SCV cannot Repair when ally is dropped.

Bug Report
When a Terran ally is dropped from the game, their resources are split between the remaining allies, making that dropped player's resources equal to zero.
While the dropped player does not have any resources it is not possible to use an SCV from that dropped player to begin the Repair action on a mechanical unit or structure that has been damaged.

Bug Type:
Game play function, Repair.

1. While in a 2v, 3v or 4v game, have a Terran ally drop from the game.
2. Allow any allied mechanical unit or structure to take mechanical damage.
3. Select an SCV from the ally that dropped out.
4. Attempt to Repair a damaged mechanical unit or structure using that SCV.

An error message is given, stating that the required minerals or gas are insufficient to begin the Repair action.

It does not matter if the dropped ally is still mining minerals or vespene gas, that player's SCV's are still unable to begin the Repair action.

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