Kervoid 7 - Tales of the Forgotten

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Kervoid 7; Terrestrial Planet

Planet Data:
POPULATION: Est. 59,000+ terrans, Est. 3,000,000+ zerg

ALLEGIANCE: None - Zergs known to be Feral; Terrans are Independent from Greater Factions

DIAMETER/GRAVITY: 8,327 km; 0.89 standard

AXIAL TILT/CLIMATE: 37.8 degrees; +/- -20⁰ Centigrade (average peaks >-300C), no humidity

GEOGRAPHY/MAJOR SETTLEMENTS: 27 white sand deserts, 19 ravine/geyser plains, 24 mountain ranges (3 volcanic); 2 major settlements (trading facilities), 59 mining outposts, 17 refineries

MOON: 1 – Richman's Singapore(gray, moderate sized, >2,000 km dia)

DOMINANT TERRAIN CLASSIFICATION: Blue and White Deserts (Very Toxic)

DOMINANT LIFE FORMS: Zerg - Variety of Feral Minor Broods

INDIGENOUS LIFE FORMS: Zerg Infestation (Moderate)

IMPORTS: Water, Medical Supplies, Weapon and Mercenary Trades, Black Market Imports, Raw Materials

EXPORTS: Refined minerals, Black Market Zerg Exports, Mercenary Contracts, Vespene Gas, Military Equipment

A Planet that was in the far reaches away from the Confederate's Hold, Kervoid 7 was an independent land where miners began to settle on the planet due to the mineral yields that the planet held under the harsh deserts and the insides of the mountains and ravines that existed vastly across the world. Due to the environment, there were many factors that led to the settlers into wearing environmental suits that were suited for the harshest conditions: The planet was known to hold vastly toxic gases, those that disallowed any breathing of the unfiltered mouth for humans... leading to death for any that went out without a mask for oxygen. The other was the vast cold that existed across the planet, with the hottest ever being that of five degrees. Many had to reside within heavy construction and mining suits when the temperatures dropped rapidly, after the blue sun that Kervoid orbited fell from view. Many had to use environmental hazard suits when mining, wearing tight jumpsuits and large tanks of oxygen and water while they worked for a living.

When the miners began to settle with enough living, with the invention of bio-domes and interior greenhouses began to exist in order for the residents to supply themselves, however many of the workers had to sell much of their resources mined in order to gain enough water and medical supplies to survive the 100% drought that existed in the world. Many miners had to settle in vastly large hubs that sealed the inside from the dangerous outside world, while others had established sealed hut settlements in the world. Many of the settlers, due to the unsettled crust of the world, used Vultures and established hover transits in order to transport all that was mined. Their growth of exports across third-party factions in the Terran economy attracted those that were having ideals of two: extortion and sabotage. Kel-Morian was one of the largest factions to aim at Kervoid 7's residents, leading small guerrillas and even Kel-Morian settlements that rivaled those of the independent miners and farmers.

The Kel-Morian began to extract minerals and have uncharted raids against the other mines that existed, leading towards the Independents to reach other benefactors. Mercenaries, including the Ex-Confederate Mercenaries known as the Devil Dogs. The purchase of military technology led the Independents fight with Gauss Rifles and Pistols, raiding with Vultures and Spider Mines against the corrupt. Their wars lasted for five years, from 2469 to 2474. The war was unheard for most, and none tried to establish peace. Kel-Morian began to settle the use of Goliaths and heavy weaponry, with the Independents falling back to pure guerrllias raids and sabotages of Kel-Morian mins and facilities. More than once, miners had suffocated after being caved in and having lack of oxygen within a highly toxic atmosphere. The Devil Dogs had been known to nearly left twice due to the higher bid of Kel-Morian, however many were known to object due to personal ties of hatred as well as known betrayals in contracts payment from them as well. The Independents were known to have a better grasp and survival traits of the land they resided in, and Kel-Morian settlements were too far for supplies from other worlds in order to defend themselves. In the end, after many were having problems of mine extracted diseases and lack of supplies to survive, they were descending. Many Kel-Morians were known to reach towards cannibalism and raids at the farms just to survive themselves. In the end, many had to escape the world, and the Independents held the world as there own. After the history of the Kel-Morians, the Independents began to extract schematics and factories in order to make arms for themselves, with even minor settlements beginning to build Gauss rifles and hazard armour in the world.

They existed for a good few decades, with the hold of mercenaries and population growth was vast... many mercenaries that had come to the world for pay became security settlers instead of hired contracts, as well as nomads that began to settle in order to make a living in a harsh world. Many new residents had problems of diseases as well as climate problems, being caught in vast sandstorms as well as extreme drops in temperatures in the world. Despite it all, the world grew in strength of its independence and trade, with Kervoid 7 being known to even give their services of military contracts for their abilities to use fast tactics and great survivability skills. This trait of survival had allowed them to survive against the infestation that began in 2501.

Kervoid 7 had known of the Zerg from other worlds, however it was after the Brood War that the world began to have raids from the xenomorphs. Leading with the Independents fighting the aliens, their tactics of fast raids and ability to survive easily adapted to the vast swarms of zerg. Zergling hordes, Hydralisk ambushes, and even Scourge and Mutalisk bombardments began to show for the Independents, leading to many becoming nomads. Yet, after the Zerg began to settle in other worlds into inactive creatures, Kervoid 7 was known to have a lot of contact with the Zerg, with many still functioning and being active in attacking settlements. The attack of the Zerg was at first unexpected, and many mines and small settlements had fell to the Zerg raids. The Independents did not find the help of the other greater factions, due to their distance from the other worlds and being near away from the Korpulu Sector. Yet, the rise of a faction began to come:

Known as the Demeter Psi, they were known to use the new models of Firebats (which the Devil Dogs had converted to), as well as Marauders and other suits that were not seen before, yet showed similar features and appearance of the two. Establishing Anti-Zerg Technology and Tactics, the Zerg were somehow suppressed into a seal part of the world, with the new faction both residing in and out of the infected areas. Many of the deserts and ravines/mountains were beginning to be infected with Creep, with the growth beginning to take over. Much of the Demeter Psi was known to establish different devices in order to hunt down and suppress the Zergs that existed... and from what they told to the Independents, the Zerg were feral, and had a lack of a Psionic Leader to hold them... leading to many regions being established for the Zerg.

