Separatist Space, VII

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I turn to Samantha,

"And I don't think you should go. I can handle myself in these situations."


As the squad comes under heavy fire from the marines on board the spacecraft, a siege type situation ensues. The Aquila troops take minor casualties, but, from cover, are able to inflict a large number of casualties on the other side. After a while, the BP marines pull back to defend the ship elsewhere, giving up the hangar.

"I want three people staying back and guarding the wounded and the hangar, the other twelve, come with me!" I say, as I start towards where the bridge would be.
I turn to Samantha,

"And I don't think you should go. I can handle myself in these situations."
By the way Dacder... I had to switch to a different Black Peace ship... But capture it... SEARCH & DESTROY! Leave none alive and upload the AI into the main Data Base of the Ship.... Make that... Take the important ones as prisoners.
The squad moved forward, Ursus in front, Cohortis in back. We moved forward, taking little to no fire, and managed to fight off the small squads of BP soldiers constantly harassing us. After a while, we found a computer support room.

"Get on the damn ground!" My second in command yelled. The three computer technicians complied, and had to stand by and watch as Lupa was uploaded into the ships computer.

"Okay...which of you three is the leader here?" I asked in my fake British accent, looking like an insane person to be sure.

"I am." Said an old man in a lab-coat. He looked to be in his sixties, and had short grey hair with large glasses.

"Take him back to the others." I nod at a soldier, "And kill the other two." I add, and the nearest soldiers put a bullet in the back of their heads.

Lupa was quick to act, cutting off oxygen in the rooms with people in it, and locking the doors so they could not escape. Only one room, the bridge was spared. My team quickly advanced towards it, as Black Peace soldiers and crewmen all throughout the ship died horrible deaths. We reached the door to the bridge, and ordered Lupa to open it on the count of three.

"One..Two...Three!" I yell out, as the door opens.
Several Ravagers flew above Prometheus, using it's 180mm Cannons to take down Corvettes that got in to close. Railgun fire coated the sky that was space. Glorious death and destruction! What a perfect test for experimental new tactic and weaponry!

One Aquila Dreadnaught was downed by high focus power from nearby Black Peace troops.
"Platform-Scout, new ships have engaged in the battle. They do not appear to be engaging the defense fleet, instead attacking the hostile ships." The Prototype replies. Clattering is heard outside as the Drop-ships land and unload their cargo.

Two more waves of boarding pods fire from nearby ships, attempting to take control of them. The previous ship that was boarded explodes, and the Vaxarus machines that boarded the ship jet-packed away from it, heading to a new ship to attack.
As the door opens, a burst of weaponry from inside hits and instantly kills two of my soldiers, but the six or so Black Peace marines inside were quickly dealt with afterwords. Me and my soldiers walk inside,

"Get on the damn floor!" My second in command yells. The people were, once again, quick to comply. The room was full of people, navigators, crewmen, and engineers all, as well as every important officer.

"Alright, I want the following people to come up here," I say, my thick British accent likely attracting attention once more.

"The captain, the chief navigator, the first and second mates, and the chief engineer." I conclude, quickly, 4 men and a woman stand up. They funnel into a line, and I figure out which is which.

"I'm the captain." Said a younger man of around thirty, who had brown hair and icy-blue eyes. "I'm the first mate." Said a younger, man, who was the captain's brother. I direct him slightly away from the others. "I am the second mate." The woman says, she was around twenty-five, and had long blonde hair with green eyes. Two older men, who both looked a bit like Santa then came up, and identified themselves as the head navigator and chief engineer.

"Alright, you four go to the back." I say, the officers being taken to where my soldiers lie in wait. "And as for you..." I say, turning to the first mate...

I take out a rope, roughly seven feet in length, and tie it around his neck, attaching the other end to the highest point on the bridge, roughly twenty feet above the floor below.

"You shall die for your crimes, terrorist!" And as I say that, I throw him over the end. The crew and support in the room looked on in horror as I hanged their second in command, and with a bloodlust in my eyes I addressed the room.

"Please follow my men in straight lines to the hangar." And as I say this, my men escort the crew on mass back the the hangar, where the whole of them, crewmen, pilots, engineers, technicians, and navigators all were line up. I ordered two men to the front of each line.

