Separatist Space, VII

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Jalsin looks at his squad as they approach a town. He nods towards the Sphynxes. He watches them charge forward. As they get close enough to the town they use they jump-packs and slam into the guards. Blood starts spurting out of the chests of the guards as the aorta was slashed open by the broken sternum and ribs. They wait for Jalsins next signal. He orders the Chaos Hunters to go in and assassinate any other militia in the town. When he is given the all clear by them he heads into the town himself with Hydra Rifles and Juggernauts behind him.

He nods to the Juggernauts who load incendiary grenades into their grenade launchers. They fire start firing at the flammable buildings, setting most of the town aflame. They switch to their machine guns. As the people start fleeing out of the burning homes they were mowed down by the machine gun fire, sniper fire, and rifle fire. The non-flammable building were invaded by the Sphynxes. The Sphynxes have all the fun. Time for me to have myself a little fun. He smiles and charges into one of the buildings that were not flaming and he starts cutting down every living thing. He would slice at every major artery you could imagine, just to get all the blood he could. He crush people with his armor, and he would blast them in the head with his Void Pistol, named for leaving a small radius around it completely empty, which would remove half their heads. Through the blood shed he laughed and licked the blood off his armor and face.

At the end the squad gathered all the bodies into the center of the town. Jalsin started reciting a prayer to Rak'nashal, "Demon glórmhar, go raibh maith agat as an bás agus an scrios tú cead dúinn a bheith ina cúis. Tá súil againn go mbeidh an fhuil bhfuil áthais leat. Bealtaine ár scuad a bheith iarrachtaí níos rathúla go leor mar seo amháin." The verse was of the ancient Irish language. Rak'nashal heard from the two young minds he was lingering in, and waiting to snap.
Cynthia woke up with a jolt, sweat dripping down her face as she felt an intense burning deep within her skull. Intense it was. She had also found herself in the Medical Bay?


Alexandria had gotten up from her own blood and sat down. "So... For when I've been gone, has the Prometheus finished construction?"

One of them smiled, yes in fact... Would you love to use a hologram to talk to them during the meeting they are having discussing the battle that they are in to test the ship?"

She smiled back. "Yes."


Prometheus went full power behind the reactor, allowing the ship to increase it's speed and brute force as it completely went through the ship now. The remaining Siren's that survived the initial fly-in came out as the ship was exploding.


A hologram showed of Alexandria in the meeting room, AKA... 'The Mother'.

There was hushed talking and whispering, she was alive!
"Scout-platform, do you request ground troops for defending the base?" The Prototype asks.

Another ship of the Vaxarus blows up, and the ship that was boarded started slowing as the machines make it to the reactor, and start planting charges on it. Another Black Peace ship blows up from the constant bombardment of bombers from the Vaxarus ships.
A fleet-wide message appears from the Factory-Ship.
Priority: One-Alpha-Zulu
All ships, be advised, Gravity Bomb nearing completion. Firing sequence will start
if hostile ships begin overwhelming the fleet.

Scout glances at the bot. "Sure, if you can spare them. The battle up there is more important then down here."


The message comes in as:

determination that is incorruptible
From the other side a terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable
Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive
Im an indistructible master of war!
"Affirmative. Troops inbound." The bot replies, drawing its weapon.

One of the hangers on the Factory-ship opens up, and a super-platform deploys, making its way toward the fleet. As it enters the battle, a Black Peace cruiser engages, thinking it to be an easy target.
A Vaxarus Transport ship flies over the Command Center, and several drop-ships are deployed to head ground-side.
OOC: wanted to RP the superior officers at the meeting, right?

IC: "Just...don't let us get hit." I say nervously. I hadn't ever been in a battle this large, and it scared me a little bit to see the ship we were about to go onto.
I chuckle and swerve around another missile. "You're looking at the best pilot in the sector. We won't get hit."
Yes Dacder.

IC: The Admiral of the Cohortis Division shushed the room, including the late arrival of the other officer. "Quiet everyone... And we get hit, we get hit... If there is any sign of losing, we'll back out and run over more simulations. Our dear Mother has returned to us..."
"Excellent then. Shall we next go after a flagship? Just to see what this thing can do.."


"Well, that's reassuring."
I avoid another missile and land in a garbage area. "There, now we won't get spotted. Who's our saboteur?"
"Let me do it." I say. I didn't want Joey or Sam to get hurt, they seemed like nice people, and I'd rather put myself in harm's way.
As the meeting went on, the Prometheus ventured deeper into the fray, more Siren's being produced as the Cruisers and Corvettes flanked the Prometheus to protect it.

"Yes, it is reassuring... And I am glad to be back my children, I hope everything is going fine? Because I heard something about the Prometheus being on a combat trial?" 'The Mother' asked, AKA Alexandria.
The Factory-Ship turns on the spot, and unleashes a powerful charged beam. The target was a group of ships keeping together. Although most of them were fast enough to dodge the beam, some were not so lucky. Two Battleships were instantly gutted from one side to the other, splitting the ships in half while burning through their shields.
The cruiser that engaged the Super-platform was now, quite literally, cut in half due to the machine's powerful anti-ship blade. A Vaxarus Dreadnaught's reactor explodes, consuming nearby fighters and damaging the shielding of another Vaxarus ship, which promptly was attacked and destroyed.
I answer upfront.

"It seems to be going well, Mother. What shall we do next, Mother?"
"I'm not the commander of this ship... Nor of this fleet. I'm more of a Wetwork person myself. But I know how to lead. I want you to form a team to board one of the enemies ship... Secretly." She said.

A Corvette and three Cruisers were blown out of the sky immediately, on Aquila's side.
"Yes Ma'am." I say, before rounding up a small group of perhaps twenty elite soldiers.

"Which ship, Mother?"
She smiled... Telling him the plan and which ship to pick, after scanners had picked up they had spotted their target. The same ship that Joey just boarded. "I want you to send a team to board that ship and take it over... You even get to use some of the Ursus."

OOC: >: 3
I couldn't resist.
Dude, Mark is going to kill you. You're messing with the DM plot point now. Personally, I'll just shoot them all, but you know.
I already know they are going to fail... More or less I want them to run into Joey and Samantha... You know, ze Project?
OOC: I knew you were going to say that, it was simply a formality to ask.

IC: "Yes mum." I say, before leading my men onto a shuttle craft and navigating towards the ship, our elite pilot dodging any and all missiles.

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