Reaper (Episode 2)

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The dark Templar struggles to it's feet. It's body shape makes it obvious to the Zealot that it was female.
...My name is Xeranis... I was attempting to follow the Zerg Brood and to- to warn any Khalai worlds of their approach... I was too late here... I was ambushed and nearly killed by the wretches... You must all leave...

She cringes, and falls down again, reaching to clutch at her Void Scythe, which lay powered down next to her.
couple dozen

The insects grow more and more furious, and soon the air is alive with their buzzing. The Repaers soon find the creatures crawling on their suits and jetpacks, a few accidentally incinerating themselves in the jets.
How big are them buggers? Like fist sized or arm sized?
"What do we do with her?" asked one of the zealots.

The one standing near Xeranis looked thoughtfully. "We put her in stasis to stabilize her and transport her to Shakuras where she can get the necessary medical treatment. You, carry her on your shoulders and head to the medical ward inside the facility. I have informed them to prepare a stasis cell for us."
She looks around frantically as she is hoisted up, clutching onto the Zealot, and her scythe.
No...No no no... No... I'm not going into stasis... NO...
She begins to shoot looks of fear at everyone around her, as the Zealot carries her far enough into the base, she blinks away, clutching onto the top of the nexus.
She begins to shiver, and disappears behind the nexus, sliding down and going limp, her eyes closed. With her cloak sprawled out around her, an empty pouch is on her, and she twitches in her unconsciousness.
[Another zealot trio that is informed by the first squad that meets Xeranis]

"Yes, we have her. We will administer the sedatives to prevent another incident from happening again. Affirmative, we will put her in stasis immediately."
Her eyes flutter open, and shadows convulse in her hand, forming what looks to be a small remote. A clawed finger presses an indentation in the middle of it, and it disappears into darkness...

05:00. . .
Xeranis is laid on a crude looking chair. The Protoss 'medics' places a needle on the vein and injects the sedatives.
"Quickly, we must leave now while we have the chance! The others have told me that the local wasps have returned and they will give us ample time to escape!" reasoned Altras

"Or ample time to finish!" spat back Ra'luu.

"Listen we can finish this in the future-"

"It will take us another 2 years to get back to where we were! We must stay! We are almost finished! Please Executor, trust me..."

Altras cursed under her breath. What should she do?
Xeranis laid in the chair, slumped over and floating freely. Everything would go according to plan...
Cursing, I lunge out of the underbrush, and behind a pylon. I place a bit of C4 to it and run, detonating it and removing those cannons as a threat. {I can't wait any longer, Reapers. We're running out of time.} Cloaking, I enter the main research area and head for the signal I'd been told how to identify, moving for the objective.
The wasps are only about as long as an index finger, but extremely vicious and capable of repeated stings.

OOC: Zarkun, are you trying to get killed?
I'm impatient and the Reapers are not posting,, simply move things along.
Can I kill him?
/twiddles fingers
OOC: Nobody gave us anything to work on? Whatever...

IC: My bloodlust growing, I begin moving towards the objective, gesturing for the others to follow me. I come across a few Zerglings, and their blood satisfies me for now...but soon it will not be enough.

Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill.'re in a jungle, with Zerg, Protoss and native animals. There's your stuff to work with.
I jet-pack into the exposed section of the base, and start baiting hostile teams away from the base, trying to give the Ghost some time to get into the research station.

I am offering my character to be killed.
The Zerg are approaching from the opposite direction, so for now your only worries are the jungle creatures. Specifically, the swarm of venomous insects.

@Smylez: If he fails to make a clever save... do what you must.

@bored people: The large creature you heard earlier bursts into view, roaring and swinging its clawhooves at Alex.
I begin firing at it with my assault rifle, relishing the moments when it's blood splatters after a hit.

"Move Alex!" I yell.

Blood kill blood kill blood kill blood kill
Ummmm....I feel the need to point out that Zack has a future planned out, so his death is a no go. I won't make progress until the Reapers arrive.
Zack, a ghost (I believe), is up against an Executor and a small chorus of guards and stalkers with no help whatsoever...
Altras turns around immediately, her senses telling her an intruder was near. No doubt they were after the device.

"Listen here Ra'luu. If worse comes to worse, destroy that device so that it will not fall to the enemy hands and immediately head to the warpgate and get out."


"Listen to me child! Your intellect is something far more valuable! We can afford to lose this research. We cannot lose you."

Ra'luu paused. He realized his selfishness would make everything he worked for in vain. "...You're right. I will extract all the data to a Khrayk crystal. If I can't finish my work here, at least I have a blueprint so that I don't start off from scratch. Thank you Executor."

"Make them count. I will buy you as much time as I can," said Altras. She stepped out of the doors and they locked behind her.
"Quickly, get the injured out! Is the stasis cell secured?"


"Then what are you waiting for? Take her to the warp gate!"

"At once!"

[In the hallways as a Zealot transports a stasis cell]
The timed Charges Xeranis set, blinking all over the base while she 'slid' down the Nexus, exploded, knocking out the Pylon grid, damaging the nearby structures, and killing all whom were near them or severely wounding them.

Xeranis, however, was free of suspicion, the charges having gone off long after she was sedated and put into stasis, although there shouldn't have been a way for the Zealots to know she had the ability to move in her condition, much less plant an entire series of charges during the time she was tumbling down the monolithic structure.

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