In the end, seven major regions of Zerg began to exist, with Demeter Psi seemingly not exterminating them, stating "The Zerg are too great in mass in order to exterminate them entirely, however the key of our presence is to hunt down and study [them] in order to find better ways in order to exterminate and survive any mass of the infesting creatures for all that exist for Terrans." The Independents were known to establish and hold the new Faction in the major settlements, with their presence however mostly being known near the Feral Zerg's Regions, trying to circling and bordering the regions that exist. However, the Independent miners and residents extorted the aliens that existed; for the borders that were not protected, the Zerg were known to have their borders free for any to leave or enter. As well, Zerg were known to travel threw the underground world that existed, leading to many Zergs becoming wild in the world. Many of the Independents began to hunt down the Zerg for the biological treasures that they held for the black market, while others hunted them down for food and supplies for themselves... some even just for trophies and recognition. This lead to the known feral Zergs to have the Independents to hunt them down for their own gain. However illegal, many of the sources were not noticed by the Terran Dominion, as other Terran settlements were known to hunt down Zerg that existed in their world.

In the end, many of the Residents of Kervoid 7 has been seemingly ignored by the world that existed outside, although if they were it is unknown as to who and what watched. Although Demeter Psi and the Independents have resided together, the two are not the same, with Demeter Psi being more prestige and hard, with the independent showing their age and survival skills and capabilities. As the Zerg have exhibited both those of the charted and uncharted strains, the different Regions have been known to have different traits of the Region, and the Demeter Psi has many constructions and established units that exist in the world, studying the Zerg secretly. Kervoid 7 is known for their vast sandstorms, with their blue tints of rock and white sands that cover the barrens and deserts, those that expanded across the world along with different Creep Forests and Terran Settlements. No life exists, other than the two foreigners known as Terrans and Zerg.
Zerg Broods; The Main Seven

Although thought to be one brood when they came, the Demeter Psi came and confirmed that indeed more than one brood existed. In fact, the broods were classified as feral, known to kill anything including their own. The growths and life that existed for each split brood shows different traits, with many of the strains that were known hinting signs of difference than what they were originally noted to have. In fact, strains that were not seen or charted before in Zerg Common Strain charts (ZCS charts), with the broods having different creep growths, strains, and organs that existed in each brood, known as regions. The Demeter Psi is known to have many established facilities around and even within the regions, and all are clustered and close together in a large mass, covering almost a near third of Kervoid 7's surface. However many regions exist, there are seven that are known to exist as the major broods.

Many of the Broods have been noted and named by both the Independent and the Demeter Psi, and the main seven are noted briefly below for the information gathered from both. There are four of the main that take up the majority of the world, and are the most famous in Kervoid 7:

Thorn Brood:
Colour: Grey Carapace; Blue Tint

A Brood that lives to their name as many, their regions are identified by their creep forests of thorns. Many other creep growths exist, however the Creep Thorns are the most notable of them all, covering over 90% of the region (which scaled over a total mass of approximately 1,200 KMs, 87% being ravine barrens with the other portion seen as mountain range). Root tunnels that were Zerg made exist for many to travel under the dense forests that exist, although many are known to travel through the forest itself. A note of over 4 hatchery clusters exist within the region, as well as two lair clusters in the region. Many of these forests are known to also have "gas pines", which explode if any given living creature gets near, exploding with thorn projectiles after a mobile object moves close to it. This includes both Zerg and Terran.

Many of the Zergs that exist are known as Hydralisks, with Hydralisk Dens known to exist in the forest in areas that hold between 100 to 7,500. The Hydralisk Strain is noted to have a difference in form, given that their Carapaces are Grey in colour instead of brown. As well, the Hydralisk Strain is known to have short thorn growths on their skulls, as well as Needle Spines that have changed in shape compared to the originals before. The Hydralisk is known to be the most popular of the strains in the Thorn Brood.

Other new strains that were never noted before exist, although the Thorn Regions is known to have Overlords as the second most popular strain to exist of the brood. One new strain, known by Demeter Psi as the Krudlings, exist within the brood. Zerg with Moth-Like Wings, Hard Claws for a quadruped, and the ability to expel acid spore upon both death as well as suicide packs (seen as yellow spores that corrode anything that it impacts, other than nearby Krudlings). This Brood is known to hunt down many that enter (which most Terrans come for their Thorn Forests and Hydralisk Carapaces), and also known to exit and hunt down life that is near their regions, mostly other Zerg Broods

Marsh Brood:
Colour: Dark Green Carapace; Bright Green Tint

A Creep Region that is filled with pools of Acid, as well as growth that is known to expel Acid Mists that corrode anything that resides inside into bare bone, eating anything that is flesh (although hard carapace and metal are known to survive and even be immune to acid). At times, the region is known to have Acid Fogs, that consumed any life that were caught within them. Creep Spines existed to extend high in the air, and many Zerg used these spines in oder to climb and escape the Acid Fogs, if not burrow. Some are designed to even live and be immune to the corroding world. It is difficult to know what region it took majorly, however the Brood is known to extend a total mass of approximately 9,900 KMs. The Creep Spines and Spine Tumors that exist in the world reach high in the air, although their populace is smaller to the many pools that exist. 7 hatchery clusters exist, with 1 lair cluster.

Zergling Strains with hooked claws and a split jaw (similar to snakes) exist within the Brood, escaping the Acid Mists by climbing the Spine Tumors and Creep Spines that exist in the marsh. Hydralisk strains also exist, with their eyes covered by extra flesh. As well, their claws are known to converge into a hook form, in order to climb as well (although they are known to burrow in most cases instead, unlike the Zergling strain). A Brutalisk strain also exists, with their bone legs able to walk over both the Acid Mists and most Acid Pools without consequence.

When invaded, they are known to either jump from the high creep growths (zerglings), fire (hyrdalisk), or give chase (brutalisks). Some overlords exist, and other minor strains that are unique or noted as common are noted within the brood. They are known to stay stationed in their region, many trying to survive their own region more than others. Terrans have been known to survive with their covered bodies (including marines), however the pools easily destroy and corrode anything that fall into it as nothing. Metal and Hard Carapace takes longer to corrode than flesh and light textures.

