Help wanted!!!!!

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Ok I want to do a roject Ressurection Redux but until Christmas break im baned from the comp on weak days so would someone start it for me ORR help me DM (you would be a major scientist most likely)
Well, if you post the OP and everything here, I can see what I can manage starting it.
So you wanna do it. Here is da info

Project Resurrection is a top secret Dominion project based on a small moon orbiting the remains of Chau Sara. The projects goal: To move Terran minds into new bodies and the best canidate for these new bodies, Zerg Eggs considering any bodies with developed minds would reject the new one. To gather test subjects the Dominion has hired mercs to bring in people.(Movie refrences. Hint: the movie starts with an A and whoever guess it gets a cookie) Your character will wake up hatching from an egg. Their memory is blurry but they remember a few things from their Terran lives. Though if 1 or 2 people want to RP somebody investigating the activity you may. Chartacter setup is the same as most RPs. Will start with about 4 peoploe have fun :D
I'll get it tomorrow when I check on the other RPs progress. Be patient Mecha.
Uhh Zarkie.............
Sorry, just got home from running scrap metal. So you know, this automatically makes me a CoDM and a fall back for when you aren't here.

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