Dealt a Bad Hand - (Established Universe RP)

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Izylbeth rolled her eyes and shook her head. "I could snap your nose back into the right direction and check for bleeding if you want. You certainly won't be very pretty if it heals over like that."
"And what about that fellow Slasher knocked out, hm? How's his triage going? I certainly think you should have a few drinks before you help him out though. And snip snap my nose before you have a few drinks. No one is going to take me on a ship looking, or smelling like this..." He said with no small amount of disdain. A shake of his head and the sour look was dismissed as he smiled ever so crookedly at Izylbeth. "Well let's get to it! If this is going to have any effect on the prettiness of my face, then it's rather urgent, wouldn't you say, Kiddo?"

Another glass met the pessimists's standards for being half empty as he finally answered Slasher. "I paid to get off one rock, to another, this was in between and they jettisoned me. Along with some supplies for the locals. Hasn't been all bad though, I've played some cards... Made some friends... I think I've actually enough to charter some sleazeball to get off this planet for good. Though, with the people who've touched my life, and the even fewer that let me touch theirs... I'm sure to visit. Perhaps in the off-season."
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John puffing on a cigar, while a glass of whiskey was his one true friend and company at the table, for it was Liars Dice they were playing. Rolling the dice in the cup, he got lucky and got four 4's and one 5. "I reckon to have four 4's..." This was shortly though before he saw the fight, during the fight it was interestin'! Real live entertainment for once in this god forsaken cesspool of lies!
I chuckle. "Sounds like most of the suppliers for this planet. Next time find out why they're passing by the place." I notice one of the dicer's watching us and nod in his direction, still watching for more trouble. Should come along any moment now since the owner drew his shotgun.
That was when John stood up, cigar in mouth, walked over to the person that everyone else was calling... A Ghost. One hand was put on the mans shoulder. "Good show mate, you just gave us and the boys some true live entertainment. All the violence and blood included!"
I knock the hand off of Krane's shoulder. "He's not here to provide entertainment. Back off." Right on cue. Should have known it be a dicer. Those men were always looking for 'entertainment,' as they called it, and even started fights themselves if the alcohol didn't get one started over a card game lost.
John's hand rested on a knife. "Now, now... We can be civil..." John's hand away from it now. "My line of work can get boring if there is nothing to do, and he just introduced an interesting spark unto our life! Nothing really happens here... A real fight is nothing at all compared to a staged one."
"If you're looking for a fight, get a contract. Most of you dicers never leave this god forsaken rock." I moved my hand away from one of my swords. Damn dicers.
John grinned as he sat down next to the two. "Can't get a contract if it's been dry for the past couple of days... Surprisingly. Don't know why there isn't any work to be done though. Not even a request to go hunting for any Zerg!"
"Then you ain't looking hard enough. I just got back from a contract few hours ago." I remain standing, watching for more trouble. The other dicers were watching us, and I knew they'd get involved in a heart beat if it came to blows.
"Single mercenary work is unfortunately put into a different line of work as a squad based mercenary. And most people don't want to hire us, because then they have to pay for more than one man! Plus, they have a higher chance getting their money back if they only hire one person... But you look like you've been deep in the !@#$ as well."
"I take the messier jobs others won't. Side effect of the Confederacy and being one of the first to fight the Zerg."
"You like the messy jobs as well? Well... Wish we could grab some jobs, but no one will hire us due to us being... A squad based group. My men prefer to be in squads... For there is always that chance that they wont make it... Is it better to have someone tell their loved ones? Or wait until the end of day, being tormented by the fact that you don't know what happened to them? They are at peace with that, and my men know that one day, they will die." John down a shot of whiskey and a there was a ring of smoke as he puffed.
"Sure. Of course, when the Confederacy kills your family for your disappearance, and your squad already died from trying to fix their f*ck tend to not be picky."
John shrugged and poured another shot full of whiskey, passing some to the man known as Jake. "Look, we can't be to picky as well... But they would at least want someone there to tell their family if they die out there. Plus, companionship is hard to come by in these parts."
"Not my concern." I ignore the drink and watch the crowd. Seeing as no potential clients were coming in, nor any more trouble starters, maybe it was time to hop planets, and try my luck there.

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