Reaper (Episode 2)

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I hadn't even noticed her leave, although subconsciously I had noticed that she had. Another Overlord explodes, dumping more Defilers and killing them. Suddenly, a dark swarm appears over the Photon cannons. "Agent Wolfe, do you want that one, or should I?"
A small sigh came from my mouth, as the sound of the suppressed rifle being shot was heard.
"I guess I'll just watch your back and take care of anything you don't, Agent Zack, after all... you do have the most ammunition here." My mask was over my head again, hidden in my hood, and I winked at him, looking around for any more immediate threats, sticking my tongue out of the corner of my mouth. "Hmm..."
I look at Agent, what had she said her first name was again...Laura, and chuckle for the second time in one day. An even rarer occurrence than one chuckle. "I don't think that bothers you as much as you'd like it to seem."
The conversation is suddenly interrupted by an ear-splitting roar. Three Ultralisks crash effortlessly through the trees, heading straight for the lab.

(I'm going to do things like this periodically.)
I grinned at him, about to make a remark, but then making the smarter decision of pulling out my rifle as the beasts hurtled through the trees, aiming for the center one's small little head and pulling the trigger.

I knew I would hit it... my reflexes were too good for me not to... but... I was not prepared for the flailing of it's limbs as it's brain registered the bullet that just went into it's eye, one of it's blades managing to dig into the side of the other Ultralisks, and slowing the advance of the last one.
Amazingly, the creature rises again and staggers forward, bawling with rage.

(These guys can take a Siege Tank shell to the face.)
(I am aware, but I am also aware of the immediate shock of being shot in the eye. ;3)
Three more rounds ring out, going through the center one's kneecaps a other eye, bringing it down under its own weight and from the shock of another round going into it's eye. I then turn my attention to the other one, that was unwounded and fire four shots, bringing it down similarly. That left the one that had taken the bone scythe to the side. It hadn't moved much. "I'm not even sure it's still alive.
I shrug, and toss my hand into one of the pouches hidden by my coat, grasping a metallic ball and pressing the small button in the center, chucking it at the last Ultralisk, and wait.
"It will be soon enough..."

About thirty seconds later a huge crashing sound is heard as the Phantom lands on the Ultralisk, using the force of gravity to literally crush the beast's exposed head, before the propellers fire up and set it aloft, beginning to back up to the base, firing the mounted turrets on it's sides into the forest, the screams of Zerg filling the air. I prop myself up on my elbow again, looking almost bored.
"I just wish the main force would get here already... It's not as fun if we can't at least worry about the lives of our soldiers..."
"The lives of the Reapers aren't my concern. The mission is my concern." I fire another round into an Overlord, watching it explode with grim satisfaction.
KO, do you want this to be a mission success or failure?
I roll my eyes, looking out over the battlefield.
"It was a joke, Zack."
Another crack and another dead Overlord. This was becoming tedious. "I don't laugh."
I chuckle, and pat him on the back.
"Well then, maybe you should sit back and let me take a few shots?"
Taking a deep breath, I line up my shot, almost lazily, and watch the Overlord seemingly evaporate, well... and rain down a green acidic shower.
"Banelings... wonderful." I rest my back against the Nexus and sigh, looking up at the gray sky.
"So you don't laugh... huh... Hehe... I'll make you laugh eventually... I've already gotten you to chuckle, which by the fact that your mind had taken time to think about the fact that you had done so, that in itself must be an unnatural occurrence for a highly trained operative such as yourself~"
I check my clip and sit back, letting her work. "It is, but it isn't uncommon. I often chuckle at the ignorant before killing them."
I watched as many Zerg were slaughter... The Ultralisks were slowly being picked off... Slowly but it's working. Seeing sniper fire from the Nexus above.
I feign a look at hurt, and look at him, before chuckling and lining up another shot.
"So that either means I'm too ignorant, or that I have put my life on the line just being anywhere near you. Maybe a bit of both, but I digress..."
"Now I never said that was the reason for this chuckle. Rarely do I chuckle for the sake of a good chuckle, and you got that out of me." I take up another prone position and fire into the underbrush, killing a roach with a shot through the eye.
smylez: Can you please reply to my post?
One second.

I need to know one thing. Who is in the research room besides Dacder? Is the research (the canister containing the research) still in the labs?

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