"FIRE!" I scream out, the bullets erupting from the cruel guns of the soldiers, ripping apart the poor crew members of this forsaken ship. Soon, blood covers the floor, and I order Luna to cripple the ship, the AI soon accomplishes this, and comes back into the transport, which we load up with myself, the soldiers, and the hostages. And we fly off, leaving the now ghostly ship to float off on it's own. Back to our ship we go, and I turn to my men.

"A jolly good job you boys did back there! Clean as a whistle!" I say, laughing as we speed off towards our own monstrosity of a ship.
*After reading Dacder's post I cry with joy*
Hostile fire destroyed the pods that were incoming, causing only eight pods to land on a single ship. However, even with the small amount of pods that hit, it would still threaten to take the ship out. A Vaxarus Cruiser rams into a BP Cruiser, causing them both to blow up.

Black Peace ship
The boarding pod smashes through the hull, and drills into the hallways. As soon as it becomes visible, turrets open fire, clearing the way for troops. Over two hundred small Seeker bots enter the ship from each pod, and climb into the vents in order to spread around the ship, causing as much trouble as possible. Four Blade Troopers climb out, and begin slicing at BP troops that were too slow. Volters and Ohm-Bots climb out after them, assisting when they had a clear shot.
wait so where is Cythia and my char since i'll say he followed her
12/16/2012 05:29 PMPosted by darkra
wait so where is Cythia and my char since i'll say he followed her
Cynthia just woke up in the medical bay, from a really intense pain that is like a burning sensation to her head and mind.
I shake my head. Bad question to ask. "Alright, on second thought, I'll do it. Sometimes collateral damage is just as helpful." I lower the ramp quickly and exit, then raise it again, preventing debate. {You two man the guns in case I bring company.} I move quickly, using whatever cover I could find, and avoiding the patrols.
"hey you ok?" i ask, registering her sudden wake up. "need water or something?"
Cynthia shrugged him away, for a split second that is. "I'm okay..."
I turn to Sam.

"He's crazy, isn't he?" I ask in a joking voice, before manning one of the guns.
Korzis finds the Charus increasingly close to the planet, it was covered in forest. But there was a circle on the surface, completely barren, like there was a great fire...

The senior Hydra Rifle, Bori, comes into Jalsin's cabin, "Lord, there seems to be a ship approaching the atmosphere."

"Don't shoot it down. Do not touch it, not unless it attempts something hostile. I would much rather slaughter the ones within." Jalsin replies.

"Yes, my lord." Bori replies before leaving, yelling at everyone to get geared up in case a fight came.
---@Zarkun & Dac---

Samantha shook her head. "He's crazy." She said with wide eyes, then a nod. After waiting ten minutes or so she stood up.

"Just the way I like 'em." She said before heading for the ramp.
Hehe, remote activated and password. Everyone but me is getting to fight BP. I'll be damned if I'm denied.

IC: I duck behind another crate in the engineering bay. They seemed fairly certain they were safe, so the patrols weren't too tentative to their zones.
Samantha approached the door and hit the big green button. It flashed red twice and beeped a low tone.

"What?" She asked, pushing it again. Sam swore. "Looks like I'll have to be more creative." She said looking around the room.

[Ten minutes later]

Samantha is sprawled on the chair drooling and snoring in deep sleep.
The Shield-maiden fires a beam at a BP ship, immobilizing it as the larger Imperial craft draws alongside it, firing large harpoonlike projectiles at it. Imperial troops pour onto the craft, slaughtering anyone who resists. Meanwhile the main craft opens fire on another cruiser that has had its shields destroyed, reducing it to rubble and ash.
KO, while you are supposed to shine, you realize you'd still get your @ss kicked. It was the one rule the DM laid out. And Mark, why the hell is she passed out?

IC: I reach the power core that is my intended target and I set the charges in the wiring, making sure they won't find them easily, then I go and find secondary power systems and hide charges among them too. Retreating quickly, I detonate them and duck behind cover as several BP soldiers run towards the explosions. {On my way back. Shouldn't have much company if I'm lucky.}

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