Separatist Space, VII

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I watch Sam sleeping, and decide to let her be until something happened. Chuckling slightly to myself, I turn back to look out for enemy soldiers some more.
"your brother is still on the ship. believe it or not he almost blew my brains out not because you're here but cause i was on the ship" i say with a slight chuckle. "you sure you don't need anything?"
"I know he's on the ship, and I'm sure I don't need anything." Cynthia said.
"alright. so you ready to go?" i ask. "oh and don't worry about ship problems anymore. looks like you have enough to deal with"
Cynthia gave a nod as she picked herself up, she then felt that Korzis was gone? That couldn't be? "We'll meet back at my ship then..."
OOC: oh Crymson i started a new RP it be great if you could join.

IC: "no prob. come on then don't wanna keep your bro waiting forever" i say
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Mark, why the hell is she passed out?

I was kinda trolling with that part. Being all Smxy with drool and stuff xD


Samantha slowly awoke and looked at herself. "Well that's hot." She said quietly as she wiped it off.

"Alidia, any news?"


OOC: Anyone who is too OP I will DM the enemy to even it out a little. Pretty much what Zarkun said.

IC: As that ship turns to ash another ship behind it is revealed with a gun on top. The gun is firing blue muzzle fire and lasers begin piercing the hull, releasing air in the ship. It doesn't stop until there are fifty to one hundred command-center sized holes all around the ship. It then begins firing every weapon the ship has.
...How do you both miss me radio you?
U see the race I submitted yesterday markus
Yes I saw it, I also replied in the discussion thread.
Mark i fixed the whole 10 unit squad thing in Castle. are you planning to join? cause i desperately need people to sign up to keep this thing going
OOC: Whoops.

{Roger that, we're waiting for you.}

I turn to Samantha, "What?"
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OOC: Whoops.
"You didn't see anything."
-Skipper, Madagascar
Ummmm not the newest one ( it's on the 12th) page
"Any news from Joey?" She asked, standing up and walking over to her.


Mecha, talk to me about it in the discussion thread.
"Oh, he's on his way back as we speak."
Samantha nodded.

"Indeed, maybe this won't be eventful after all."

OOC: saw what I did, right?
I avoid another patrol, then pop up, using one of their own weapons to gun them down. Then I place it back on my back and keep moving, right after moving a body to a spot where it looked like they were gunning each other down. {I'm making it look like their men are turning on each other. One more reason for them to retreat, right?}
Cynthia started walking back to the ship that was long gone by now.


Alexandria reconnected to the Drop Ship as it was coming back. "So... How was the hanging?" She had a smile, she had clearly known somehow, maybe the AI told her?

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