Reincarnate Brood:
Colour: Black Carapace; Dark Yellow Tint

A brood to have regions without much in Creep. A mass total of approximately 1,100 KMs, being 97% desert, more than 2% being ravine, and less than 1% as mountain. The Brood is known to have many runners, with many Zerglings and Mutalisks travelling across the world region. Creep Lands are known to mostly being hatcheries clusters (7), although two lair clusters and three hive cluster exists. Many of the Hatcheries are known to have spawning pools and little to no growth (although many drones and creep digging into the ground for resources), while the lair and hive clusters hold onto spires.

A strain, known as Helloths, exist in the world. However rare in quantity, they existed nonetheless with a certain number, their nests being at the hive cluster. Demeter Psi has noted that a total of 4 exist, as well as 4 of their nests, Hal Mounds, exist. As they have seen to die, the Mounds are known to notably create a large egg to make anew... giving similar traits to a unique strain known as the Torrasque. Having a body structure similar to a Hydralisk, they are known to have four arms and a large tail, tunneling with their claws and ever consuming five jaws of molars. They are known to also be similar to Nydus Worms, being able to travel in different terrain underground, before exitting. When they exit, they are known to expel and shoot sacs that contain Zerglings. When they die, the Zerglings that are in the sacs inside also expel as well.

The Zergling Strain is known to have two extra pair of legs instead of wings to travel faster, with their legs being shorter than they were before (notably similar to hamsters). They are known to travel in large hordes, sometimes along with Mutalisks or even a Helloth. Mutalisks are known to exist, however overlords seem to be absent for this brood, giving question as to whether the feral brood has anything to try to 'Shepard' them with ill attempt. They are highly aggressive, hunting down other regions and even leaving to attack Terran settlements. Demeter Psi has the most problems containing them.

Tunnel Brood:
Colour: Brown Carapace; Yellow Tint

A Brood Region that is 500 meters below the surface, the region takes the largest mass of noted 10,000+ KMs in area, however how far they reach in total is entirely unknown. Many of the sub regions they hold, which expel and send out their brood. on the surface, they have a noted 8 sub regions that give a total of 10 kilometers, although whether other regions that exist for this brood is unknown or do not last long enough to survive (until Terran or opposing Zerg annihilate it).

Much of the insides are filled with tunnels, caverns, and vast underground worlds of creep and rock. Psionic-Controlling Zerg, Aracins, seem to exist to replace overlords; centipede like, with many small tendrils in the front and three large ones up front, are known to touch and give of Psionic wave forms in the area. Not much in strains are known to exist, however Drones and Zerglings have been noted... with some farms Queens attending Larvae and Eggs. Some tunnels are clogged by the creep growth, and some structures are known to exist underground. Some growth in tunnels are even known to be hostile, seen as large mouths that consume any that trespass inside with suffocation and teeth. Due to the underground nature and the vastness, only the traits that expel in the sub regions in the surface gives the highest detail, while those that enter underground, expeditions, die.

The other three broods, known as Reaver, Matriarch, and Blimp also exist. These broods exist in order to cause the greatest of harms, hunting down any that come to their land, as well as entering other regions AND Terran settlements in order to grow and consume. With little to no control, these minor broods seem to be distorted, with their being 47 broods, with 40 being lesser than the 7 main. The Broods that exist are all different, however some are lesser for a reason in terms of mutation and adaption. The Demeter Psi are known to have a large grasp of all of these regions... and rumors of their whereabouts inside the Zerg Infested areas are not unnoticed by the Independent, although foreigners that venture to the land are the ones to give the most question... for awhile.
Demeter Psi; The Scientific Military Faction

A Military Faction that is funded by an unknown organization (as well as Independent Traders), they are the largest foreign faction that resides on Kervoid 7. Other factions that reside in the planet are known to either be mercenaries, refugees, and bounty hunters. Most of the lesser factions came for hire in service of the Independent, or were there for the Independent... one reason or another. Now, with the rise of the Feral Zerg Broods, many are coming for game both old and new. Demeter Psi are here not to take the Broods that exist, rather suppress them. As they claim to the many that exist on the planet, they have put all their resources in order to study them as well as hunt down Zerg with easier strategy and use of technology and tactics against the great foe. That is what they claim to many.

Their use of the the 5-4 Armored Infantry Suit, as well as the Second Generation of the CMC-660 Firebat Armour, was used for by the Demeter Psi for most that existed; With marines seemingly rare in the corps, many models of the 5-4 Armored Infantry Suit (used by marauders) had been altered at set in order to combat. While many of the originals hold that of both the Flamethrower (Firebats) and the Concussion Grenades, some had a few tweaks to their arsenal. The standard 5-4 Armored Infantry Suit had changed their weapon outlet from Grenades to Dual Machine Guns, with packs for U-238 DU Round models have been used in order to mow down the flesh of Carapaces, in order to take care of large amounts and take the better role of a marine. A rare one to see, although for heavy duty, is a CMC-770 Genesis Armor; Armed with no guns at arms, their armour is thicker and made to take an extended amount of shock... mostly to survive not the impact of enemies, but rather the Gauss Cannon implanted on their back, showing efficiency of a Siege Tank by 45%. However, the Explosive Shells are known to cause such soldiers to fly, and many have to "Lock their feet" on soil in order to fire. Many of the CMC-770 Models are known to have one-jet flamethrowers, although has less fuel than most. In fact, most are usually seen in preference of a AGR-14 Model Riflemen, or acting as Engineers, Demolition Experts, and Repairmen for squads. The Genesis and the "Maulers" are two of the unique military heavy Suited Infantry within Demeter Psi, being armed along with the Marauders and the Firebats. Although not of hire, the Armor of the CMC-660 are similar to the ones of the Ex-Confederate Firebats.

The use of Sensor Towers, APCs, Implanted Transits, Missile Turrets, and the use of both Medivacs and older model Dropships are a great many of the ships the Military Faction of Demeter Psi owns. Many are placed and surrounding the Zerg Borders, and some are even heavily fortified with Mines, Bunkers, and Mounted Turrets within the regions themselves. The Demeter Psi are prepared and hardened to hunt down the Zerg, and many of the Independents that support them use the heavily armoured soldiers as role models against the Ferals. Although no signs of abuse are seen from the Demeter Psi towards citizens, there are Independents that are known to be against their presence, due to conservatism. Nonetheless, many also reside within Military Bases and Science Facilities, and even taking shelter within the Major Settlements as well. Their weaponry is of no match to any that reside within Kervoid 7, which makes them a formidable foe if provoked...

