Reaper (Episode 2)

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I follow, jumping from hand hold to hand hold to speed up the climb.
The weapons were glorious delightful! In a way it was terrible, for who was Psionic in our group that could use such a weapon(s)? {While we are here.... Why don't we help ourselves to their weapons and equipment... They wont come back now thanks to the Zerg. Thank of this like a...bonus.}
{Where do you want me I have plenty of Cluster bombs I think I can set for a motion sensor trigger or a remote detonation.} I ask over the radio walking around surveying the area for good spots to place charges.
{Leave the weapons. If the Doctor requests we pick up additional equipment, we will. None of you can use them anyways.}
I reached the top, leaning against the small tip of the Nexus, aware of the floating crystal over my head, and maneuvering to make sure it cast a shadow over me. With the position of the sun, it covered a good corner of the Nexus... however... The shadow was barely big enough for both Zack and I to fit in it together without getting a little squished. I turn to Zack, and sigh, able to hear through the radio perfectly fine.
"Remember, I'm staying hidden. None of them know me, and I'd rather keep it that way."
I take a spot just beneath the crystal in the dip and set up my rifle. "It's not my job to tell others of people that the Dominion doesn't want them to know about."
{It's called reverse engineering... We take it apart, then we recreate where we don't need Psionics... The Doctor would love to experiment on some technology of theirs for his machine of his.} Grabbing a few Psi blade and putting them on my sides, a Shield would be nice to bring back as well.... Even if we can't use it.
I sigh, rolling my eyes, before looking at him again.
"Thank you. Now... whomever is down there should realize that we already have more than enough Protoss weaponry salvaged from encounters with them in the past." Propping myself up on my arm, I enhance my vision through my mask, surveying the area. The Zerg were not here yet... but they could traverse many miles in quick notice, that was certain. We had time...
"So how does your story go? Obviously you became a Ghost, in service to the Dominion... probably was rewired... standard procedure... but at what point did you deviate..?"
{Listen Reaper, the drop ship only has so much room, and the more we bring back the less room there is. Are you willing to stay behind so that we can take back all this extra weight?} I look at Agent Wolfe quizzically. "Deviate? What do you mean?"
{I only take so much and I wear it.... Shouldn't be to much of a problem. And we cant take these shields back so the suits can use them. Extra survival which means the Doc gets to collect even more data.} The sounds of Zerg could be heard.
I motion to his armor. "Obviously you're either from a team that underwent experimentation, like myself, or you are one of the few who may have rejoined the Dominion after project Spectre. You wear a different model of armor, which signifies that you are not the average ghost, and your weapons are unusual as well. I'm curious, about you, Agent Zack..."
I laugh at the Reaper's lack of intelligence. {If the Doctor had it his way, you'd have less protection.} I look at my armor. "We were part of Project Solar Flare, an attempt at increasing pyrokinetic powers beyond the normal limits." I take a moment to think back on the events. "There were very few successes, me being one of five to survive and show progress. I don't often speak of it, and I won't divulge details. No point in going over the past." I said this all with no emotion in my voice or any indication I cared.
{If you haven't noticed, Doc doesn't give a !@#$ about what happens to us, as long we die and we have enough of ourselves remaining for him to bring us back.} I reload my SMGs, and look at the Nexus. {Did anyone bother exploring for friggen Probes? Or was I completely ignored?} I turn back around as I hear Zerg.

/Facepalm at ze Ghost.

IC: {And I don't care about that... I'll use a damned shield if I want to.} Under his breath he whispered to himself, "Be real fun if the Doc just killed him right now and brought him back.... Funny as hell it shall be."
I nod, categorizing the information about him, and then turning back to the others down on the ground, shrinking back behind him as more of a maneuver to hide my existence moreso than a movement of shyness.
"I see. So I was correct on my first assumption, and we are in the same boat. I do have orders to make sure at least one of these suckers die, however... so I need to pick one. Eeeny Meeny Miny moe~"
I don't hesitate picking one, shooting a scouting Overlord and killing it. "Quill. Perhaps death will mellow him out."
I spotted Allysa after I was done, using my Jetpacks to get over to her. "Don't you think that this is stupid... We could easily kill the Protoss once our Evac is here... What's going on do you believe?"
I make my way from the defenses, wandering about. I eventually find my way into a command room, where I see a couple of Protoss. I did not know at the time that one was the executor, and the other was just as important, but I could have guessed.

"Hello, Protoss."

I ignore the person talking to me, instead watching the oncoming overlord's body fall to the ground due to the sniper. I smile, and at a whispered command, a Stim-pack is injected.
I sigh, looking at the Overlords slowly closing in... their bloated bodies... they sickened me... the Zerg... sickened me... everything they stood for, SICKENED me. I c*ck back my rifle, and take aim at an Overlord, watching it's antennae and mandibles squirm before I put the bullet through it's head, watching it convulse in the air before imploding, purple blood spraying onto the forest below. I bolt the gun and set it down for a moment, sighing.
"And now we wait..." I vaguely notice gray, depressing clouds swirling above us, looking menacing as they hung over the sun's rays, darkening the day.

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