Reaper (Episode 2)

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I have the canister on my waist at the top of the nexus.
I would imagine you are very strong being able to carry something that large and giant on your waist without it somehow blowing up in your face. Then again, I should have used the word glass tank instead as canister do not evoke an image of something big. Diction is a pain. Whatever, it is a sizable container you are carrying.
@Dacder, responding to post #258

The Executor felt a wicked aura emanating from the Terran. She shakes her head and through the Khala, calls out to 6 guards. Head for the labs immediately! We have an intruder here! You two, there are several scientists that needs escorting! Quickly!" Then, Altras instructs the rest of the Protoss forces to prepare for evacuation.

Altras takes out a metallic and golden shaft the length of her arm. With the touch of her mind, the shaft activates and extends itself until it equal to her in height. She assumes a defensive stance.

"Ra'luu, take the others and go through the back door. There will be guards waiting for you. Head straight for the warpgate in the center of the nexus. Go!"

Ra'luu narrows his eyes and then leaves the doors along with his colleagues.
"Why the hostilities?" I ask, putting up my hands as if in surrender. "I think picking a fight would be foolish considering what's going on outside." I didn't know what I was to do to draw blood, but I wished to do something. I didn't even need to kill a Protoss, just draw blood. Then I had a sinister idea, but I realized I shouldn't do it.
I nod, shrugging.
"True, true. Then I guess I can only hope to get a few more good chuckles out of you while I'm here..."
I check how many rounds were still in my magazine... 15. For a drum of 45 rounds... I tended to burn through a lot... theoretically... Zack and I may very well carry the same amount of ammunition... but our estimates of how quickly we would go through it may vary immensely...
I nod and fire again. "You may yet, we'll see." I fire again and kill a Baneling, making it explode and kill it's fellows nearby, causing a chain reaction. "There seem to be more of the Zerg than earlier. Perhaps the main force will arrive soon."
I chuckle escapes me, as I roll, swinging the barrel of my rifle and aiming at a Defiler emerging from the ground, watching it's guts splatter everywhere.
"All in due time... Agent Zack."
I fire another round, ricocheting it off a tree into a Hydralisk, ripping it in half. "Agreed."

Suddenly one of the huge trees is ripped from the ground by the huge front limbs of a massive, unmistakable Zerg creature.

My analysis indicates that there is a Brutalisk approaching your
position. Caution is advised.
Altras said nothing as she threw her cloak at the Terran...
Ra'luu and his team ran towards the warpgate.

I can make this a mission a success or a failure for the Terrans. Your call.
Base it on their skill. If they screw up, failure is an option. But give them a chance.
Ohhh Ohhh can I be a villian next thread!!!
{Yo, you two Ghosts?! We wont be able to hold out against a Brutalisk unless we manage to get the Protoss to fight with us! We don't have the weaponry or equipment! We wither have to give up the objective and escape or force the Protoss to help us by going inside the Nexus.} I was jetpacking around, ready to confront the two ghosts at the top.

OOC: Hmm... If anything I believe I would make a better Villain... My Opinion.
When I next require a villain I will openup for applications.
MMmk though id like to be more of an assist to the main villian. Kindve lijke his strongest and most loyal lackey.
KO get on SC2 so I can tell you my plans with this RP.
I wish to be a villian next time, Mecha. *Glares at Mecha* And throws her cloak? As turns?
As in she throws the cloak at you, momentarily obscuring your vision from her
I swiftly dodge the cloak, and take a couple steps back.

"Easy, easy. I don't bite." I say, my voice sort of joking and shockingly relaxed.
Altras appears at Dacder's exposed left side and swings her staff at the Terran's hips.
I quickly roll out of the way, and, using my pistol, I fire a shot at the Executor's head. Namely the eyes.

{Protoss have gone rogue!} I scream over the mic whilst doing this.

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