Separatist Space, VII

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i sit down beside her. "funny ain't it? one day you're sleeping in a cryo chamber and the next you 're on the most wanted list for an intergalactic race, you meet a half protoss woman and her brother who try and rip you apart" i say trying to lighten the mood
Korzis lands the Charus down softly. (Picard mode commence) "How the f*ck did I do that?" He says as he exits. He looks around, the place was dead, and over the horizon there was a smoke burning. "What the hell?" He approaches the smoking area in the wasteland.

The Chaos Hunter, Laura, follows the boy who had stepped out of the ship, and her sisters went into the ship to check if there were any others.
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Korzis lands the Charus down softly.
Sweet mother of... O_O

IC: Cynthia sighed... "I'm sorry, but I'm tired right now... And you still freak me out... No offense."
You do realize I'm still in the ship? I could bring it back now?

Are you concerned this will cause Korzis trouble?
"Seven, just tell me what Korzis is doing please?" She was wondering if this had something to do with the burning.
"none taken." i say. i sit there in silence hoping my presence was enough to offer her the little bit of confort i could offer
Unable to determine that. He has landed in a wasteland and appears
to be moving towards some source of smoke on the horizon.
"Crymson, even the impossible can happen when Rak'nashal is influencing your movements, as well as when the fourth wall is being broken. To tell the truth, the latter is the one that was really in effect.

The Chaos Hunters, Cara and Lory look through the ship, their rifles quickly changing through the doorways of the Charus. As they find it is empty they go after the boy.

"It's dead." Korzis says as he looks upon the burning rubble of a town. He sees a large mound of corpses in the middle, many of which had limbs cut off, and bowels being quite visible. One even had a heart shoved in its mouth.
I'm surprised Seven hasn't detected anyone Knarled.

IC: Cynthia was surprised, why? "Seven, keep an eye on him and the ship."

Scout watched in horror as the battle raged on in space. Massive ships began hovering over the horizon. Shuttles that looked like little flies from where Scout was began descending.

"We're going to have a fight on our hands." Scout said with a sigh.
Alexandria smiled. "Good, come back and put the prisoners in the brig. I'll interrogate them myself!" With that the Prometheus had lowered it's docking shields to allow the Drop Ship to land.
Okay, you guys just captured a bunch of guys without permission, at least let me control them... Please?
OOC: Will do. :P

IC: We land, and I immediately come off the ship.

"We got the leaders of their ship alive." I say as I walk towards the people waiting there.
The prisoners followed him with blank faces.

"We are not terrorists. We fight for more just reasons then you Separatists." The captain said, maintaining his blank stare.
"You think we are Separatists? HA! Fools. We are no such thing."
The captain fell silent, glancing around the hangar.

"You- you're not? Then what are you? What do you want with us?" He asked, almost furious now.
Laura lines her rifle up with the boys head. BAM! She pulled the trigger, smoke coming off the barrel of the gun. But the boy, he was still standing. He turned around. He saw Laura. He charges at her, his revolver ready to fire. "Sh!t." She says and makes a run for it.

Calm down, Korzis. They won't harm you. Rak'nashal whispers into Korzis's mind. And this calms him down. Somehow the 'Demon' was much more influential when telling to calm, rather than telling to take control. Rak'nashal touches the Chaos Hunter's mind, Sweetheart, don't kill the boy, he's my host.
"All shall be explained."
Alexandria needed to leave the Citadel, so she can quickly arrive to her next destination.


The militarized Frigates and the Siren's swarmed the Dreadnaught, pecking at it's shields as the main weapon batteries on the Dreadnaught ripped through the Siren's.
When I said, "Mark, if you would," I meant get us to where we need to be. You know what the base looks like.

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