But that is what is shown for the Demeter Psi.

Devil Dogs, soldiers of the Ex-Confederacy, have been known to stay away from the Demeter Psi for personal reasons, and most will not say why. The use of Goliaths have been seen, although the models show that of the UED Models, with rocket mounts of Charon Boosters and higher armor and rocket count existing. Even stranger, is that many of the scientists that work there hold clothing similar to that of the Confederacy, although armoured and patched with higher oxygen and anti-radiation sockets. Many of the Independents are oblivious to such details, however some mercs such as the Devil Dogs know well of the Confederacy familiarity. None dare to ever speak up, though.

Many refugees and mercenaries that have discovered and spoken about it have been known to cease in living. Current finds of Zerg attacks have been found in bars and other areas of the Planet with hard, brutal deaths... while those that reside within the major settlements have been known to have brutal deaths, although more calculated. Assassinations have not been known for the residence, however the dark presence is. Of course, much of the refugees and mercenaries have such qualities nonetheless, so the deaths are seen as either Zerg attacks or personal affairs from afar. It is unknown what caused their deaths though, as many do not see the deaths happen. Some claim that it would be too impossible for the Zerg to come and become specific, seeing that they do not kill and hurt much in anyone... except for those that speak. Even worse, some of the lunatics and hard miners have hinted seeing "mutants". The Independents are never the targets, although the attacks of Zergs and the deaths of others in both their sleep and awake are not uncommon either. Much of these attacks are forgotten by all, except for the Veterans of the dead.

Many of Demeter Psi take both live and dead samples of Zerg, as well as take technology and assets from the markets... many are known to be terran, however some bright resources that are not the standard minerals... many taken have been claimed to be of another kind all together, although much of the individuals within Kervoid 7 have no idea what it is. Many figure that the black market resources are special minerals from other worlds, whether they were mined as such or altered is something the miners don't know, as both are common; the price seems relevant for the crystals, as many are carried by heavy escorts at all times. A few raiders have tried to snatch such Black Market prizes, however all that try die. Since law is little to none on Kervoid 7, crimes are usually settled by death instead of prison. Unusually, the Kervoid 7 take prisoners as well. Some they capture themselves for unknown crimes, and others are brought from the major settlements for recruitment. What kind of recruitment is unknown, however.

Demeter Psi is a faction that does not speak much in detail for many that reside on the planet. Those that recognize either stay silent or die. Seen as heroes against the Ferals that terrorize the miners and settlements, their purpose of study and extermination seems to be a question that many hold in mind... Many prefer to keep their distance from the group, in order to live in some form of peace. Those that don't are usually there for some form of business. Either way, Demeter Psi is a group known for their power; power that may not be as strong as that of the major factions that exist, but their details of them seem to be there.

Common Infantry Brigade:
Firebat: CMC-660 Flamethrower Unit; Designed for Close Quarter Combat and Anti-Light Extermination. Known to be Anti-Ground

Marauder: 5-4 Armored Infantry Suit; Designed for Close-Medium Range Combat and Anti-Armour Extermination. Known to be Anti-Ground

Mauler: 5-4 Armored Infantry Suit; Designed for Close-Medium Range Combat and Anti-Unit Extermination. Known to be All Area Combat

Genesis: CMC-770 Genesis Armor; Designed for Long Range, and Close Quarter, Combat and Anti-Unit Extermination. Also known as engineers/repairmen. Known to be Anti-Ground.

UED-Model Goliaths: Goliath Combat Walkers modeled after the UED came and upgraded what had existed. Uncommon to see; Known mostly for Anti-Air Combat.

CLASSIFIED: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Demeter Psi are known for their heavy weaponry and armour, utilizing all they have in order to suppress the Zerg. Their weaponry has been not recorded against the Independent nor others that reside. Factions such as the Devil Dogs and foreign individuals have stayed quiet when it comes to the Scientific Military Faction that holds power of the planet. Although many claim the Independents as ruling, they are indeed more distorted and less organized... and less armed too.
The Independent; The Majority of Terran Populace

Miners, Interior Farmers, Zerg Hunters, Bountry Hunters, Mercenaries, Refugees and Criminals, Smugglers, Sportsmen, Black market Traders and Good Willed Traders, Bartenders, and all the sorts. They are the working class of the planet, and are the residents that have resided on the planet for many years. Coming here as miners, the Independent are astray from the influence of Kel-Morian and Confederacy in the past, and now hold no grasp to the Dominion as well. However many of the factions have come for one reason or another, only the Kel-Morian ever dared to take what was theirs. In the end, the Independent showed that, indeed, they hold a better grasp of survival in the harsh world.

Almost all Independents wear Hostile Environment Suits; standard wear for miners within the harshest of worlds. The model of the armour is of both new and old, and features similar appearance as ghosts (due to the ghosts using the same armour for themselves as standard wear). Many of the miners have heavy radiation and sealed helmets, with Large packs of 72-Hour Oxygen Packs. Although in other worlds fuel stations are relevant, they have oxygen fuel stations in their homes and the mining areas as well. Many that wear the suits are also known to wear Duster Coats, Sun Hats, Cowboy Hats, Leather Jackets, and other wear on themselves. The use of even different colour forms of the HE-suits and sigils/paint jobs are taken, since most never take off their suits until they reside in their own homes. Many of the standard colours of the Miners are black, grey, and brown colours. Some are even known to wear neckleces and rings on their suits instead of themselves. Most of the clothing and extra attachments to the suits are taken off and put away for miners, due to the hazards of loose clothing in the working area. For the others that do not, they usually stay.

The Independent, due to the history of the Kel-Morian (and now the presence of Zerg) all are armed. Many have AUG-14 Rifles that are of the old as the standard, with C-10 Models, "Scythe" Gauss Pistols, as well as Older Models of Firebat Perdition and UED C-140 "Epyon" Flamethrowers, being the standard and most common weapons in use... due to them being cheap and easy to manufacture and distribute. many are known to have concussion grenades, Spider Mines, and simple booby traps such as bear traps. Even more terrifying is the use of the world to set up the worse possible conditions for those that try... usually traps and raids are the most standard of tactics for these individuals. Fast raids and all held traps are one of the classic uses of these citizens, although full out battles are not uncommon. Due to the cheap price of minerals (although expensive addition of hazards), Vulture Models have been the standard transportation for all. All citizens has some form of arms, and many transporters and travelers always have a Vulture. Traders usually use the transits that the settlers had set up, using hover rails and expensive pay to allow the quickest transports for all that is harvested by Minerals and even Vespene.

