Dealt a Bad Hand - (Established Universe RP)

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That's when the grin showed up, pulling out a knife he slammed the blade down in front of one of Jake's hands. "I'll make you a deal, we don't have a contract, but there has been a gang that had been causing problems near the poorer districts of this area. Their headquarters are underground and I was wondering if you were up for some.... extermination?"
Izylbeth's brow twitched in amusement as she put her hands on either side of Krane's face. Her thumbs probed gently at the bridge of his nose to find the easiest way to fix the break. "My name is Beth, not kiddo." She said quietly before she pressed hard, forcing the bone to snap back into it's proper place. "You'll need to either sit up straight or lay down if you want me to look for internal injuries. It won't be helpful that you've already filled yourself with alcohol." She said with some annoyance, "If you've numbed yourself up you might not register the pain, hopefully you don't end up dropping dead in a few hours. As for him..." Her eyes trailed over to the unconscious man. "I will take care of him when I'm done with you. But there is a pecking order, people who start the fights are at the bottom of it."
"Why not. I'm not getting anything here, and it gives me an excuse to keep this guy out of trouble a bit longer."
"You never know, Slasher, I could be here for entertainment purposes." He paused, looking at John. "As for staged fights, why in space would they do that? Is there money in it? Could I be a professional punching bag? Losing fights and making money? Because I already do the first part well enough, I'd say. Might as well make the leap from amateur to paid professional."

As Beth popped his nose back into alignment, there was an audible crack, as one eye widened and the other closed in a wince. "Hell. I suppose that wasn't entirely terrible. Though I always wonder if I'd be better off just leaving it broken... As for numbing myself up. What exactly are you going to do to check for internal bleeding, poke me and see if I cry out?.."

There was talk of adventure. "We might have to put this check-up on hold, Kiddo. Sounds like there's a bit of hunting to be done." With that, he got to his feet. "But first I need to clean up a bit." He took the torn piece of cloth with him as he made his way into the bathroom. Running water was scarce, but they did have a few sonic devices that would take off the grime along with a layer or two of skin. A fair trade, of course.
I watch Krane walk off and shake my head. "Crazy SOB, I'll give him that. Still, if it's a large gang, the more the merrier."
"You can't let yourself get beaten up for money!" Izylbeth said harshly at Krane. "You'll end up dead!" Beth scowled at him as he walked off, turning on the others. "Can you at least put this off until I make sure he's not going to drop dead on your little adventure? And, what exactly are you planning to do?" Her glare was as threatening as she looked, which wasn't in the slightest. "Why are men so interested in violence?" She muttered the question mostly to herself, seeming rather exhausted by the idea of it.
"Look, I make my living off other peoples deaths. And I strongly dislike bullies of any kind, gangsters included. We'll go in, take out the trash and leave. Nothing that'll get him hurt any worse. As for stopping him," I glance towards the bathroom, "have fun. I'm not putting off something that helps others."
Sorry for taking so long, KrOza, I'm still going to join this. Just waiting to see what changes need to be made in my app for Amnesia, as I'll be using the same character here and don't want any conflicting information.
Beth offered a sly smirk. "I don't imagine I could stop him if I had the inclination to try. There are less harmful way to deal with bullies, Mister Slasher. But, my views are bent. It's far easier to take life than it is to save it, and the latter is my job."
She turned then to the unconscious man, checking his injuries to be certain none were life-threatening. "I don't like bullies either, but I can't let someone die if I can help it." She gestured at the fellow's broken nose. "Doesn't mean I won't leave a mark so others know the man is more beast than anything."
(( No problem, Owlfeathers. :) ))

Krane made his way out of the restroom, looking a bit spiffier without the face stained with blood and a touch of vomit. He also smelt better, which was saying something in regards to any drunk out there. "We really should get a bottle for the road. What if we get thirsty, you know?" Krane said jovially. Smiling at the serious expression Beth offered, and the more somber one that Slasher had for him.

"With you both looking so different, I've really no idea how to gauge the situation. So. That means another drink! And a bottle.. Case you lot get thirsty.. Not for me, noooo."
I look at the man and consider leaving a nice "S" cut on his chest, but decide against it. "Well, he's lucky I didn't just gut him. Seen enough beatings for today."
Beth sighed hopelessly. "Does that make you the better for it?"
"Probably not, but I'm damned anyways, so why try and save myself."
Beth peered at Slasher curiously. "Such a depressing thing to say. But I suppose if you wish to be sad you may. That isn't something I can fix." She said, a little melancholy.
Her attention then turned to Krane, offering a smile to match his. "You seem much better. When you get back from your little adventure you should allow me to check for further damage. I would prefer to do so prior to you getting into more fights, but I don't suppose you will let me."
"Not sad at all, ma'am. Just accepting what life has thrown at me. The military is all I've known, and I watched and listened to the Zerg tear my entire unit apart, all those years ago....It's not something you live down." I look Krane over and nod. "You got a gun?"
"Of course I have a gun. Well. A rifle. Not so great for close range, but if I point, pull the trigger, it goes bang. That's enough, right?"
I shake my head. "You know how to use it besides point and squeeze?"
"Which answer let's me come along?"
"Yes requires proof, no requires proof. I want to make sure you aren't going to accidently put a bullet in my @ss. Once with that is enough."
"You could always just walk backwards.."

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