Dealt a Bad Hand - (Established Universe RP)

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A pair of red eyes observe the group from the shadows. No form can be seen of it, even with Night-vision goggles, and it smiles from its spot, listening to everything and keeping it to memory.
I shrug. "Least you were here. Take your time, that gang ain't going anywhere anytime soon."
"That is why I am hoping we would have been ready... If we are lucky then they'll stay for awhile longer. My intel read that they will be leaving tonight at Midnight, that's in a few hours." John made his way to a dumpster, not really a Safehouse, more like a thing to hide in when it got rough. Or to put weapons and equipment in there.
"Not for another six hours. Trust me, we got time."
"Onward then!" Krane blinked a few times for good measure, adjusting his sling for his rifle. He paused for a moment to glance back at Beth. "Were you coming with us? I think I knew the answer to that a few drinks ago. But at this point, I feel safer asking than assuming." His smile was lopsided as he waited for an answer.
Beth hesitated for a moment, her eyes narrowing at Krane. "Yes. You lot likely will need someone to take care of you." She turned back to her corner, struggling for a moment with her bulky armor before managing to cram herself into the restricting suit. "Whenever you're ready."
"Always ready, hooyah!" With that, he made a dash towards the door to meet with the others.
I see Krane come out the door, followed by the girl. "Well, this is a turn of events. Still, once our friend who's idea this was get's back, we're moving."

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