SC2 won't start after updated OS

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Yesterday, I upgraded my Mac to OS X 10.6.8, and then ran SC2. It did the patching business, and was able to run normally after it was patched. I quit SC2 after awhile and later I went to open it back up again, and I got a screen (like the patch update one) that said

"An internal error occured, please restart."

So I waited a bit, and it worked again. After that, I upgraded my OS to OS X 10.8.2, and got the same error again when trying to open SC2. When I click on "Get Info", it says that the version is

Anything would be helpful, thanks =)

Edit: I've now figured out that if SC is in the applications folder under "Starcraft II", then it does load, but not if you drag it out onto the desktop, like what I had before.
The icon on the desktop before was a shortcut, also known as an Alias. Instead of dragging it, create one and see if that works.

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