Fade: The Rise

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I think carefully. "I'm...not sure what it means period. I mean...in all my travels, finding the eggs in the first place was a surprise. Then, when you hatched, healthy and strong and...well, a living dragon, I was ecstatic. Now though, I'm both sobered and honored to be given this opportunity. I won't waste it."
I nod. {That is wise of you jason. Perhaps while we travel, you can discover what being a Dragon Rider means for you. Now why has the Sahna been so quite?}
I look at her and notice the thoughtful look on her face. "She's most likely thinking on what this means. With us going to Bastion, she's got a lot to look forward to, and to fear. Many of the Phos have had little contact with humanity since the Outbreak of the R Virus. Many blame us for the war that caused it. Perhaps they're right. But, perhaps the king will be graceful about her presence."
i yawn and lay down. {im going to nap while she contemplates stuff} i close my eyes and fall into a light sleep.
Nait... Are you still alive or are you just having fun typing on your phone still?
I chuckle and take a seat, pulling out some jerky for myself and Sahna. "Here, have some." I say, offering some to her.

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Ki looks at the knife.

"Good enough for me."

He hands you an sealed letter from his cloak.

"It would be a pleasure if you could be part of the assembly today. This should give you directions."
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IC: I reached for the knife and and slit the top of the letter, for easy access. Then placing the knife in a pouch near my side. With a smile I eyed the directions as the paper came out. "I might just do that... I don't have to leave until a couple of days anyway."
I arrive to Bastion, and glance around the city, more out of old habits than anything else. I was carrying a bag of items I was hired to retrieve from some troubling individuals (Read: Bandits). I eye the buildings, trying to remember which one the person who hired me was at. I find it, and make a steady pace toward it, giving a passing person a smile.
As Tyson comes near his target he quickly uses his Es to turn invisible and climbs up to a windowsill and readies his bow. He aims it in the diner the human was feasting in. The man was gluttonous, lazy, and was generally and @sshole to all. He also was reported to have been making deals with bandits. Tyson lets go of the bowstring and the arrow flies off, making whirls as it goes through the air. The arrow shatters the glass and embeds itself into the large man's throat. Tyson, still under his cloak of bended light makes way out of the city, staying to the shadows again.
I look at him.

"A few months probably...hard to keep track of time. If I had to guess I'd say four or five months, but it could have been longer or shorter."
I nod, still offering the jerky. "Well, once we finish eating, we'll be on our way. It's about another ten miles from here to Bastion. I've read they like living close to the sea."
I lift my head and listen as Sahna and Jason talk but I don't respond instead I lay back down and go back to sleep.
"Alright. What happens once we get there?" I ask curiously, my attention now being drawn to the dragon.
As Tyson gets out to the road he went to the next location to meet with more potential clients, he heard there were many who liked to have people killed, but not get their hands dirty there. He starts to remember the name, Bastion. He heads out towards Bastion, keeping to the road.
"Well, there's some kind of assembly being called, and I thought we could go investigate, as well as inform the king of our findings."
"That makes sense, but I mean, what are we to do once we get there?" I asked, once more shuffling my feet awkwardly.

I then look at the meat, and suddenly feel hungry, remembering that I left my salmon cooking.

"I'll....sure, thanks." I say, taking it and biting into it.
I chuckle and take a bite of my own. "We'll look around. I've only been to Bastion a couple times myself, and so I always learn something new."
I take another large bite.

"How do you think the people will act towards a Phos there?" I ask, with a slight hint of nervousness in my voice.

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