Many settlements are known to have 'joint' buildings. Due to the toxic environment, seal locks at entrances exist in order to keep the toxins out, and the breathing air in. Many homes, stores, bars, and other structures... even farms, are connected together. When seen, the poorest of settlements have all the buildings joined into one, while the richer settlements have their structures set apart. Fences are not uncommon for the richer settlements, and the use of defensive sensor towers and bunkers are also common.

Farms exist for one purpose, and that is to give harvest for all that reside in a settlement. Valued by many, the harvest of fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the use of consumption is very high for survival. bar do exist however, and breweries are known to reside in some settlement farms for alcohol drinks. Many had farms for protein such as Tofu, due to the lack of animal life. When the Zerg came however... the menu changed considerably. Nonetheless, the settlements are known to have joint structures in order to save oxygen. Even with it being livable, some fear that the air will deplete, or it will give away to the toxic atmosphere. This leads to many wearing the HE-suits for most of their life, as power outages and air leakage has been known to happen. Those that take off their suits see it as a luxury and highly risky. Families do exist in Kervoid 7, and children have been known to come and grow to become adults. In many cases though, all have an emergency oxygen mask at their bed side, for the possible power outages. Usually, these masks cover the entire face, and seal off any air from leaving their neck.

The people have lived a hazardous life, and have been known to be mostly as they are named to be, Independent. Richer settlements have been known to have some mercenaries, such as the Devil Dogs and former military units, as residence in their homes. However some are hired as guards or even security against raiders, many have been known to live their lives off the people for decades. The most common, the Devil Dogs (Ex-confederate Firebat Mercenaries), have lived their lives off the people to get away from the Confederacy. After the Great War, many resided to hide from the Dominion. The Firebats had the older suits when they came, however some had either came or purchased the newer models for their own use. Many of the devil dogs still have the same suits that are of similar features to marines, however. Refugees such as reapers, marines, political idealists, scientists, broken down miners in other worlds, hunters, and others have came to live as well... although like most, they have died within the few months they came onto the planet.

The two major settlements, known as Richman's Mansion and Glennburg , are different from both the richer and poor settlements. The richest of them all, they are known for a few features that others do not. The two settlements are seen as equivalent to small cities, having their homes dug deep into mountains that have been plated inside. Transits of the Trains and the two only known starports exist in both of these settlements, with high end commercial areas in the cities as well as industrial. Many residence also live their as well, although a third are foreigners. These settlements are the key connections to the outside world for Kervoid 7, that the Independents have developed and grown themselves. The richest individual, the Richman Family, holds both one of the major settlements and the only moon with their namesake. In fact, less than a quarter of the settlements are owned by the rich family. The moon above is also similar to the Major Settlements, however many miners also reside to work on the moon's resources with less hazards. The moon and planet have little to no resemblance, and the moon lacks the same amount of quantity in resources as the planet it orbits... but Richman's has put a lot in mining both for their wealth.

Demeter Psi have settled beside many mining settlements that exist within the planet, and reside in both major settlements that exist on the planet. Many of the Kervoid 7 residence that remember the Kel-Morian have distrust for them, while others are angry for their presence in general being "bad"... for whatever reason an individual holds, they are accused for hundreds of things. In fact, some have claimed that the Military faction brought the Zerg here in the first place, as well as their presence bringing more foreigners into their lives that they see as taking their lands and life-precious oxygen and food. Still, their presence by others are cherished for their combat against 'the greater of evils', the alien Zerg.

When the Zerg came, it was bad for the settlements at first. Many had fallen prey and had become infected, later destroyed by the Demeter Psi to prevent infection. When things settled and were learned, the Independent found opportunity; many became hunters for both trade, food, and resource. Zerg had been hunted in and out of their regions by the most resilient of Independent groups and individuals, hunting Zerg and taking them into settlements. Residence have replaced most of the tofu for Zerg flesh, while others use the different attributes they hold as tools. Hydralisk Claws were altered and figured to become pick-axes for miners, with Carapaces used as new clothing for the residence. Chemicals such as Acid Spores and whatnot have been used as spices or weapons, and even tools for mining and traps... Sometimes even fuel. Either way, the Zerg have become a great game for the people, despite the dangers that they bring. Their Feral status, as the Demeter Psi have stated, have caused much of the Zerg to be nothing more than animals, and lack the ability to become intelligent as they were when controlled. This had lead to many Kervoid residents to take game on them. With the charted and uncharted strains of zerg existing, many have hunted all of them... some even tried to take down a Helloth for their own, however the Zerglings that run with them and reside inside are dangerous. Some even hunted down Brutalisks as well, surviving the Acid Mists and all that resides there. Many go to the other lesser regions and sometimes the major seven. However, with the dangers that the seven regions hold, many new hunters die when entering. The black market has become more popular with the Zerg residing, and it is not hard to see why; many of the hunters have sold the Zerg in the markets, and some even served Zerg on a platter for others to dine. The unique and altered strains have caused many of the rich to come for the unique foods that come from their flesh and bones.

The Independent are adaptive and cunning, with arms and tactics always at their feet against combat. It is hard to not see why.
Purpose of this Thread:

Kervoid 7 is a SCII World of Survival in the world, with many of the Terrans living off of the toxic, diseased world of death. The only other life is the growth made by the expanding Zerg, and many Terrans are taking hold of the said Feral Broods. The list above is a somewhat Blueprint and description of parts of the worlds, while others are hinted to also exist. Take note, that not everything is described in more detail that 'needed'. It will progress on, as it continues on.

Part of me wants to write a long story, and another part of me wants to make this into some form of Roleplay. Seeing that I have time, I suppose that I can make some more details with literature. Later on, when I reveal the rest of the 'life' and the functions that exist, Kervoid 7 will become an RP set before said story. In truth, I find that some of Starcraft's details in the worlds to be somewhat disappointing; many of the worlds that exist have similar foliage as that of earth's, and the feeling of 'realism' seems to drop at times (Raynor opening his Visor on Char, a planet of high heats and probably high lack in Oxygen). Still, it is a game, and I can not complain. Rain of Char, maybe. But, I digress.

