Separatist Space, VII

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"You don't know our uncontrolled rage." Korzis drops down, the anchor had melted. He fires both balls of energy at the machine, smashing into it, and staggering it back.
Then two psionic tendrils came from behind ASURA and pierced where his heart would've been if he was human. "I'm going to let you go... And then I don't want to see you again... You're lucky I'm not my mother or uncle."
"ASURA" dissipates again. "calm down and i'll drain your ship cause right now you're hallucinating"

OOC: i would like the entire fight to have never happened so i don't have to deal with forced injuries and death
Meh, fine... Just make sure that ASURA learns from his... Mistakes. As in the insult made earlier to the two of them.

IC: Cynthia had quit, she was waiting for Korzis now. "No you wont, this ship is not to be drained, I would rather die before that happens..."
Korzis resists from running through the machine and lowers his blade. "Fine, if she thinks we should stop, I'll stop." My muscles were still tense, but I was starting to feel the pain in my back from the impact on the roof.
"so right now your entire ship is filled with BRINK which is a new hallucination gas i came up with. so in the real world you've been firing random shots and damaging our own ride." i explain. "and before i clear all the gas out i want you and your brother to cool it... but that anchor shot was just for fun"
Ok, Darkra, I'm going to have to call BS. That isn't cool to do to someone.
"It's not your ride. Just Cynthia and my owns. You are not coming with us." My muscles start relaxing, but I was starting to really feel the pain coming back. He was really pissing me off. "And you're lying about the gas."
OOC: Zark then i should call BS for forced death and multiple injuries that were not given a post to counter. i could quote em if you like. this is just my way of doing it so that i didn't die and or are on the brink of death and i don't have to rage, get into an entire argument about my being dead
"What Korzis said... We are connected to the Khala... So we are not affected by hallucinogenic gasses. So even if you did, it still wouldn't have helped you at all, or impair us."
"Okay, one, not forced deaths, just serious injuries. Second, you can't counter most of them. A probably over a hundred pound girl tackling you is impossible next to impossible to counter. Your arms would probably have been pinned while the tomahawk was being smashed into you. That is only for one. I could include more, but I don't feel like it."
I'm not saying the fake is a bad idea, but you don't mess up their ride. Especially when it's all they have and I can vouch the Choras isn't your run of the mill fighter. That aside, try a solid hologram instead.
OOC: ..... i'm seriously drawing a blank for coming up with a better explanation..... help?
Solid hologram. It seems like you're taking the wounds, but you really aren't. It's a fake. It also has a name, but I can't think of it.
OOC: sure.... thanks Zark. well to be honest the entire fight was kinda poorly enacted

IC: "ya its a solid hologram. just trying to sound smart. now will you stop trying to beat me to pulp?"
Any time. I have lots of ideas in my head.
Cynthia just glared into his emotionless eyes. "Now... We wont... And I will ask politely this time... No we wont take you to the planet, we can't really trust you, we don't know what's there... And... We just want to go home, we don't want to get mixed up in everyone's problem."

OOC: Before you say something about the eyes... That's how I would describe it because to me.. A machine wont be exactly like a human, it wont really show emotion in it's body... except for voice perhaps. But that's my opinion.
IC:"and just out of curiousity what planet are you from?"
With a stern answer, Cynthia said, "No... Never born on a Planet, never lived on a Planet... visited them though."
Breach of the fourth wall: Conceived on a terraformed asteroid.
12/11/2012 06:33 PMPosted by Zarkun
Breach of the fourth wall: Conceived on a terraformed asteroid.
Nope :3
Remember, the ship?
Not Draconus's, but the first one that Nait had... And you should remember, Fantasy sliced her open...

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