Fade: The Rise

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I enter a tavern, and look around the room, identifying the employer. I walk over to where he is sitting, and take a seat opposite of him. He looks up at me, and frowns, not knowing who I was at first. After a few seconds, his frown goes away, and he asks, in a hushed voice
"Do you have it?" I nod in reply, and set the bag on the table. It was very small, almost the size of the palm of a hand. He opens the bag, gently, and pulls out a ring. He smiles, looks at me, and hands me some (insert currency here). "Thank you." He says, and I nod, take the money, and leave the tavern.
"There are Phos who live there already, though not many, but those that do live there are respected. You'll be fine." I finish eating and stand up, stroking Arcis' back gently to wake her. "Arcis, we're leaving."
I yawn and stand up, stretching. {Long walk .... fun} I say sarcasm clear in my voice.
I chuckle. "It's not a dull as it seems. I'm sure that there will be plenty of the typical road rabble; bandits, highwaymen, even the occasional runaway convict."
{Ok lets go. I might hunt for some rodents or something while we walk.}
"Well, with you they won't be much of a problem." I say triumphantly. Taking my bow from my back, I wanted to be ready for anything.

"And that's good. I'm glad they aren't ignorant fools." I reply to Jason's response to my question.
Tyson walks the roads. He hears a slight amount of movement and turns around, his bow readied. All he sees is a rabbit, a still rabbit. He lets the arrow loose and it smashes into the Rabbit's eye. He retrieves his arrow and throws the rabbit in a bag and continues on. He'll need some meat on his journey.

http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=Dark+Armor#/d1i06yy "My armor."
I start walking, leading the way along the mostly familiar path. "To be ignorant would cause humanity to fail, and that is something the King won't allow."
"Well, I'll trust you on that." I say, walking with him.

"Your dragon should feel great to have such a nice owner." I say in a cordial tone.
I chuckle. "She'll see her share of action traveling with me. Trouble has a habit of finding me no matter where I go."

[Short time skip of about 6 hours]

Bastion's walls come into view and I sigh. Soon, I'd have a real bed to sleep in, if only for a little while. "There it is, Sahna, Bastion, the City of Gears."
I look at the large city, taking in the awe-inspiring view fully.

"It's wonderful, finally, I'll be in civilization once more!"
I nod and approach the gate. "Indeed. Perhaps you'd wish to find some of your own to talk with? It would seem you've been in isolation for a long time."
{hmmmm it is beautiful but I wish I could have flown} I stretch my wings and try to fly but only get about a meter off the ground then fall back to the ground.
I look at him.

"I'm fine sticking with you for now, and you've no idea...for several months I had only myself, and bandits or wildlife. Not the life for me, that's for sure." I say, chuckling.

"Besides, you humans...you seem alright."
I stop and check on Arcis, making sure she's alright. "You're still fairly new to the world. Don't rush yourself." I then smile at Sahna. "I thank you for that. Glad to know that I've set a good standard forward. Now if only all humanity followed suit."
"And thank you, for setting such a good example." I say, smiling at him.
{I'm fine but i need to practice nonetheless.} I say as i continue to walk and every few moments trying to fly again landing lightly each time.
The glass was finished, I was about to leave the inn when I felt a presence, it's determination? Such a strange being yet I don't know what it was? Happiness and courage to face the world. Smiling I set the glass down.

OOC: I felt the dragon because of how strong such an energy is and the Empathy just kinda felt the feelings.
Tyson finds a canopy covered area off the road and sits down and starts assembly rocks in a circle. He starts tearing branches off the trees and throws them in the middle of the circle. He takes out a lighter and a kindle and lights the kindle. He throws the burning piece of wood onto the branches. He starts skinning his rabbit as the fire starts.

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