Separatist Space, VII

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"You are a machine that doesn't act like a machine... You act completely like a person, sustain the same wounds... And don't ask, you probably found out that you can have AIDS... And no I will not pilot you there, you're a machine...find your own way there...Damn paradoxes..." Cynthia whispered the last part.
"well first i can't cause well if you haven't noticed the Imperium wants my !@# on an examination table so asking nicely for transport is out of the question and second we were designed to act like people. and besides you are half protoss half person so confused you don't even know who you really are, why aren't you babbling about your faith to the Kalah and such."
i retort
Immediately a shortsword comes up with the point at the machines throat. "We know who we are. And we do not worship the Xel'naga, and yes, we are connected to the Khala, but we don't think of it as the most important thing in the world." Korzis's revolver was also coming up.
Cynthia's own crossbow was pointed at the metal around the throat, she made sure it was an Armor Piercing. "You don't know nothing about us, it's you who you don't understand."
i grin as i cut my wrist on the blade of his sword. "i am a machine you think i'll be intimidated by death? i've died once before and even though it wasn't pleasant its just another variable in the equation" i reply
The bolt flung out of the crossbow, piercing the head of ASURA. "Then if you died once before, you don't care if it happens again."
"You should be scared of death, for if your with us, you'll never get put back together again." Korzis says boldly.
Ouch, saw that one coming...

Please, use the SHIFT key...
i pull it out slowly and deposit it on the ground. i stared at her "and you know nothing about us either" i say my voice escalating "HOW COME WE ACT LIKE HUMANS BUT INSTEAD WE ARE TREATED LIKE ANIMALS ONLY WANTED SO THEY CAN TEAR US TO PIECES! AND HOW NO ONE HAS STOOD UP FOR OUR RIGHTS AS LIVING BEINGS!" i continue "at least you have each other, we have no one"
War, this is explained by Zanon. Have patience and ignore, for a broken Shift key is useless.
"YOU INSULTED US! AND YOU TOOK US AS ORDINARY PEOPLE, OR PROTOSS! WE'RE NOT! WE'RE F*CKING DIFFERENT!" Korzis slams his revolver into the gut of the machine and pulls the trigger before stepping away. "YOU HAD IT COMING FROM THE MOMENT YOU OPENED YOUR MOUTH!"
"One, you aren't an animal, but if you truly are acting like a human then you wouldn't push your damn luck! Two, me and my brother are freaks to everyone else! We were born like this and don't give me that bull!@#$ about you not having anyone! What about the other machine?!"
even as blood began to pour from my gut i placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled "then i guess we both have burdens we bear" i say before collapsing on the grounds.
I just stare at the limp machine and then speak to Cynthia. "Find the closest place we can drop this piece of junk."
OOC: Darkra, blood? Wouldn't it be something else? If you don't know, you could go the vague route, i.e "A dark liquid..."
i jump back up suddenly and punch the male in the face and fired an anchor at the ceiling watching his body slam into the roof and crash back down "nice talking with you" i growled.
My ship.... My ship that I stole on PKA.....

IC: Cynthia threw a tomahawk into the head of ASURA and tackled right on top of it. Smashing the tomahawk into the base of the head until it was nothing. She continued even though it was nothing.
Korzis's eyes glow blue, with slight hints of purple and he stares lethally at the machine. Balls of energy form in his hands.
suddenly "ASURA" dissipates. i walk back into the ship "thanks for the help testing my new combat functions really loved the whole uncontrolled rage"

OOC: this is what happens when you don't let me counter in combat
"You don't know our uncontrolled rage." Korzis gets up. He fires both balls of energy at the machine, smashing into it, and staggering it back.

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