Reaper (Episode 2)

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The shields activates and the bullet bounces off harmlessly as Altras lunges forward. Her hands hands glow and the tip of the staff turns a cool, fiery blue. She thrusts her staff where the sternum would be.
I quickly juke it, and drop my gun, backing away slowly.

"Please...stop...we have enough troubles with the Zerg outside."

His bloodlust subsides slightly, his will to survive instead.
I retreat towards the nexus as the waves of Zerg seem to intensify. {Hey any ETA on that Evac?}
CR, you don't know there are two ghosts, only me.

{We hold position. Leave the Brutalisk to me. And we both know the Protoss will only get in the way.} I fire a round though two of the leg joints on the Brutalisk. "Seems the Reapers are cowards."
*I fall over in shock* Zarkun .... why did you have to change your port?

IC: I throw a couple cluster bombs in front of the Brutalisk. The bombs land in the perfect spot so they end up underneath its legs just before exploding.
{I guess, sir... Just giving you my suggestion due to the fact that we aren't equipped to fight something like this. If we are lucky... I'll try to get the others to jet onto the Brutalisk and we activate charges on it's face, revealing some of the softer parts of it.} I was on the Nexus, not high up above like Zach or Laura was... Whoever was up there. Just enough to give me a small vantage point on what to do.
{Let me take out it's legs. If it can't move, it can't attack, leaving it vulnerable to your high speed attacks.}
During this time I had been rummaging around in my pack, which, in hindsight... should not have been able to hold the amount of things I had in it, but alas... I pull out several parts, and quickly change out several parts on my Sniper Rifle, dismembering it replacing the firing mechanism and scope in seconds, attaching a reflex sight and watching it blaze to life with a red light, which I train on the Brutalisk's legs and fire extremely quickly. Recoil Mitigation tech built into the parts I replaced greatly reduced the rifle's effective range, but allowed me to fire much, much faster than the run-of-the-mill bolt action, though they were both firing the same caliber rounds, which quickly shot out over the battlefield, ramming themselves into the Brutalisk with extreme prejudice.
The Brutalisk sinks to its knees. WIth an angry roar it begins struggling back up.
The scientist continue to make their way until they meet two warriors waiting for them at the door. "We are the guards ordered to evacuate all of you. We have little time to spare. Hurry to the warp gate! The Zerg forces grow stronger by the minute!"

Ral'luu pauses briefly and turns back.

One of the guards run after Ra'luu, "Where are you going? The Executor has ordered that your escape is priority!"

"Come with me steward! Our scanners are still active and they indicate the Terrans are using this facility as a bunker! I am going to initiate the self destruct protocols in the command room. Hopefully, the explosion will take them all and in doing so, destroy the research."

"And the Executor? Has she approved?"

"Yes. Make haste!"

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The Brutalisk sinks to its knees. WIth an angry roar it begins struggling back up.

Ra'luu and the guard reached the empty command room. With the quick stroke of his fingers, he activated the self-destruct sequence. He turned around to see the giant Khaydarin crystal behind the glass. It illuminated a bright sky blue hue.

"To the warp gate! We have seven minutes until the crystal explodes!"
"I have no interest in you. Get out now," Altras says forcefully as four guards appear at her side.

EDIT: No one has a clue that the facility is going Kaboom!
With the Brutalisk incapacitated, I began to fire the entire magazine into it's face, hoping that it would die sometime soon. Something below me startled me, as a sudden discharge of energy surged through the center of the Nexus, being sucked into the floating crystal above us, and I pause for a moment, taking into consideration that the minds of at least two Khalai had just left the control room... Why would they have been in there..?
"Zack... You keep everything under control up here... I need to check something..." My form turns black and disperses, cold shadows racing against the surface of the Nexus, and I reform at the entrance of it, walking into it and beginning to track the individuals whom had been in the Control Room.
OOC: There would definitely be a reaction if a Self-Destruct sequence was started, and Laura had already rigged the rest of the base for detonation.
I sense the surge and nod to Laura right before she vanishes. I load an explosive round into my rifle and fire it into the Brutalisks face, watching it shred apart. {Finish it off Reapers. I must check something.} I had sensed the urgency of the two Protoss below, being empathic, but had thought nothing of it until that surge of energy, and so I shot myself a short cut into the command center and reviewed the last command. I cursed. {{Doctor, we will require the evac sooner than you would like. The Protoss set the Nexus crystal to self destruct.}}

OOC: Empathic powers for the win!
OOC: I think it is implausible that within the time of 7 minutes, you reach the control room given that you are outside. How will you run back out in time even if you did?

The door closes behind Altras as she leaves with her four guards. The door locks. "Ra'luu, where are you?"

"Not too far from you. We should meet up and go together. There's not much time left. There's five minutes left."
I was already back on the outside and sliding down the side, having made my own exit with an intensively hot fireball. {Abandon the Nexus, Reapers, it's going to blow.}

OOC: Heightened Pyrokinetic powers make it easy to melt a hole.
I keep a steady stream of fire on the brutalisk and even throw a few more Cluster bombs on top of it. The brutalisk is finished as the cluster bombs explode. {Then where the hell do we go?} I start moving in the direction the ghost was heading.
{There's a Templar Archives in this direction. We'll use the doorway as a choke point.} Reaching the ground, I sprint for the Archives, drawing my pistols and firing on any Zerg that got too close.
I appear from the shadows, behind Ra'luu and Altras, a growl in the back of my throat as I spin around and deliver a roundhouse kick to Ra'luu's ribs, knocking him to the floor. My eyes twitch, and the shadows literally swirl around me like a hellish mist.
"YOU IDIOT! Your actions were completely unnecessary! You are needed, and for that reason alone you are not dead, but if you do not escape now I will hunt you down, Khalai or not... Now, you imbeciles are rushing the entirety of the Terran's Operation, which will make them haphazard and reckless! Your idiocy will result in more casualties on your side, than theirs!" I take a deep breath, and throw my arms out, and Ra'luu and Altras are surrounded by darkness, and each other. The only visible thing besides them is me, my head slumped down in my hood. We are no longer in the nexus... we are in the Void...
Is this a mental attack or did you cover the hallways in the void?
She literally blinked all three of them, then stopped halfway. Should have made that clearer. So they are all literally in the Void.
I quickly start firing off my jetpack, sending me flying out of the Nexus, firing bullets off at any Protoss that I saw and as I landed I start sprinting.

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