Reaper (Episode 2)

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OOC: Just to make sure, they are not physically present at the nexus anymore?

"This place feels cold and empty," Altras remarks.

"It's where the Nerazim draws there power from. For a human to do this, that ghost operative is not what she seems," Ra'luu observes.

"Can you think of a way out?" asks Altras.

"I'll try. Keep her off me until I figure something out."
Grumbling at my bad fortune, I quickly get out of the Nexus. I spot some cover, and run to it, stopping and shooting a few Zerglings before continuing on to the Templar Archives.

{And you all wondered why I didn't trust the Protoss.}
I sigh, breathing in deeply, taking in the coldness of the Void, and looking around, feeling myself feel... comfort. I turn to the Protoss, and tilt my head to the side.
"You took unnecessary actions... and now, you will see the fruits of your labor..."
I step to the side, and a lighter, swirling mist, like the one that was with me earlier, condensed into a cloud, and images, ghostly ones, began to shift and move, and all that was visible was death and blood, and the shapes of various Zerg converging on a featureless mass.
"I am the keeper... This is the realm of time and space merged into one... This timeline has a set path... and your actions have nearly derailed it... Now... we cannot fail... the Terrans are to succeed in their mission, and you are to escape with your lives... I am to orchestrate these events as they were meant to be... and this is only one of the possible timelines that would have been created, with a probability of 74.28%. Without you setting off the Nexus' self destruct, that odd would have been an easy 45.87%. If there is a way that I can shut down the Nexus, as of yet... I require that you tell me. Depending on your answer, you very well may change this entire timeline, and my mission will be a failure. Make a decision now... take your time. The Void exists in all times and all places, time is infinite here, and when I bring you back, you will have never left..."
I loled.


I found a way. Follow my lead Altras.

"If I tell you, would you let us go?" asks Ra'luu.
I nod, looking at Altras curiously.
"Executor... you cannot enter or escape from the Void without a Nerazim... you are mistaken if you believe you can get out... To answer your question, yes, young one. I will bring us all back to the Nexus after you have given me the appropriate commands to shut off the self-destruct timer."
"Take us out first."
I reach the Archives and spin around, firing on three Zerglings and a Hydralisk who had been attempting to catch me. Switching back to my rifle, I open fire on any Zerg I could see, noting that many of them were converging on the Nexus. Odds were they were after the objective which I know carried on my person. {{Doctor, we require the evac NOW.}}
I reach the Archives as well, standing next to Zack and shooting the Zerg as well.

"Did you get it?"
I look at the convict coldly and then return to firing, working my way inside slowly. "I did. However, my mission is not of your concern. Worry about yourself." I turn and sprint up a set of stairs leading to the roof, and set up, shooting down Overlords and the occasional Mutalisk. {Agent Wolfe, I require your assistance.}
I fire past the two at the Templar Archives, huffing a puffing from the sprinting and I start watching, alert of everything.


I break the fourth wall and start killing Zarkun for killing me after my RPer basically sacrificed Terrance.
Ummmmm.....SF, Zack's already on the roof.
"I have a jetpack."
And Zack is on the roof, and went past Ben, who is on the ground inside.
I arrive at the Templar Archives and set my MPDD's next to the door even as they vaporise a cluster of spikes. "Dam I love these things."
I tilt my head, and sigh.
"You are in no position to bargain with me, Young one... I am the only one who can let you out. Tell me how to de-activate the self-destruct sequence now."
"You won't be able to unless you let us out," replies Ra'luu.
I chuckle, and seemingly fade halfway into darkness.
"You must remember that I do not need to let you out, and you could die here... You are truly in the palms of my hands. The sooner I have the ability to disable the Nexus, the sooner you may leave and go to Shakuras. I give you my promise that I will dispose of the research before I leave. I am not necessarily affiliated with these Terrans, but their mission is still one of my priorities... as are you..." I look to Ra'luu, and chuckle.
"We will meet again... further along in time..."
OOC: So...I am still inside the realm?
~Yes. I will state when they leave. To them nothing has happened, and they can't recieve any communications.
OOC: The facility should have exploded a long time ago given that everyone retreated to the templar archives...

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