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No, I'd rather you get off your "poor pity me" pedestal and be a f*cking adult. Seriously, you won't get anywhere in life if you keep saying I can't. You don't have friends because you choose not to, not because you can't. You don't have a gf because you choose not to, not because you can't. Stop using your f*cking shyness as an excuse and get a life. YOU make it happen, not anyone else.
You are disturbed by this sort of "virtual killing"? This is a very harmless community and we are all just RPing when we do that. There's a lot worse forms of "virtual killing" in the internet and media.
...I've tried, I really have, time and time again I have tried. And when I try to speak to others, no words come out. I have tried, and at least I am instead of just choosing not to like you are saying...

And that really was a hit below the belt... I think I'm done for the night.
Maybe you'll hear us if we hit you below the belt, because you don't hear anything else we've said.
CR....listen, nobodies life is perfect. You can't go around feeling sorry for yourself because you're a pessimist. You choose to be the way you are, you choose to not try and get to know bring up depressing stuff in the stupidest times and for the stupidest reasons. You purposefully look at things in a bad light, you have to try to do that.

You need to try, if nothing else, TRY to make friends before complaining that you can't. Put some effort into it, make your life better! You can't get everything handed to you, sorry, but that's how it is. You have a life that's a hell of a lot better than most in this world, so take advantage of it.
And when I try to speak to others, no words come out.

He needs more confidence in himself.
12/26/2012 07:56 PMPosted by smylez
And when I try to speak to others, no words come out.

He needs more confidence in himself.
"No sh!t, Sherlock."
Sometimes the obvious needs to be said. Your agressive language isn't quite helping either.
I shouldn't have said it how I did, but it's become unhealthy.
Hmmm... seems like I missed the important stuff while I was away...

Raven... when you get back and see this... I understand that you're just trying to shift the blame. You don't want to put it all on yourself, because then you'll feel guilty about it and hate yourself.
You're going to have to do it sometime. Take reflection on how you've done things wrong along the way, study what didn't work, and then through a process of trial-and-error, nail it down.

You know... I do have a bit of faith in you, mainly because you've put yourself down so much. It means that if you've placed yourself so low, if you were to raise yourself up, you could do a lot more than you think, which, in a way, makes me a bit more confident in your ability to set yourself straight. ^^
Aw, inspiring words from a claimant to power and an USURPER of the great... verily, I say unto thee: Read my post on page 25 of the Inn, for there ye may find aught of interest.
And I'm sorry that this conversation isn't on DA... do to earlier events... And I'm sorry if I had tried and not having much success at all. :\

It's just that I'm... afraid. Afraid that everyone will hate me, afraid that I will be rejected by others. I can just be... really emotional and sensitive at times. It's who I was ever since I was born. Plus I'm a homebody, or as some would say... A momma's boy as well.
And I'm back. Glad to be able to make my own posts again.
I shake Kroger's hand and give him a Zeratul. "On the house. Welcome back."

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