Separatist Space, VII

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I shake my head. "What even brought you here? I figured you'd have made a beeline for your home."
"so i'm not the only intelligent machine in the universe." i say before hacking into the stream coming from the other AI

i know you're there
Machine indeed. I am an AI, you cyborg dolt.
Cynthia heard the two talking to each other... After being around weird things, her psionics just tuned naturally within normal comm traffic or computerized languages. It was...different though. "Please don't start... I wouldn't want to bring this home after finding it and telling mother that a machine and a Computer damaged it..."


Kyra sighed. "Truth be told... I don't know."
hey the rustbucket over there started it. i should feel a tiny bit sorry for this sap being stuck in a hard drive all day. go play with your binary
Binary is significantly out of date. My processing mechanisms make your
primitive organic/replicant systems look like cave drawings.
oh then why are you still stuck on the sidelines? you're like the benchwarmer in a hockey game and i'm the main star
Cynthia slammed her hands into her head, she was feeling slightly frustrated. "Not this again..."
If I were you, I would avoid irritating me. I could shut down your
motivators, invert your optics, and lower your meta-IQ to 40... oops,
never mind that last one. It would be redundant.
and i could just come over there and smash your puny hard drive! don't tempt me to give you the worst virus of your life, corrupt all your files, make you have the worst hangover you've ever had and reduce your processing power to that of a gerbil running on a wheel... oh wait that's already what you have

i close the link before he could reply. "so ya the longer i stay on this station sooner or later the Imperial representative is gonna have a clear schedule some day and try and screw me over. really i don't care if you drop me off or what i don't need to get disassembled....again" i say
Cynthia was flabbergasted by ASURA. "You never threaten to destroy Seven! You destroy Seven, everyone is screwed... And there is only one thing you don't understand, he can't be destroyed anyway." She could tell it was going to get ugly. "I can't take you...that is the simplest answer I can give you."
A computerized voice sounds inside ASURA's head.

Amazing! Your insults are so original! By the way, I don't get sick. I'm
not a computer. And by all means, smash the hard drive. It's the only
thing keeping me from taking over this little station and shutting down
your puny "brain." Unfortunately, right now I have to obey Mistress
Cynthia, so all I can do is tell you you might want someone to fix your
legs. Their motivators aren't working properly... now.
"there something you're hiding my friend. i can tell. just tell me why, i'm a machine anyways and besides no one here has been the friendliest human being to say the least"
........Cynthia thought hard. "No human being has been friendly to you because not all of them are human... I'm not human, I'm half human...And Seven, forget him, if he's going to make a complete fool out of him and trigger a robot assault against him... let him."
Why would I be hiding anything? I just find it irritating when people
tell the whole world I exist. I prefer not to be noticed until it's too late.

A moment later:

Wait... was that permission to shut this thing down and repurpose it?
"well living beings in general. heck after you guys were taken over by that psionic being and we were being hammered around like flies the minute we got on the ship living comforted the living as we sat there in cold silence. even our attempt to save them went unnoticed."
"Seven, don't do anything rash like our robot acquaintance of ours." She turns to ASURA. "Part of your reason is that you barged into the Citadel, you destroyed your way to the Council I believe they are called... You were reckless. You could've killed them and what's the importance of two people wanting to represent nothing when they have full supports from thousands?"
"well...... that may or may not be the reason i need to get to that planet...." i say trailing off
"You can't rely on others for ever... That is exactly what you are trying to do... How did you get here... A ship most likely, because I doubt that you were born here."
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And I was still on the table... Waiting and waiting.

Finally, a detective walks in the room. He eyes you carefully and ensures you are awake before asking any questions.

"What happened?"

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"That could work." I say.

"If you wish it I could get a shuttle to take you there."

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I nod. "Alright, and what's the time frame we're working in? It'll only be so long before they notice two extra people on a ship."

"You will be on the ship a short time. Hopefully it will go back to a planet or a space station. Then you will need to transmit that information back to us."

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