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I have just re downloaded starcraft onto my computer as i had to reformat, now when i try to log in i get an error message, unable to download authentication module.

I have tried turning off my firewall and anti virus but still nothing, i have looked at other threads but none help.
I am running windows 7.

PS: Before this error message it says, CONNECTING TO BATTLE.NET then mumbles on about my internet connection may be down and try again later.
I'm in the same situation. Just reinstalled, but can't log in. I have also tried every other suggestion in older threads without any success.

Going to mash F5 until we see a blue response in here, because I imagine they would want to resolve this issue before HotS releases.
Bump, really want to get this fixed asap.
What firewall and antivirus do you have, Dildor?

Just as a test, I would uninstall your security program, try to log in StarCraft II, and reinstall the security program afterwards.
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I went to the trouble of completely removing all anti virus software and even disabled my routers and windows firewalls, still no success.

EDIT: Id love to see some Blizzard support...
What's the make and model of your router and modem?
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It's a problem that has come up after the recent server maintenance and it appears to be causing a lot of different problems.

- If you don't have the battle.net cache folders (fresh install or you have deleted them for troubleshooting) and you only have access to one server, you get what's happening in this thread.

- If you don't have a fresh install (ie cache folders from pre-maintenance), the game either works fine or arcade is broken (as described here http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/7393109519 )

- If you don't have the battle.net cache folders, but have access to another server, you can download the cache folders/authentication module etc from that other server. That leads to the problems described here http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/7392969391
@Velnrak Thompson TG782T

@AshuraE So is there a way i can actually fix this issue? Its a fresh download an install from yesterday.
Can you make sure the Thomson modem is forwarding port 1119 to your computer's current IP address?

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Done, same issue.
Let's try it on another User Account in Windows.
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12/12/2012 02:52 PMPosted by Dildor
So is there a way i can actually fix this issue? Its a fresh download an install from yesterday.

Since it's not on our end (or at the very least it's extremely unlikely to be on our end), there's nothing we can do except wait and make enough noise so that it gets fixed asap.
Still didn't work.
@AsuraE Lovely hahaha
Let's try it on [url="https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/creating-a-new-administrator-account-pc?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=support_forums&utm_campaign=BlizzardCS"]another User Account in Windows[/url].
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Tried this in both administrator and non-admin accounts.

Neither will create a new Battle.net cache folder.
:/ Hope we get a fix quickly
The lack of blizzard support is criminal, 15 hours since i started the ticket and still no fix. Pretty disappointing.
It appears this is a DNS issue plaguing Diablo 3 as well.


That workaround works for SC2 as well.

It blows my mind that this wasn't identified and posted sooner.
Seems the last maintenance really messed with the blizzard servers across the board, having Arcade US issues and SEA connection issues plus D3 connection issues.
The message I get is: "Unable to download authentication module."
... it's been a few days now...
Does anyone know of the next patch will fix this issue? Fingers crossed.

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