Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 6)

Joeyray's Bar
Actually, it may have been his guitar lessons.
I would like to know what happened but it probably isn't worth the trouble...
12/26/2012 06:55 PMPosted by smylez
I would like to know what happened but it probably isn't worth the trouble...
Don't even bother... I'm actually starting to get fed up with being ignored with what I saw and read. But then again, why should they care?

I feel like I should just give up all ties with everybody once I'm eighteen... All people have given me is pain and suffering, and mental depression. While also giving me low hopes on humanity.
You would be right, hur smylez.
Although I do not know the circumstances for you to say something like that, I can only hope you find something that pulls you out of that state of mind.
Would you believe me if I told that I didn't have as many problems until after I joined the bar? Believe it or not... Yes. And then of course, telling everyone my problems just make it worse.
"Sorry? I'm not sure if I should apologize or not..."
So the bar is the origin of your problems?


I'll stop pursuing this. SF statement made it clear whatever happened in DA got ugly.
No... But it has helped to create emotional problems once people here finally want me to tell them why I am all... Ya. Then I have slowly became depressed over the days that I have been here... And I am becoming emotionally broken. The stress, the anxiety.

So... I am done talking about this. Don't want it to be worse by any of you trying to "help" me.
I'm gonna be visiting my dad in Cali so I won't be one very much do Zarkie you will DM Project Ress while I'm gone (throw some things like security bots or feral Zerg at pour RPers)
"Well, I am sorry that we thought we could help. But to tell the truth, (most) of our advice was sound."
And I am sorry if it's just in my nature.
Is this Burrito dude really HBRB??????
Yes, Mecha, he is.
12/26/2012 07:18 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
Is this Burrito dude really HBRB??????
No... Cats...
I grab Mecha and kill him. I then place him on a stone slab and cut out his heart with an obsidian knife and offer it to SlnderBurrito. "I know it is worthless. I just did this because he is unworthy of your presence."
"I have died once when I fought a glorious battle with Pikachu stretching 7 days and 7 nights across the transdimensional bridge of the universe and died, leaving me with nothing but half my brain in a jar for Pikachu's pleasure. Yet Death could not keep her grasp on me forever as I rebuilt myself with my half a brain connected to several electrodes. I have died once more today and like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes!"

"I am...immortal!"

Now everyone can tell why I'm losing it, and I believe I should quit for the night. Since none of you can refrain yourselves from killing virtual people. To bad it can't be normal for once, but that's waiting for a damned miracle for me.
And you wonder why the f*ck we say you're negative. You ever listen to yourself talk before?
Yes I have, would you rather want me to lie and carry around a fake positive smile around with me?

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