Kervoid 7 is that of high ties to Zerg and Terran races, with possible Protoss. For now, the details most seen and popular in mass are the Zerg and Terran. Details are both of what is shown in both games, hand made from myself, and some are taken from details in other Starcraft works (stories and comics and whatnot). I got the world all in my head... I kind of wish I had a better grasp on the Map Editor on Starcraft 2, however I lack the ability to make what I wanted. Still, maybe Starcraft 1 can be used for something... I had made many maps, but sadly I lack the ability for 'model changes' (would prefer the making of defilers, cerebrates, and others of the old SC... as well as ability to make new models, with editing of those such as Hydralisks and Marauders). Aw well. I think I will just work on normal Melee Maps.

When the RP is made, it would be before the story for sure. Tales of the Forgotten. Would be after the story. For now, the details written are for Kervoid 7 in general for detail, for all works. Since the planet is suppose to be a large portion in detail. Thoughts of character defined by setting, and setting defined by the world seems to be relevant for me. Easier to write, see? Of course the world doesn't define character as they are, it would define them in their conditions and feelings of the world.

When the story is near finished, or gives enough detail, the RP would be made. For now, this is the obscure blueprint for a large, told factor of Kervoid 7. For an RP, many of the factors said in the Blueprint would be taken. The Zerg, Demeter Psi, the Independents, Mercenaries, and all the sort. The world would be different from most Terran Settlement Worlds. The two worlds that give best description, is Mars Sara (mining and barren vastness of world... and Zerg), and Deadman's Port (black market and criminals, as well as hired contracts)... with hints of unsurvivable conditions without at least a HE-Suit, and a vast amount of Zerg Growth in a world without natural growth.

Will work on the story soon. Just need to finish some things is all. When I progress, and RP. Maybe some time in a future. I may try again on Map Editor to work on it again. Unlikely to work as intended, though. For now, part of the world is given to see, while I work with what is seen and hidden. When the world shows colour, an RP is then established. The Roleplay will be of a different thread. The Story will be here, when I can write.

I hope you enjoy the progression and establishment of what is coming.

- Hunk Que
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Brief Description:
Um. You're beginning to remind me of Mockingjay.
Who's Mocking Jay?

But I see your point. Fixed it.

I'll add the rest tomorrow.
Who's Mocking Jay?

But I see your point. Fixed it.

I'll add the rest tomorrow.
Someone known as being the best author on the forums here. She made a thread not too long ago with a similar "Brief Description" followed by massive textwall. But still, good job so far. I look forward to the next bunch of edits.

P.S. Here's a link to her story (original version, she's rewriting it atm) in case you want to take a look:
Well, I added two of them... last one.
If I may, can I maybe get a description for this thread's intention?
It just seems to be a survey of the planet Kervoid 7. Perhaps he plans for a RP to take place there so he's taken the liberty of describing it?
I am working on it in a second. let me get a drink first, then we can party as best as we can. Heh, don't leave your panties up in a bunch.


Is something burning? *Jet of flame hits a wooden fence* Haha, That's what I thought. Mmm...
I love the smell of napalm.
I'm still confused. RP or story?
It looks like it would be a great RP
Well, read above.

It is planned to be both, actually. a text adventure?
For the Roleplay?

I think similar to Dungeons and Dragons, or other RP types. Except without dice. And pieces. And a board and figures that are words instead of paper pieces... with a 'master' and 'roleplayers'.

Either that, or make it just pure Roleplay for players to dive into individually. Once I establish more. Either two will be fine. Text Adventure, though? Probably not.
This isn't anything at the moment. It's just fleshing out the setting and lore in preparation for a RP/story/text adventure.
The Forgotten, Part 1
The fumes of ash and blood filled the air, with the feel of death surrounding every area of the world. Above, storms of great energy surged, while carnivorous growth lingered the surface. Creatures charged across the fields of shale, with many in a mass. As the storms surrounded them, and the fumes of ash created a fog for any to see, the running creatures charged across the shale surface, many passing over the growth that surrounded them.

The shale had been exposed, as the storms hit the purple covering and showed the grey surface under. Many of the running creatures, caught in the vast storm, were torn and exploded with great velocity, with sprays of red mist surrounding the grey fog that surrounded them. The sky was unseen, and many that kept coming joined those that had fallen to the abnormal storms. Underneath, many spines and spikes came from the ground, hitting the rat-like creatures that ran across the fields… even worse, was that the blue storms were joined by the waves of blue blades, being thrown around to pierce at the flesh of the charging. Yet, despite it all, the creatures kept charging.
The fog of ash, covered with blood, hid all the life that was within. Chaos ensued, with many of the beasts charging and attacking something that he could not see. The sound of the massing beasts in the near millions charged, while many had burst into nothing as the storms hit their flesh. With two sides seemingly fighting each other, which seems to be the purple growth that surrounded the ash world, and ghosts of immense power that was unseen.

Many of the creatures seemed of great mass, from the view afar. The sight of the battle ensued, and with the creatures of rats, other life that seemed few compared to that of the many that charged, surrounded what seemed to be hidden. The world below was violent, and was a cluster that was not meant for any to survive. Yet, as many of them died, those that survived from them reached to the hidden, where they seemed to have lost their life force as soon as they cleared the storm. Red and grey mist covered the world below, covering the shadows that ran across the shale fields… and the creatures of lights both blue and green. The fight below was a great feud, inhumane in many degrees.

No battle of great tactics has ever been committed such as this… no use of the millions of beasts, charging blindly to their deaths, without fear or delay, to enemies of the unknown... creatures that use the power of light, in order to destroy the enemies that come charging in their direction into mist. Never, had man hold such power, for either of the shadowed sides. No one charges blindly with the millions to their death, with more joining them, with only a few breaching. No one has ever been seen being hidden and yet emitting such dark power, killing and destroying their enemies with swift ease. The view of them all fight at each other was something to behold.

It wasn’t going to last, though; he heard the sound that was not of the thunders from the distance ahead, rather the sound of swift thunder from behind the cliff. From above, the sound of a different sound came, although could not be seen…

Then worms with wings flew by… hundreds charged from above, reaching towards the fight that was below. They cawed like crows, ready to pick and devour the many dead that were hidden in the fog. Passing by the many storms that surrounded those on the ground, they flew above the abnormal storms, surrounding the enemy from above, circling them. After hundreds came, thousands replaced them. Whatever was down below was surrounded from above and below. Seeing them all surround into one pile, the storm of the many seemed to never stop, now piled into one great ball. As many flew by, the cover of the shadows was becoming more and more insecure… they were flying all around, swarming towards the enemy below. And from what seemed from above, those of the ground were not stopping at all.

