Separatist Space, VII

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Tim feels a slight jolt, and is immediately satisfied.

"Commodore, sir. Why aren't you at the meeting?" Asked a ship-hand.

"Because I was dressing. But now I am ready, so leave." I say, buttoning up the last bit of my coat, and walking out to where the other officers were huddled about, strategizing for the battle.
Breaking atmosphere, I look the battle over, the cloaking engaged. "We'll want to grab one that's crippled, so it has to fall back. No matter out fleet size, they're better equipped." I check the channels and clear them with a trick Veronica had taught me. Well, clear the one I need anyways, and only for a short time. {Scout, we need you to cripple a BP ship. That way we can sneak on board and send you and the Council their headquarters coordinates.}

Scout glanced back to see who was following. "Good I'll need some help." He said, grabbing an assault rifle from a nearby porta-rack that was placed.

"Luis came here for the planet, not the Separatist Fleet. The battle will not only take place in orbit, but here. When that happens." He stopped and grinned an evil grin.

Keith slammed a mag in the slot. "I'll be waiting." He said, pulling the slide back.

Keith was about to pull out his pistol when his radio crackled to life. Static and the song, "Indestructible" by Disturbed was the only thing audible through it.

Scout swore "That was probably important." He, beginning to reload his pistol.


"I say we take a flag ship, one that's not likely to die." Samantha offered, looking at the radar with a worried face.
I shake my head. "We need something crippled. If it isn't crippled, they won't head back and we just spent our time waiting for a planet to be incinerated."
"Your call." Samantha said with a shrug. "But what's worrying me more is how are we going to hide on their ship? Sure they might not pick us up on a radar, but any engineer in the hanger is going to see us plain as day."
"Leave that to what was built into the ship. It's a rapid assault craft, meaning we needed cover from prying eyes every now and then, right?"
"Right, but we're going to have to pull off a miracle to just kick back in the hangar until this battle is over."
"While they gave us invisibility to radar, I can give us," I hit a button and the outside of the ship cloaks, "invisibility to the naked eye. That doesn't solve our problem of getting the ship to leave though...maybe sabotage once we land?"
"That is our greatest problem. If we go to a crippled ship, it will die, if we go to a flag ship, it will live long enough for us to gather the information we need."
Just because I can...

IC: Several Siren's raced past Wandering Star as they dived bomb on the same ship that Prometheus was crushing slowly, that's when a hole was created through the hall and the Siren's flew in just like the others. Purging the hallways of all life. Then a laser was approaching out of the hole in the hull, it was a SOFLAM.

Three Reapers flew around and dripping their payload where the laser was. With Oxygen added with the bombs in order to create a fire.
"A crippled flag ship? It may be hard, but it's doable."


"Sorry I'm late, gents." I say, in a fake but convincing British accent.
OOC: Dac, do you want me to DM the bottom half?
[The Group]
Horace speaks up;
"If we can get a signal out, I'd be able to get our marines ground side..."
He says

I watch with grim satisfaction as the Shrikes tear through the BP fighters. While the Shrikes only had a single fore laser, they're as powerful as those on Battleships and Dreadnoughts. Our continual missile barrage had finally taken out a BP Dreadnaught, only to be replaced by two more...
...damn... there sure are a lot of the bloody things....
I think to myself.
"Like I said, sabotage. We land, then someone goes and plants a bomb on one of their power generators and then detonate it once the saboteur is back here." I ignored the fighters, and the bombs, knowing they were doing their jobs.
"Shuttles are still active, want me to send a runner?" Scout asks, starting to walk down the hall.
[The Group]
Horace nods;
"Have them do a flyby on Aradia, and tell her to drop the marines via morse with the ships running lights."
Scout turns to a soldier who was following him and nods. He then runs off.

"Good. I was hoping I could get some ground support.
"Well, let's do it then."

OOC: I think CR was going to DM them.
OOC: Oh, duh :P
I fly towards the nearest capitol ship, avoiding the crossfire. "Geez, these guys are determined."

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