at it.
after taking both hits the statue lands with a resounding THUD! he stands up again but instead of going after jason he goes back to his podium/stand/thing and says "You have proven your worthiness young human you and your companion may proceed. But remember only one of you may take a dragon." The last part seeming as if it was a preset response. A series of clicks, clacks and clanks are heard as the door on the far side of the room unlocks for Jason and Sanha.
As Sahna walks through the opening, she looks at Jason, her eyes seemingly looking beyond just his face, and into perhaps his soul.

"What happened? Are you hurt?"
I sigh in relief and holster my weapons. " No, I was not hurt. I am one of the most agile warriors you'll ever meet. It'll take more than that to touch me. Also, can I maybe get your name? I don't feel right calling you Phos all the time." The last part had me thinking. Is it possible that the dragons had planned ahead for something like the R Virus? I suppose I would find out.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I never did introduce myself. My name is Sahna, though you may call me what you wish." She says, her eyes keeping contact with Jason, and her advancing close to the new opening, and Jason.
I nod. "Sahna it is." I walk through the doorway and look at what lay beyond. Amongst all the books of knowledge stood many alcoves, with a dragon egg in each. "By the gods...they weren't all killed...but they can't return when there are few that are worthy. Sahna...there is hope for this great race after all."
I look inside, my eyes filled with wonder.

"Incredible...shall you select one?" I ask, my eyes piercing Jason once more.
At the far end of the room is what appears to be a large stone altar. along the wall although covered in dust and dirt a single egg glows with a strange crimson light, only Jason can see the glow however.
I look them over. "I'm...not sure I should...I mean, am I that worthy?" I had noticed the glow and I approach it, almost like it was calling my name.
"I believe you worthy Jason, and whatever happened, in that last room, that proved you worthy...I do think you should take one, and perhaps give this race a shot at survival." She says, staring in awe at the many eggs that contained a beast beyond measurable strength.
I reach the alter and look at the egg. "Perhaps you're right, but...how? No one forsaw the coming of the R Virus, and all the races were hit hard. Dragons perhaps even harder than the Phos as there are...were, none left." I pick it up and look at it. Why did this egg seem to call out to me?
the egg's glow seems to get brighter, but not blindingly so. the closer Jason gets to it similar to how a puppy would get more energetic when you go to play with it. it seems to be saying 'we are meant to be partners'. there is a sign by the altar that reads

Place the egg that chose
you on the altar to begin
[the rest of the sign is gone]
I read the sign and think carefully. If I do this, the dragons will have another chance. But there's also the chance that they'll want revenge on the other races...I'll take my chances. I place the egg on the alter and step back, waiting to see what happens.
I smile at him, he was a brave one for sure.

"Whatever happens though, we'll be together." Suddenly, she realized what she'd said, and realized that she might not have meant it, for she felt indebted to this stranger.

"I...mean, I mean the races, if anything were to happen, I'm sure we could find a way to band together and survive."
Gold and crimson light floods the room from cracks in the egg. After a moment of completely flooding the room it vanishes. On the altar instead of an egg now sits a small gold and crimson colored dragon with a strange gauntlet on her left front paw and a 'mark of Erini' around her left eye.

I yawn and stretch finally out of that dam egg. I look over the human I had chosen and decide i really did pick well and he would make a great partner/rider.
I quickly try to change the subject.

"Wow....look at it!"
I look at the dragon, dumbfounded. "It's...this is...I didn't...wow." I finally manage to get out. This was unheard of and unprecedented. "Hello, young dragon."
I step forward towards it.

"Wow...and to think that all this time...should we go to your home, and show everyone this wonderful thing? Or should we hide it?!"
I look at the young dragon and offer it a perch on my shoulder. "I will not hide it, for soon it's size will be too great to hide, if the stories are any indication, so we shall let them all see it, and know that the dragons, too, survived."
I try to roar in reply but all that comes out is a strange half choked mrrrow. My stomach rumbles. Food? I look around for a rat or mouse ... something. i jump on my partners shoulder.

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