He was silent… the world thundered, and he was the shade of the world. Watching everything from his scope, they were all fragments from a distance that blended together, and he was hidden from it all. As the storms and the blood flew across the world, it was a wonder as to what they were fighting… yet; he knew what they were fighting. The beasts, the Zerg that had taken over this hellish world when they invaded Terran space, were fighting another force that was rivaling them in power… although in a different magnitude. In a battle of many, he was alone.

The Zerg had already taken most of the ash planet… so much of the world is already covered with the festive creep, taking over the shale and the dirt that surrounded the world, with the world of the burnt being covered with the alien purple flooring Across the world, the sun was blocked, and the red world covered the lights from showing much… the magma and the fires that surrounded the world showed much of what was happening, albeit was somewhat obscure in sight. From the far distance, they were small fragments, shadows that fought against each other. From his scope of his rifle, and his eyes, the fight from the distance was indeed deadly. It was hard to see what they were with clarity, but the creatures of the sky, and the mass amount that swarmed the ground… they were clear for what they are: too many.

The watcher of them all did what he did… watch. As the thunder of wings began to drift to the distance, the world around him seemed to become more: secure. The many creatures of flight left to the fight, and now he was safe in the distance; for now, anyways.

The Terran saw it all, as the Mutalisks of the air began to shower green to the creatures down below. The many swarms of Zerg were beginning to dwindle to into darkness, as the lights were beginning to wither as well. From the scope, the waving lights that were not of the lightning above was beginning to dwindle, and the lights were beginning to fade. Sprays of blue and purple were beginning to take hold of the red sprays that covered the grey, ash fog. Many of the lights were beginning to dwindle, as the winged creatures fired at the wielders. The swarm that charged on foot did not stop at all, and was continuous on their charge against their opposition.

Within the fog, from the scope, something strange came from within the ash; from within, a blue ball of light was beginning to grow within, growing in size and charging into something else. From above, the lightning was dwindling to nothing… while the thunder seemed to grow in sound. The blue light was beginning to grow in size, as the shadows of the Zerg were pushing harder and harder… the blades of light in the fog were beginning to disappear, and the blue ball was beginning to shrink in size…

Then, with a burst of great thunder, energy began to spark brighter from within the fog; from within, a great blue figure of light emerged, with many crooked hands reaching to shadows within. Then, without warning, the spray of gibs from above reined onto the world covered… the fliers that came to bring harm to what seemed to be dangerous and impenetrable, has joined those that were on the ground. Energy sparked to the air and ground, while the lightning storms that were surrounding the charging dwindled. The ash fog seemed to dwindle, as the energy began to push a full force against all those that surrounded the wielders of light.

A great creature of blue embodiment surfaced from the fog, while a mass amount of creatures began to attack at the creature of light. Seeing with the scope the power of the creature, many of the rat creatures in the shadows, showing themselves as Zergling-Class Zerg, were being electrocuted and exploding with the energy touching them or their nearby companions. The Mutalisks above were receiving a different treatment; the flaming blue creature was reaching high, giving many sparks of short bolts at once, reaching to the creatures and hitting them. The creature of energy seemed to be humanoid, with an aura of sheer power.

The creatures fought onward, as the Zerg mass against the being of light, who what seemed to stand with armoured creatures… the Protoss, which held onto blades of sheer energy. Blue light emitted from their blade, while others had colours of green or teal. Some were dressed differently than others, seemingly darker… yet, they were all fighting the enemy ahead. As they fought, the creatures of the sky and the ground did not stop. As the storms began to clear, the fog disappeared, showing the millions of shadows into the many marches of the charging creatures. The Zergling were not alone, it seemed, as slithering creatures were marching uncommonly beside them all. The creep that surrounded the Protoss seemed to break with every shock, however it began to take hold of the soil once again. The creature of pure energy fought them all, as its fighting comrades seemed to fall back… the creature of light, that fought with the Protoss and what seemed to be born for a short time, was fired from many directions by needles and spores, from the ground and from the air. Despite how many it killed, within seconds, it was beginning to be swarmed all over again.

As many of the Protoss began to flee, the creature of light burst in an explosion, killing hundreds that were near it with lightning velocity, both Protoss and Zerg. With still countless charging at the Protoss, the remaining were seen fleeing or fighting, but many were dying as the Zerg trampled and clawed at them. As the warriors began to fall back, many were descending into what was not seen. The creatures of the sky that still lived (which was many, left the scene, charging to whatever lay from a farther part of the world… while the creatures of the ground began to still hunt down those that had escaped the onslaught.
The Forgotton, Part 1 (Continued)
All of it was seen and held into account by the watcher… by the Terran of the cliff, it was all seen and taken, and now his mission was done. Seeing that the fight was over, and there was not much to see other than the victorious swarm… it was time to leave.

Quietly, seeing that the world was clear of all that existed, the watcher moved from the cliff’s shade. Seeing that the battle ahead was still ensuing, he moved from his spot, surfacing from the cliff ramp deeper into the cliff’s shadow. Behind him, a tunnel was reaching deep into the cliff, with the rocks be too thin for any to actually walk into with ease; they would have to shuffle threw, if they want to travel inside. It was good for him, since most that existed on this world will not be able to follow him. That would also mean that he needs to put away his weapon, however. Putting away his C-10 on his back, he moved to the small, narrow passageway. Shuffling threw, the grey suit that he wore pressed against the rock, as he moved his left foot up front, his hands helping him travel across. The faint, lit world that he was in before dwindled, as he began to shuffle into the dark crack of the world. The only light seen was the faint, dark red sky that was above, as cracks of light were seen from holes above, albeit almost unnoticed.

The red sky above was not paid no mind, as the Terran moved looking forward… breathing deeply into his mask, taking small takes of oxygen as he went. The sounds of rock shifting and shaking from the world that was above and possibly below him, made the stones shake. He paid no mind to it; in this world, paying too much attention to it would drive someone insane. It only meant one thing for him: potential danger. Soon, after minutes of travel, shifting across the narrow tunnel in the earth, he stopped. To his left, a metal, small pike was seen dug into the rock. A mark, it was. He knew what it meant, and it meant that moving across was over now. Looking up, he saw the sky above… or what should be a sky. Instead, all there was now was rock. The sky disappeared, and a ceiling took place. It didn’t stop him, though. Instead, he pressed his body on the closed walls, and began to make his body shift high.

