Reaper (Episode 2)

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The female researcher leaps back, blood pouring from her arm, and grabs for a weapon of some kind. The male, joined by another, stands in Zack's way.

"Quickly, destroy the device!" A fourth Protoss moves for the object.
I frown, and sigh, placing my gun at Altras' head again.
"Objective verified. Zack. I'm not leaving until they're all safe. There aren't too many of them. I can transport most of them to the Warp Gates now..." My head goes slack for a moment, and I put my mask on my head, pulling it up to hide it in my hood. Looking at him and laughing in disbelief, I look a little drunk. "Who am I kidding? They'd have to huddle around for that to work! They'd look ridiculous!"
A burst of intense heat set the four aflame, keeping them from doing anything useful and the mask separates and reveals my face, my eyes glowing a fiery red. "You will not touch that device, lest you meet a painful and slow death."
I roll my eyes, and giggle, walking up behind him, still aiming at the Executor, and place my hand on his shoulder, leaning in to his ear.
"Trust me. You don't wannaaaa screeeeeew~ Just get what you came for and leave, big guy. The ladies upstairs are in need of some 'expert attention' if you get what I mean... hehe..." My eyes look dialated, but still bright and green. Everything was abuzz, and I just felt happy. I almost felt like telling him everything, but... nah. What would he do with that info? Nothing important~
Sorry I forgot about this.... Will post after school.
Don't worry, I only tried to kill you while you were AFK once.
{Are we done yet?!? And ask them if they have any of those machines available, the ones that warp stuff in.} I radio, waiting for the Zerg to show up so I could kill them.
{You recieved the transmission, same as everyone else. We wait for Evac.} I retrieve the artifact, returning to the stairway.
I'm going to let the situation get pretty intense before you get extracted, so impress me and I'll reward you karmically.
Doing homework, will type as time becomes available.
Alexander approached from the safest side available, the one that most of them came through. Protecting Protoss so they can escape and we wait for extraction? {Why don't we just kill them all and take any thing of importance back with us?}
{In time..} I say, still following the Protoss to some of the last defenses.
{Killing the Protoss is not the objective. Retrieving the device was. I have done so, now we wait for extraction and allow the Protoss to leave. We have no quarrel with them.} I had reached the top of the steps and approached a hole in the wall, noting the large number of Zerg. It's going to take everything they have to live through this.
Searching around from the inside of the Protoss base.... I found something that intrigued me. Several Protoss weapons that we could use. Let's see what there were?
.... forgot about this .... again .....
I sigh, letting the gun drop from Altras' head, and beginning to walk away. "Do not engage my forces. They will retaliate. Leave here with your lives... and young one..." I look at Ra'luu, my eyes ablaze with a kind of fury only seen from the green eyes of the Nerazim.
"...Keep your knowledge safe. Your kind needs it, in these times, and it will save many in need." I run off, cloaking and feeling the darkness converge on me, my mind going blank as I feel myself gasp for air, on my hands and knees, on the soft grass next to the Nexus, in the shadow cast by it. I struggle to my feet and check my weapons, sighing and walking over to Zack again.

"We can provide support from on top of the Nexus. We would have a vantage point above the clearing, and the Zerg will have to come over the same ridge that encircles this base." I motion to where the tree level obviously inclines, then look back at him, sighing. "They'll be forced up the chokepoint, which is right where we want them... but we will be surrounded. All we have to worry about is the choke, and then we'll be able to evac when the ship gets here."
{Yes sir. Sorry sir, forgot. Do not engage the Protoss.} I say, before getting the very last defenses of the Protoss and set up a large minigun-like weapon.

"Kill the Zerg when you see them." I order the others, having taken on a role of commander for unknown reasons.
I nod. "It's a good plan, but we'll want to watch Quill. I'm no telepath, but he's up to something."
I chuckle a little, turning back, and beginning to observe the Nexus itself... finding where hand and footholds were located to ensure the quickest ascent. I begin to mentally plot out where I would, climb, and then mutter to myself.
"Go from the crest... to the crystal support..." I frown, thinking, before I eventually turn around, heading back to Zack with a sigh.
"Benjamin Quill... He's a loony, that one. I can tell from here he's a loose cannon. We just need to be sure he doesn't fire when he's facing us... Either way we should be heading up on top of the Nexus now... follow me. We still have a few minutes before the Zerg successfully find a way to transport themselves through the jungle." I shiver a little, taking a moment to think about the tactical bombardment I had planned... I would wait until it was needed... no need to waste perfectly good ordinance. I quickly turn around and walk to the base of the Nexus, testing a foothold on one of the corners of it, before starting my ascent.

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