Reaper (Episode 2)

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Another crack from my rifle drops another Overlord, and it explodes, it's hydralisk cargo dying upon hitting the ground. {Watch the skies, Reapers, the Overlords are carrying guests.}
I looked up... Our weapons were effectively...useless against that kind of threat. {You should know already that Reaper Issued Gear will not be effective at all against Air-Borne threats.}
I nod at his accuracy from this distance, and laugh to myself, looking around.
"Should we have a little competition before the real trouble hits? I have more than enough ammo to last us a few good days..."
{Fun.} I reply activating my MPDD's and drawing my SMG's.
I shrug, watching for another gutsy Overlord. "I have no qualms to it. I brought enough ammo to last me a few weeks. Of course, that wasn't anticipating the meddling of the Zerg." As I say this, I have a flash back to one of the tests in Solar Flare, against genetically enhanced Zerglings that had powers to counter our pyrotechnic ones. My best friend had died that day, and that's when I'd become the man I was today.
Being as strong of a telepath as I was... I absent-mindedly delved into his memory, without meaning to. I witnessed his tragic memory, and when he regained focus, I was staring at him with a sorrowful look in my eyes. I place my mask back on, which had been taken off to allow me to shoot more comfortably, and look away, uttering a silent 'I'm sorry.'
I look at Agent Wolfe. "So, what's the target?" I take another shot at an Overlord reflexively and without looking, killing it and the Zerglings inside.
I laugh a little, twirling around and firing three shots, in quick succession, at a group of Overlords, watching two of them, filled with Roaches, tumble into the trees, one of them filled with Hydralisks. "I'm guessing the masses of Overlords that are converging on us..?"
I fire another shot, setting it ablaze as it pierces three Overlords and explodes inside the fourth, killing Roaches, Hydralisks, and...defilers?! "Agent Wolfe, our men may be in a bit of trouble."
I sigh, taking out my handgun. Powerful, accurate, and a magazine size to make an assault rifle jealous, it was perfect as a Ghost's sidearm. I fire three shots quickly into the nearest Overlord, watching it explode, raining guts down. "I'm not liking this, Agent Zack. There shouldn't just be Overlords..." I look around, at different corners of the base.
"Check for worms..."
I nod, shifting to check and then shooting a Hydralisk that poked it's head out of the underbrush. "There would be the main force."
{Ok, is it just me, or did I see something along the lines of a Crab and a Scorpion?(Defiler) Please tell me that isn't what I think it is.} I open fire into the woods, the bullets hitting hitting nothing save for a few Zerglings and some bugs.
I sigh, looking around.
"I don't like this... New orders, Agent Zack. Priority targets are Zerg fliers. All other forces are able to be dealt with by the Reapers. We will assist them as needed. Hopefully... no Mutalisks show up... then we'll have problems..."
{You saw right Reaper. Defilers. I had thought the Swarm had eliminated them, but it would seem not.} I nod. "We'll want to keep an eye out for Defilers as well."
"Correct. Specialist units, such as Defilers, or hope to God that no Infestors show up, are also our priority. But the Fliers come first, the ones the Reapers have no defense against..."
I nod, picking off another Overlord. "Mutalisks are worrying, but what if this Brood uses Broodlords? Even we'll be hard pressed to hit them."
I laugh, and put a few more rounds into the Ovies, turning back to him and leaning against the Nexus.
"Brood Lords are fine... if you know to shoot them while they're hyperventilating. They have this very exposed throats, and they don't tell you that in training. It takes a good shot, but if you hit it in the throat, it won't stay airborne.
I start firing into the forest at the advancing zerg. {Heh this just got interesting.} My two MPDD
s orbit around me, zapping any incoming missile attacks.
I nod, throwing a fireball into the jungle and listening to the Zerg fry in their own carapaces. I shoot down another Overlord. "My, they're angered."
I listen to the minds around me, guiding the Protoss to the evacuation gate, continuing to shoot down the Overlords, chuckling as I hear the Zerg fry from here.
"They'll only get angrier... I'll be right back... they're here for something, and I'll make sure they don't get it from this base..." Shadows convulse on me, underneath the graying sky, and I disperse, beginning to blink around the base, returning again to the Nexus seemingly only moments later, holding a small device in my hands, and cackling to myself.
"All... according to plan..."

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