Separatist Space, VII

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"Well... you could always go to Execrate with the rest of the fleet."


"Your ship will be outfitted with the most advanced cloaking technology available. Samantha will be able to disguise well since she worked for them. During the battle it shouldn't be that hard. Shuttles and boarding pods will be going back and forth, too. You could always snatch a ride with one of them." Rohan offered.
"Execrate?" I ask curiously.
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Didn't mean to, sorry.

IC: I chuckle. "You don't know the things I've learned in the last few months. That aside, you'd be wise to keep your cheap parlor tricks off the streets. I'm sure you and Kyra aren't the only ones here, Cassidy, was it?"


"You're avoiding the question. Do my terms stand." I wasn't asking anymore, now I was telling.
Cassidy almost howled with laughter. "Parlor tricks? I'm only doing this because it's the best thing to do to pass the time... And no... We most likely aren't the only ones here, hell... There could be one making your meals, pumping fuel in your ships... How am I supposed to know?"

Kyra gave Torvus another look and sat down. "This is absolutely crazy... You've learned a few tricks... And how I befriended him? That's the other way around I'm afraid..."
"Story for someone without ulterior motives. Anyways, what brings you here, Kyra? I thought you were heading home."
Cassidy went back to cleaning glasses and pulled out a fine Caribbean Style Rum.

Kyra was easily annoyed at this point... Good thing Torvus couldn't detect it yet. "I was...but my ship had its entire engine and navigation system fried... It's absolutely useless and the coordinates are gone as well."
"Well, that's no good. Need some one to take a look."
Cassidy slowly poured the rum into a shot glass, ever so slowly.

Kyra just shook her head, it wouldn't work. "No... I already looked at it, took it apart and nothing..." A slight chuckle was heard. "...worked out like it was supposed to, so I'm going to have to replace everything."
"That's a spendy venture. Need help?" I ignored Cassidy. I mean, it was hard enough to keep from shooting him now.
"is there anything else?" Kit asks the Elder.

"no for now we are done you may return to what you were doing before." The Elder says.

Kit nods turns and leaves. as the door closes behind her she is beamed back aboard the Anatoga. GAH! Kit mumbles in Kametian as she attaches the crossed tails to her the shoulders of her ghost suit and changes into it.
That was when she laughed, her sweet innocent voice... Yet it held experience. "Who said anything about spending? I could 'borrow' a ship? But I really don't need help... So why did you come finding for me?"

Cassidy took a swig of the shot and the rum fluid went down his throat. "Refreshing."
"I didn't really, Glacies indicated you were here. Not sure how the bloody thing new, but you know. So, if you don't need help, why are you looking?"
"To see which unlucky sap I get to 'borrow' it from... And anyway, information is good... And my people like information, like him..." She was talking about Cassidy who poured another rum filled shot glass.
OOC: sry i was debating about what my course of action is in the story all of yesterday

IC: i finally awoke after a good shut down. the half protoss female was rubbing her temples in a corner while her brother was doing i don't know what. my hearing finally clicked in as i looked down at myself. the cuts and other wounds have healed completely. "how long have i been out?" i asked
Cynthia saw the 'robot' who was acting a lot like a human, woken up. "Long enough for us to take you apart and sell you at the Black Market... So not that long."
"what up with you? hangover" i joked. "say mind if you take me to this location" i ask setting up a hologram display showing Tragnas V a desert world on the fringes of separtist space
Still rubbing her head, Cynthia got up, looking at the hologram. "No... One, you are a living offense, and two... You expect me to know where that is when I don't even know where I am?"
(Small time jump)
Dropping out of hyper at Execrate, I open a comm line to the Separatist base;
{This is the merc task-force "Hellsbane" What are our orders?}

Repost, I think mark missed this...
"well first i have no idea what you mean by i'm a living paradox, is a machine so hard for people to comprehend? and second i know where it is just find you just need to drive" i reply

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