Using his pressed body, on one side, with his legs on the other, he began to lift himself
from the ground. He climbed and climbed, taking quick, short paces to the ceiling. Reaching above, the ground was taken into account the wall, starring straight at it. He didn’t grunt, he didn’t wither… keeping the same breath as he did before, he was steady in his travel through the cracked world. Reaching higher and higher, he climbed to what seemed like a pointless ascent. Then, from view, a piece of wall was missing.

Too small to walk through, too small to crouch; large enough for someone thin to travel threw, however he seemed to be somewhat thick with his rifle on his back. With his arms pressed onto the wall, he began to move on to his back… his butt was pressed hard against the wall more than it was before, as he moved his back from the wall. Reaching for his rifle, he removed it from his back, and brought it in front of him. The click of a metal was heard, as fingers held tightly onto the rifle. As the back lent back onto the wall, the Terran lost his intensity that he held beforehand below. Using his rifle, he began to bring it to the hole, pushing it inside. The earth above was shaking, as he did so.

The rifle had trouble reaching inside, being long in a room that was thin enough to making his limbs crunch together, near straight already. Still, moving the rifle as he went, he pushed it into the hole above, rustling it enough to go inside. Being nice and snuggled, the former watcher pushed it deeper inside with one hand, while another held onto the rim of the hole. When he was satisfied, both hands grabbed onto the rim, and he joined his arm of war.

Inside, darkness surrounded him, and no light seemed to exist at all. Turning on a light near his eye, green began to light the room, as the rifle had its head going first with its red laser… extending a few feet, until contacting a rock in front of it.

Crawling was a pain in the cramped world; the former spy crawled across the rocks, struggling at times to shift the rifle one place or another, and wrapping his body around some rocks. With the cave able to cave in at any moment, the very narrow tunnel was small enough for him to crawl through, but his body barely could lift from the ground. Minutes passed, when he traveled across the cavern hole… minutes of stopping in order to allow the rifle to go behind, in front, or beside him, shifting his body and climbing across the tunnel at different angles and points. Soon, instead of crawling forward, he was crawling down again, although it was a hole. Many rocks were under his feet, as he shifted down every rock, and went to another collision. It took a while to leave it and see openness, as the laser of the rifle showed the bottom of what was down below.

The ghost saw what it was: The cave was larger down below, although falling down it would probably mean broken legs… if he could really see the bottom, instead of a misty surface that was there. It was probably filled with toxic fumes, as the specs of mist were irradiating some form of light, and it wasn’t fire; He would have to be careful here. Having his body tense up, it covered all the walling inside the small hole he was in, with his head extending out. He was looking for anything in here… nothing. Empty. Or at least it seemed to be.

Reaching from the sight of the floor, the goggles faced from the floor to the ceiling, and the green lights extended to something that did not seem rock. He saw his target, and his remains.

Shifting the gun on a stub of rock, it used its hand without looking to get it jabbed into some form of rock, getting wedge and becoming stuck within the hole. Secure, one of his hands began to extend out of the hole. His body was beginning to shift from the grasp of the hole, lower to dangerous levels… levels of hitting the floor down below.

Yet, he reached some form of safety, as his hands grabbed the rope.

Grabbing onto it, his body let go of the hole he was in, falling down and then curving back up to the ceiling. With his other hand and legs, his other hand and a foot wrapped around the rope, holding onto what he had placed there in the past. He was down, with only his rifle left. He didn’t mind much… he will be back. He just needed to do what he came here to do.

His grey suit was easily comfortable for the climber, as he was moving backwards across the rope, he was moving from where he came, and was going across the ceiling, heading to some form of end from the other end. As he was moving backwards, he felt that his feet reached to an end of the rope. He was in the middle of somewhere, but he could not see from the surface underneath it. Staying there for a few seconds, he hanged onto the rope without movement…

“Adjutant, Activate.”

The voice of the man was heard; gruff and cold, solid and emotionless. The machine that came was also mechanic, however showing more truth than emotion.

“Confirmed; Activating Radiator Removal Systems.”

With her feminine voice giving the response from the unknown, the mist and green specks of light that was seen began to deactivate. With them activating, the sound of jets and air inhaling and pushing some form of substance was heard, and the mist was disappearing from the area. Underneath, a speck of rock was seen with other objects clouded in shade, while the rest was a pitch black pit surrounding the edges. The black highlight did not last long however, as it disappeared to the radioactive mists of green and grey that still surround the area.

He knew that the surface was still radioactive for sure; however he would not stay here for long. Letting go of the rope, he began to fall a few meters, before his hands and feet hit the ground. A hard thud was heard, as he grunted from impact. The thud was not of stone though…

Metal; solid metal. It was his home, while he was here. Reaching to the rims of the hole, he began to hold onto it, as she spoke once more.

“Opening manhole. Welcome home, Orange Mason.”

The Ghost saw, as a white light was seen beaming from the surface underneath. The metal door opened like a mouth of all angles, with raged teeth showing as it opened. As the light opened, the insignia of red, with the two blue lines crossing was seen, with white shapes covering its insides. He didn’t show much else, as he began to fall into the hole, with him falling a few feet before his hands grabbed onto a metal bar of a ladder.

The operative didn’t need to climb down much, as he reached the bottom, while the door above was closing once again. The sound of metal hitting metal was heard, with the sound of light thuds of his feet on the ladder, while the door’s mouth began to shut once again with air escaping, released, and a large thud of heavy metal closing. He was locked into his small hole. He would need to grab what he needed, and to give data to those of importance.

He was alone here, but his other brethren and comrades of arms were hiding from the large war that existed in the world. He came to this world on a mission, and even if his command had mostly shattered, they were all still here… even if now they had no one to turn to.

Reaching to the bottom of the ladder, a small room that was a few meters of height, length, and width made it seem like a cubed room; a metal box, with a few items within the room. A small box of rations and ammo were in a corner, and rack of a few C-10s, Heavy Rifles, and even Scythe Pistols to hold were on another. In the center, was a metal chair with a small computer. It was not roomy, for sure… but it was enough for his work.

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