Reaper (Episode 2)

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Ouch. Big boom.

And yes Zack can be killed. FOr two reasons:

1. I despise plot armor, and this is my thread.

2. You do realize he would just be resurrected.
I do believe my opportunity has arose. And I was simply moving me forward, not everyone else.

IC: Noting the explosions, I chuckle, something I don't do often. Of course. Figures the other Ghost got here first. Moving quickly, I note the damage. Enough to confuse the Protoss and keep them busy.
The ceiling collapses and the zealot is forced to move away from the stasis cell. The stasis cell is buried under the rubble but it is still active. The zealot curses but realizes he can do little for the dark templar given the circumstance. "Adun, forgive me." He turns around.
"What has happened?!" demanded Altras.

"The structural integrity of the nexus is damaged! Part of the walls have collapsed! Some explosives were set off! Your orders?"

"Defend the area! Buy some more time. Help the wounded if you can! Leave the dead!"

"Ra'luu! Talk to me!"

"I'm fine! The explosion knocked off some flasks, nothing serious here! I think I figured it out!"

Altras sensed the a Terran nearby.
The stasis pod... it had cracked. Xeranis slowly began to regain consciousness, her body beginning to reject the sedatives, as she frantically searched around her, calling out.
By the Void... What... what happened? Where am I? Why can I not move!?
I'm not that close, smylez. I assume that the area you're in is at least six levels down.

IC: Noting that I couldn't remain where I was any longer, I move down a set of stairs, for lack of a better word, hurrying towards the signal. I sense I've been discovered.
OOC: I had in mind a less secured and big place. If it is 6 level down, the facility is rather large so there would be a much sizable Protoss presence. In addition, you would have likely died way earlier.
OOC: If you are in a Nexus, then it's a big thing. :/ By the way... how is Xeranis going to get out of this one? XD I'll think of something.
We both know Laura's secret...

01/09/2013 07:20 PMPosted by smylez
6 level down

I admit that is abnormally long, so I'll go like, two instead. I'm still not that close.
I calm down, realizing that in my surroundings I was... free again. I realized now. The shadows did not need to cloud my mind... I was only awake... for so long. This was unfortunate. I would have to allow her to awaken already... She would not be happy... She would be disappointed she could not sleep... but appreciative that I completed my task...

Xeranis, enclosed by darkness, disappears into nothingness.

Laura uncloaks behind Altras, a handgun to her head.
"Greetings, Executor. My name is Laura Wolfe... and I have a proposition to keep you and your soldiers alive. Excuse me for the intrusion, and the terms at which we are forced to meet, but they are necessary."

I now am able to be sensed by Zack again.
This is going to have wait until tomorrow 4:00 PM EST when I get back unless KO wants to DM me. Hitting the bed.
I come around the corner and find the other Ghost holding the Executor at gun point. "Well, Agent Wolfe, it would seem you've arrived ahead of me."
I turn and see Zack, and then turn back to the Executor.
"Agent Zack, I know your objective, and I know it does not explicitly state that these Protoss need to be killed. I propose you successfully retrieve your objective, and I will negotiate for the release of the Protoss."
I sigh, feeling the shadows in the room thickening, as my hatred grows.
"The Swarm is coming. They have little time. Extract without me... if you need to. I'm going to stay with them and make sure they get out of this. They don't deserve this fate."
Note - killing the Executor would be... unwise at this time. You're about to need every warrior you can get.


Suddenly, a rumbling is heard outside. Screeching with panic, a flock of strange birds takes wing, and the furious buzzing of enraged insects loudens as they find scapegoats for their blind wrath.

The Swarm has arrived.

Gyr'Ihim watches through the eyes of an Overlord. Terrans again? And those insects were surprisingly dangerous, already several Zerglings were swollen and dying from countless stings. Oddly, burrowing didn't seem to help escape them... there was potentially useful DNA there.

But for now, there was a more important objective. The Zerg advanced on the lab's Nexus, destroying what remained of the automated defenses outside. A number of photon cannons remain online in the western part of the base, delaying the Zerg there and keeping a path to the Nexus open.

Attention, all units: Zerg activity makes extraction difficult. Utilize
the Nexus as cover and hold your position as long as possible against
the Swarm. Evac will arrive as soon as possible.
OOC: Obviously I'm not going to kill her. :/ It's to make sure she doesn't spaz out and attack.
"Agent Wolfe, it goes directly against your orders. They've already started their own evacuation process and will be able to escape with minimal casualties. I've left a gift for the Swarm out in the jungle, one that will leave a pleasantly large hole in their current forces." I move past the two and shoot off the lock on the doors, opening it and finding a few Protoss researchers. "Move, or die. I don't need to kill you, but I will not hesitate to do so." Hearing the transmission, I sigh and simply push the Protoss out of my way, retrieving the objective and returning to the other Ghost. "Objective secure."
I quickly am followed by the others to the Nexus, where we set up a defensive perimeter. Rather than engaging Protoss, we swear we're there to help them...
The Protoss object to being pushed by a Terran. One slashes at Zack with his claws, and another wraps her strong arms around him in a full nelson.

OOC: I kind of hate to give Smylez a part only to hijack it...


A zealot looks warily at Quill. "Very well. Even if you are not here to aid us we will not leave you to join the Swarm and fight against us. Quickly, inside. These defenses are failing."
I cackle a tiny bit, taking the handgun from the Executor's head.
"My orders? Are to Infiltrate and Support. I fufilled the first, took out the defense grid, and left two warp gates relatively unharmed. Now, do you need support still? My ship is waiting in low orbit, ready to commence an airstrike on the choke point at the front of the Clearing. That would give them enough time to evacuate..."
I take off the mask, looking him dead in the eyes, a look of sorrow on my face. "I owe the Protoss this much, Zack. I'm not letting them die here. Get the package to the Doctor, I'll help here, and reboard when they're safe."
One of my knives catches the blades and pushes them away, then the other slams into the arm of the Protoss that had grabbed me, forcing him to let go. "We have our orders Agent Wolfe. They can evacuate while we deal with the Zerg."
"Thank you, most noble Protoss." I say, following him in along with all the others.

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