Separatist Space, VII

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How would any of them know about it? I thought it was a top secret thing.
You are going with them as well? O_o Don't die young one.
And Zarkun... I mean Joey and Sam would recognize who they are because of the armor and the Eagle.
IC: I just noticed something... IC: makes a face. :/

Real IC: "Don't die on us yet..." As the hologram turned off. Several Siren's racing past the Drop Ship and going into a dog fight with several Fighters.
le sigh... away ... again.... recap please
OOC: I shan't.

IC: As the ship approaches the large warship. I decide to give a rousing speech to my men.

"Today, we may or may not die. We shall not all see our homes again, but at the same time, we shall be helping all those whom we love! And we shall be helping the Mother, and Aquila et Umbram! So it is a worthy sacrifice that you may make today, and remember that forever we shall be remembered, as heroes!" As I say this, the ship touches down in the hangar. Immediately a firefight breaks out, me and the soldiers killing off the first few BP personnel we see without any incidents.

"Fight on for glory!" I say, leading us toward the hangar door, and eventually settling in a well defended area with barriers all around.
Jalsin looks at the squads base camp. It wasn't much. Four Fiends for defensive purposes, a single Gargoyle, two Hellhounds, and a Siren. He goes over to the Sphynxes. "Did you have fun today my brethren?" He asks.

"Quite a lot of fun. All the blood, all the organs, and all the murdering." One replies.

"I absolutely loved plunging my hand into their guts and pulling their major artery out. And boy was the blood delicious. I could go for some more!" Another exclaims.

"I liked the part where I tore someones arm off and murdered an entire family by stabbing them with the broken bone the most!" The last one says.

Jalsin lets out a hearty chuckle. "Well, we may do another raid within this next week, lets hope it is just as much fun as this one." The Sphynxes nod. Jalsin moves over to the Chaos Hunters, all of which were female. "Sisters, how fair you after our last endeavor?"

"Quite well, I believe I tallied around twenty kills." One says.

"That's nothing, I got 40." Another says, obviously trying to show superiority.

"Yeah, but how many kills did you get on your third raid?" The first one replies.

"She got 5 on her third raid." Another Hunter says, slightly giggling.

"Yeah, but she got more kills than you on your third raid." The last one says to the third one.

Jaslin leaves them to argue over their kills. He approaches the Hydra Rifles. A total of five sat there. "Hello siblings, did you enjoy the raid?" He asks.

"Quite. I especially enjoyed shooting those walking out of a building in the leg, then watch them burn." The first one remarks.

The second one, a female who had lost her tongue in childhood says through Psionics to everyone, It was quite fun, but I would not say it was as good as last time. I was able to kill several guards with my knife last time. Sometimes I do wish I was a Sphynx, so much more fun would come of it.

The third one says. "This one was fairly enjoyable, but not my favorite raid." He was about 50 years old.

The fourth one, a male, remarks, "Quite the treat! But I wish I was a Juggernaut this time around, I would've been able to cut the heads of people from afar!"

The last one, another female simply nods her head, she was a woman of few words, and seemed to lack emotion. But Jalsin could see the slight smile, she loved what she did.

"Well, we might take the Gargoyle or Siren out next time." Jalsin said, this seemed to excite the Hydra Rifles. He pats them on their armored backs and heads over to the two Juggernauts, who had taken off their armor from how thick and heavy it was. They were fraternal twins. Their names were Lorance and Lilly, and both had cybernetic enhancements to help them move around in their heavy armor and carry large guns. "Hello my two friends. How fare you after this glorious raid."

"Quite well." They both reply, for fraternal twins they sure seemed to act like they were identical. "We found it-" Lorance starts, "quite enjoyable." Lily ends the sentence. "We just hope that Rak'nashal liked the destruction we caused." They say as one again.

Jalsin says, "I am sure he was quite pleased, my friends." Jalsin was originally freaked out by them, but now they were the ones he liked the most. He walks back to his cabin and gets out of his armor, every single cabin had a station to take armor on and off of the Followers of Rak'nashal. As the armor is being taken off Jalsin thinks to himself, When shall we find the hosts? When shall we meet them.

The 'Demon' hears Jalsin from the minds of the two young siblings and he starts to get to work to subtly have Korzis go to the location of Jalsin's squad.
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le sigh... away ... again.... recap please
Black Peace attacking a Planet. A bunch of worshippers of the Demon. I unveiled my ship. Etc... Pretty much.
12/16/2012 10:30 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
She smiled... Telling him the plan and which ship to pick, after scanners had picked up they had spotted their target. The same ship that Joey just boarded. "I want you to send a team to board that ship and take it over... You even get to use some of the Ursus."

Yeah... That's not going to happen.



"I should go. I am a stealth and spy specialist." She said, resting her hand on Alidia.


The Separatist warship that Thomas is on, the Justifier, Lt. Scout's flag ship, begins taking heavy fire. Dozens of boarding pods launch and board the Justifier.
A Separatist shuttle flys up, passing along a message;
Drop Marines ASAP
Flashing back my acknowledgment, I pass the message along. Within a minute, scores of gunships begin descending from the fleet to the planet below.

Black Peace fighters attack the shuttles.
I watch with grim satisfaction as the Shrikes tear through the BP fighters. While the Shrikes only had a single fore laser, they're as powerful as those on Battleships and Dreadnoughts.

did you miss this?

As the BP fighters move in to attack the gunships, they're torn down by laser fire from the 'fleet' and the shrikes.
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Yeah... That's not going to happen.
You are no fun. :P
Space battle yet we can't board? Buler?

IC: Through special RP time warp mechanisms, the boarding party is now in a different Black Peace ship while still doing the same amount of carnage and still taking the same amount of damage.
Recap please.
A separatist base is under attack, the one that everyone was gathering at for planning a counter-attack
Skim over the last 3-5 pages should help.
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did you miss this?

No, I just didn't think I needed to respond... Do I?

12/16/2012 02:44 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Space battle yet we can't board? Buler?

Don't know what a Buler is but you can board, but you will kinda mess up the story whether they make it or not.

Thank you for changing it :)

KO, Samantha got captured and revealed that the Black Peace's next target was a planet called Execrate. The planet is under siege and an epic battle is ensuing.
There are currently two Imperial craft in orbit around Execrate. Both would have opened fire immediately if BP forces appeared and proved aggressive. One is about four miles long and has a massive number of huge cannons, the other is far smaller and has more tactical systems.
No, I'm just saying that the BP fighters are getting wasted by the Shrikes, that's all. besides, the 'fleet' is in close orbit. there's not much space between them and the planet. (relatively speaking)
12/16/2012 02:48 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
epic battle is ensuing.
Now I remember.

IC: Due to the danger of endangering countless lives... The last EM Cannon deactivated and the walker had shut down. Allowing the Imperials to land. But the AI was watching the slow Separatists. No wonder they can't defend anything, they are so slow and limited to humanities standards.
The Imperial ships land cautiously and drones begin unloading food and medica supplies, speeders rushing them to the Lacerta and Candor.
Korzis starts to feel an undying need to head to a planet called Orslis VI. He pulls it up on a starmap and sets the Charus to fly to that location.
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Korzis starts to feel an undying need to head to a planet called Orslis VI. He pulls it up on a starmap and sets the Charus to fly to that location.
*Evil stare* Don't crash it like you do with any other Wraith.

IC: The aid from the Imperials was coming down, some of the Lacerta and Candor were still in each others faces. While the others were afraid because they have no idea who the Imperials were. Or what they looked like.

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