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"It also ensures you don't get killed right off the bat."
John grunted with approval on that idea, he didn't want them to die... Yet. "Look man, I don't care if you are paid as a professional punching bag... And this gang might not be the most dangerous, nor the most cunning... But with decent equipment and numbers, they would be able to chop us up to mince meat... Of course there is one thing about this job that makes us feel a lot better... No Zerg."
"As long as I can set up for a shot, I'm good with it. I don't have optics so it doesn't feed me what should go up on a hud, and I've no hardshell. But with this puppy I can sit far enough back that I won't be the sponge for bullets." Krane said with a satisfied nod. "As long as they don't look like you, I can tell the difference and not put a bullet in you. Almost positive."
"Good enough. Go get your rifle and we'll meet in front of here in one hour."
Krane patted at the rifle slung around his shoulder. "Now what do I do for an hour?"
XD That would have been good to know before I posted that lol.

IC: "Something constructive, and I don't mean drinking." I grab my plasma rifle from where I had set it and leave the bar, heading for the secret command center I'd set up here.
"He clearly meant drinking..." He wet his lips with his tongue as he glanced at the glass Slasher had left. He reached out a hand and scooted it closer. So it wouldn't be lonely. Yeah...
Reaching the door, I type in the entrance good and enter, watching the door close behind me. "Bloody hell....what did I get mixed up in this time..."
Finishing off the glass, he planted it on the bar in front of him, looking over at John. "What does the job pay, or is this volunteer work?" The expression was somber, a bit of a far cry from what seemed Krane's typical demeanor.
With a grin and a smile, another shot of whiskey has been poured for my tastes, this man had an interesting question, and John would be glad to answer it with some moiety. "You will get some of the pay we collect... Since you are not the one who first of all... Collected the contact. And tell me... Who's going to do volunteer work here?"

OOC: Some bad news for you... The gang cleansing might have to wait... maybe... It involves family and possibility I wont be able to talk to y'all in the next few days. Forced to go to my dads... I'm not to thrilled.
The elevator reached the bottom and I step out, nodding to the Adjutant hologram that appeared as I stepped out. "See what you can dig up on this gang clean up contract, Adjutant. It's too convenient."

"Of course, Slasher."
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CR is gone for another day I do believe, but he'll be back.
Beth had returned to her corner of the room, pacing back and forth. Sometimes she would pause and stare off into space thoughtfully, then frown and continue her pacing. Her fingernails were in her mouth for a majority of this exercise and she murmured quietly to herself around them.
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Wow, I didn't realize this was still moving for some reason.

IC: I observe the pacing girl. A nervous one. SHe seems less important than the others. I instead focus on the others, recording their conversation.
I sigh as the adjutant finishes as brings up a large list. Should have seen that coming. "That's all for now, adjutant."

"Of course." Powering off, I grab my plasma rifle and take the elevator back up a level to the training floor. Still having 45 mins, I run a few combat drills from my days as an assault marine, enjoying the memories that came.
"Oh, you never know. Some feeling a bit more charitable than others, mm?" He said aloud as he began looking for another drink to snatch. "I was just wondering if it was a contract, or if you felt like paying people to take down some people you weren't fond of. I suppose it could still be either since you're handling all the details. Right good, too, I don't like having anything to do with the details. I just like going."
With the hour just about up, I head back to the bar, leaning against the outer entrance and waiting. "I swear...if they're late..."
"No, this is something that we had picked up. Just listen to me and my boys and we'll get through this. Now let's meet up with our other friend so we can have some fun. You with me... Soldier?" John had to collect his weapons first, this man stalled him with information that he wanted. Walking out he spotted Jake. "Sorry, but I must collect my gear from one of our Safehouses... That man that you saved from earlier? He asks quite the number of questions. I didn't have time to do jack !@#$."

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