Fade: The Rise

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I look once more at the dragon, fully taking in it's beauty.

"Shall we get going then? For I do hate to rush you, but I must say, I'm longing for civilization."
Ki sits back and considers for a moment.

"Alright, makes sense. So, reguarding your combat skills, how good are you?"

IC: Fumbling through my cloak, finding the curved dagger and placing it blade first on the wooden table. It had one amethyst in the hilt.
"That's the only thing I carry with me that could kill a man... I'm not at all a fighter to be honest, I was given this as a present from a few friends that chipped in... Only use it for self defense or cutting something open, I don't practice and if I would be in a front up fight with someone who was better skilled than I... I would die."
Another sip was taken from the glass, wetting down my still parched throat.
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i wrap my tail around Jason's shoulder and set my self around the back of his neck, my head and front paws resting on his other shoulder. i yawn again and ask {Get food now? Please?} My 'voice' is obviously female.
Clucath lurked beneath the surface of the water, marking the approach of his prey. The fact that his prey was several times his size made little difference to him; he was a slayer, not a mover. The movers would be very pleased to find this.

The beast moved closer to the water. For it, life was simple. It ate, it drank, it slept. There was little more that needed to be done. The swollen sacs on its body showed it was prepared to release spores that would be caught by the flowers of one of the small females. The female Yrogri was no good: small, tough, bitter. The male, on the other hand...

The young Namas had a slightly more complicated life. He actually had to plan and fight for his food. He was rewarded based on how many creatures he brought down for the Movers. The many talismans, bracelets, and earrings he wore showed he had brought down many. This bloated creature was just one more. It would be easy to kill. That blow right above and behind the eyes would pierce the weak point of the skull and kill instantly.

Which, of course, was the governing factor of this hunt. If that blow missed, it would be almost impossible to kill the creature. Not to mention a raging Yrogri was very unpleasant to be near.

All of these turned out to be unecessary considerations. As the monster bent its head to drink, Clucath suddenly broke the surface of the water and fired. The gigantic creature made only a small noise of surprise, then collapsed into the stream.


Clucath marked the Yrogri so the Movers could find it from afar, then maneuvered it (with some difficulty) into the middle of the stream so it could float towards the sea. He also sliced of one of the bloated sacs hanging from the Yrogri's back. Naturally, the Chief Mover would have been very unhappy with him for taking some of this, the best part of the Yrogri. But who cared what he thought? It was tradition for hunters to take what they wanted.

And Clucath always took what he wanted.

Tyson walks through the shadows of a small city. The man he had to kill was going to be on the opposite side of the city, wouldn't even take an hour to get there. His bow was readied, and every time he lost shadows to hide in he used his Es to turn invisible and moved on.
most of that was in about an hour maybe 2 :P
I almost jump at the dragon's voice. "Of course we can go, and of course we can find you food." I lead the way to my belongings and pull out a piece of jerky, holding to the dragon. "Here, try this." I was still amazed by the fact that this had happened and that such a thing had existed. For centuries, everyone had thought the dragons dead and gone, more extinct then even the tribes of primitive humans who once wandered this land. "Sahna, when exactly was the last time you were in a city?"
i grab the jerky in my mouth and gobble it down my hunger sated for now. i jump down from my partner's shoulders and look around basking in the sunlight.
I watch the dragon bask, and chuckle. "So, little dragon, what's your name?" All the histories said that they had names when they were born, and so I trusted it hadn't changed.
I stretch out and lift my face towards the sun the design on my face catching the light. I then reply {Arcis, and yours?}
"Jason." Arcis. This first living dragon in nigh a millennia. "I am honored to meet you, Arcis. But, I must know, why could I only see the glow from your egg?"
{As am I. Because I only chose you, not her nor her and you.} I say remaining where I am.
"Chose me? What do you mean?" Now I was confused. What did it mean by chose me?
{I chose you to be my partner. My caretaker and later my rider when i am fully grown.} I reply as I turn to look Jason in the eyes.
I was unsure of what to say. "Rider? But...in everything I've ever heard, read, and seen, there was no mention of riders. Is this...was this your races plan should anything ever happen to them?"
{Not everything involving dragons made it into your histories.} I say glancing at Sahna who has been rather quite.
I nod slowly, my mind a whirlwind. "I suppose that makes sense, but why the secrecy from the other races? They could have sent people to help. And you still haven't told me what you mean by rider."
{It means a lot of things. For me it means friend, someone I know I can trust, someone to fly into battle with, to be, literally, my RIDER. A better question perhaps is what does it mean for you?} I say/ask lifting my left paw and pointing a claw at about where Jason's heart should be.

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