Undesired Commands during 2v, 3v and 4v.

Bug Report
When playing a 2v, 3v or 4v game while two or more players are both using Shared Unit Control, occasionally commands will be issued to units which were not issued by any player. Also, some commands will not execute, occasionally.

1. Play a 2v, 3v, or 4v, game of Starcraft 2.
2. Have two or more players turn on Shared Unit Control.
3. Play the game.

Occasionally, units will be issued undesired commands or they will fail to execute desired commands.

I have re-watched many replays to verify that a teammate's selection circle was not indicating that a teammate was controlling my units. This is easy to verify, since you can switch to that teammate's perspective and see what they were selecting at that time.
I have also verified over Skype that my teammates were not controlling my units at the times when undesired commands are issued.
I have not experienced this issue when Shared Unit Control was off.
Turning off Shared Unit Control completely stops this issue from occurring, even if it has occurred already in the current game.
I have only experienced this issue when at least two players were both Sharing Unit Control with each other, and only with each other's units. Such that, if player A and B are both Sharing Unit Control, then the issue can occur with either player A or B's units, if player C or D are not Sharing Unit Control, this issue will not happen with their units.
This issue tends to happen more often when there are more units in game. (conjecture)

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