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Last Episode:

Our heroes, a motley assortment of criminals, psychopaths, and luckless suckers were shipped off to a Science Vessel run by a mysterious scientist known only as the Doctor. Special treatment was performed on them before their first mission: the retrieval of important files from a Zerg Hive. One named Makenna was killed by a Hunter Killer during the approach to the Hive. Her body was collected by drones and returned to the ship as a powerful Infested Terran created by Brood Mother Mo'rye approached the others.

Before the Infested Hunter could strike, a Ghost assigned to the operation, Zack, attacked it and disabled it. The Reapers killed the Zerg spore crawlers and Queen before moving for their destination, only to be attacked by several Infested Hunters. THe Hunters, seemingly immortal, were not killed but instead driven off. The Reapers retrieved the files and rushed to their extraction point, but several were unable to escape and were killed by the Zerg.

Back aboard the ship, Makenna was revived by the Doctor's powerful technology. The others have returned to the ship, where one, Jenny, met a new partner, the psychotic Ben Quill. Unaware of his nature, she has befriended him. All the Reapers were summoned to dinner so the Doctor could discuss the results of the mission with them.

Wait for the char sheet and such.
Project THANATOS Data Management.

Char name - "Ripper" (Real name Kain)
Killed by Zerg. Unable to retrieve body.

Name: Makenna Tora
Notables: Has exceptional regenerative abilities due to |||CENSORED||| ensure she does not recognize ||||CENSORED||| from |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED|||: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 0

Name: Terrance Sornis
Notables: None so far. Possible control subject.
|||CENSORED|||: Yet to determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Walter Blackstone Denton
Age: 26
Killed by Zerg. Unable to retrieve body.

Notables: May be particularly dangerous if pattern of behavioral effects resulting |||CENSORED||| ensure that potential stims dependency does not interfere with |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Alexander
Notables: Extensive damage from prior injuries may interfere with |||CENSORED||| be sure to test possible uses |||CENSORED||| from |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Jennifer Carzos
Notables: Massive stims addiction. Possible leverage? Ensure that |||CENSORED||| is not aggravated by |||CENSORED||| as in |||CENSORED||| case.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Ben Quill.
Notables: A genuine psychopath. Was part of ||||||CENSORED|||||| not to allow |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 0

The current mission will be kept here, along with (possibly) maps, positional data, and any intelligence we have gathered.

Mission One:

Primary Objective:
  • Retrieve files from Infested Terminal.
  • Complete.

    Secondary Objectives:
  • Destroy Spore Crawlers.
  • Complete.
  • Destroy Queen and Uber-Banelings.
  • Complete.

    Summary: The Reapers accomplished their goals with three casualties.

    Makenna's body was recovered. She failed to gain points, and remains at minimum (0).

    Walter and Ripper's bodies could not be recovered. They are permanently dead.

    |||CENSORED||| is now in my control. Thanks to the data in these files, I now know the location of ||||||||CENSORED|||||||| can acquire what I need to further the Project.
    Data for non-Reaper characters. Lorewise, the following doesn't exist.

    Name: Zack Tren
    Age: Unknown
    Appearance: Wears a blood red and jet black ghost suit with the helmet always up. If he takes it off, Has blood red eyes, fiery red hair cut short and a scar running along his right cheek from a sparring match.
    Armament: C-30B Prototype Canister Rifle, twin psi knives, twin Shredder machine pistols
    Abilities: Cloak, Snipe, Influence mind, pyrokinesis.Back story: Zack was eight years old when he first showed signs of psionic abilities. Soon after setting the teacher's desk on fire in third grade, a ghost and three marines arrived at his home later that evening and took him to the Academy, where he was trained in the control of his powers, and trained while the legendary Jay was there. Having finished with the Academy when he turned 18, he went to the field, where he proved himself to be useful in every way. He is now on this ship to ensure that the doctor uses the Dominion's resources properly, and is to silence any and all leaks.

    Name: Mo'rye
    Appearance: Much like a Queen. Eyes burning orange and skin slightly tinted green. She also has a taller stature than most Queens and her talons are longer.
    Transfusion: As per normal, the ability to use a saliva to heal fellow Zerg.
    Mutate Strains: Having the ability to tinker with genetic engineering allows Mo'rye to change its fellow Zerg, though this takes a great amount of time.
    Creep Tumor: Having the ability to spawn a tumor like creature that spreads creep on the ground around it.
    Telepathy: Allows the being to communicate with others, and control other Zerg.
    Backstory: Leading a small, devilish Hive Cluster, Mo'rye was originally on Char, but soon sent out with some Drone's and Zerglings to a desolate planet, or so she thought. It was home to a large sum of Terran 'Reapers' and a scientist of some kind. Here she ended up removing all connection to the swarm, but how was still a mystery. She colonized and kept low to avoid detection. The largest part being that their Hive was planted within a mountainside. Every now and again she would send Zerglings out to try to find anywhere else they can spread. But the Terrans were venturing out more, soon the Hive Cluster and herself would be discovered...
    Allysa takes a seat, but doesn't dig into anything. She eventually grabs some corn, rice, and ham, but doesn't get anything else. Her expression was obvious: She doesn't like the doctor.
    OOC: you forgot my char *glare*

    IC: I take a seat next to Allysa and grab an apple, nothing more for now. Taking a bite of the apple I grab a disposable napkin and a pen, I then start to draw a small schematic of a new suit I just thought of.
    Think about it this way: I forgot to kill you.

    I glance around. Not everybody has arrived. I breathe a sigh of exasperation.
    Terrance enters the room and sits down. He grabs a leg of the chicken and starts eating.

    Makenna remembers the announcement and changes from going to the firing range to the room they were supposed to. As she enter she sat down far away from everyone else and grabbed a few vegetables, but nothing else.
    I look around. This will do for now. "Greetings, my friends. I've called you here so we can discuss the results of the mission you just completed. First, I'm sure you will be... ah, pleased to note the presence of a particular person." I indicate Makenna, then watch their faces to see their reactions to her being alive.
    I wait and watch, knowing damage control could be messy from the previous group. Hopefully we wouldn't have to supply the Doctor with more bodies before he was ready.
    Allysa looks at Makenna, and a look of surprise comes over her face.
    I look up from my drawing and over at Makenna. I arch my brow Incredible this doc has the power to bring people back to life. I wonder if that was the new tech he had been talking about earlier?
    "As you can see, miss Makenna is alive and well. How?"

    I smile.

    "My new technology allows me to reverse death entirely. You are going to help me develop it. Which brings me to the item of the evening."

    I turn on a screen.

    "Your next mission will be on this planet."

    It is a lush forest, filled with large animals... and protoss.

    "This world holds a Protoss science facility. It is your job to strike at the facility and, ah... appropriate a particular piece of technology. Any questions?"

    OOC: Done for tonight.
    "What is the technology? Or at least, what does it look like?" Makenna asks.
    I shake my head. Reapers against Zealots was smart, but the other forces sure to be stationed there...not so much. But they'd proven resourceful last time, perhaps they will again.
    "That is a good question. This technology is actually fairly standard amongst the forces of the Protoss. If you have ever fought against Zealots, you have almost doubtlessly witnessed it in use: emergency warpouts. My technology works by reversing the damage dealt to an individual's body and then reviving them... I cannot do this if I don't have the body. In this lab, the Protoss are testing a new version of the protective armor that warps a wounded warrior from the battlefield. It is much lighter, and requires far less energy to activate. That is what you will be retrieving."
    I listen to what the doc is saying but go back to working on my schematic for a new Reaper suit.
    "I hope you all understood exactly what I intend. Once you have finished eating you may return to your rooms. THe training facilities are open to you. We will arrive at our destination shortly."

    If you have any sub-plots, do them now while I get the next mission ready.
    Allysa gets up, having not really touched the food any, and goes back to the Firing Range.

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