Reaper (Episode 2)

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*They are currently outside of time, so when they are brought back we will have to RP the events from when they left to where everyone is now*
So... can we wrap up the time distortion? It is interfering with the plot progression.
Waiting on smylez to reply to SB.
I immensely hate these time distortions.


Ra'luu gives the instructions to turn off the self destruct sequence.
I watch the darkness recede around us, first beginning to take the shape of the walls of the room, then running off of it like running paint, leaving behind the golden walls of the Nexus Control Room, beginning to turn to the console and begin to furiously type in commands.
"I am sorry that I could not leave you in your previous positioning, seeing as you are now inclined to tell me the wrong commands, and therefore keep me from disarming the Nexus. With you two here, you cannot make it out in time, and you would die as well. So, make a choice. Trust me with this and save all of our lives... or attempt to flee with your petty distraction."
"I told you the commands. Now let us out."
smylez, you are out, but you're in the command center, basically as an insurance policy that you gave her the right instructions.
Continue to maintain your position. We have opened an aerial route,
and your evac will arrive in a few minutes.
I disable the Nexus, and begin the shutdown protocol, grinning behind my mask as the commands all come back to me...
It was a long while back, infiltrating a Tal'Darim outpost with a close friend of mine... a genetically mutated Protoss Warrior, still as zealous as ever... that one... and we sneaked in, and still undetectable, began to utilize trial-and-error to get the Nexus to shut off. It took us hours... yet... none of the lazy, bored guards even sensed us until the crystals shut down, and the Pylons detonated from explosions placed before we even got inside the Nexus. Without any form of backup power, the few Probes assisting were done in quickly, and we got out without a hitch...
I take a moment to bow my head and sigh... Kizal... Rest in Peace... sister.
I shake my head again, finishing the commands and watching the Nexus turn off, the crystal at the top literally falling and inserting itself into the tip of the Nexus, as I turn to the other two. "There, it is done. Escape, I will rig the Nexus for detonation with the rest of the base." (We are at Present time now, with everyone else)
For a second there I thought your were talking about Nick the Zealot/Marine.

IC: The dropship swoops through the atmosphere, heading for the Reapers and Ghosts.

Near the Nexus, several Spore Crawlers begin to form.
The Phantom releases it's payload, ten scatter missiles, each one carrying a Napalm payload, shot out at the chokepoint, detonating above it and releasing a trail of fiery inferno that stretched on into the forest for a good 50 yards. The ship was de-cloaking, becoming visible as I high-tailed it out of the Nexus, my seemingly infinite satchel bag of explosives dry, charges planted all around inside the Nexus, and inside and outside each building and structure. I had been vaguely trying to home in on Zack's mind, and I made it to the surface, to see that the Zerg had broken through... good thing I had already changed my Rifle around, uncloaking as I begin to fire into the remaining ranks, knowing that the fire would keep the rest at bay for the time being. The Phantom Lands, and it's cockpit opens, a soft hissing noise against the gunshots and screeching of the dying Zerg. I get on the radios, for the first time since I joined the motley crew of Reapers.
{All Reapers, this is Agent Wolfe. I have secured an LZ, and am requesting that you regroup at the Nexus. It has been disarmed and disabled, and will make for better cover than the Templar Archives. Agent Zack, is the Package secure?}
{This is Agent Zack, package is secured.} I fire on a Spore Crawler, piercing it just above the legs and split it in two, killing it instantly. {We will transfer to your location momentarily.}
I nod, making a quick systems check before using the onboard AI to maneuver the Phantom out of the Spore Crawler's range before they root themselves, beginning to recharge it's energy reserves as I climb up to the top of the Nexus once again, taking aim at the now enlarging forces of Zerg, held back by the flames...
{Agent Zack... I am on top of the Nexus... and things are not looking good...}
The Dropship comes within sight of the Nexus, a blip in the distance made recognizable by its rapid, steady approach, with no frantic flapping or pulsing. It homes in on its target, heading straight for the group...

...and the five surviving Spore Crawlers.

New Objective: Destroy Spore Crawlers to secure evac.

OOC: Hm. I think all the actual Reapers forgot about this.
Wouldn't doubt it in all entirety... I'll give a shout out on the Chats later today...
Sorry... Totally forgot with the other spewed out chaos's.

IC: I saw the Drop Ship, Spore Crawlers readying up to down it. We had one try at this... Or did we? {Me and another Reaper shall set the charges on the Spore Crawlers.... While we are busy doing that, we'll need Fire Support until then.}
This music starts playing: How about this?
All of the Protoss evacuate the nexus through the warp gate. The warp gate is destroyed utterly by Ra'luu so that no one can follow them back.
"I'll help Alexander. Cover us." I say, starting to move towards the spore crawlers, cautiously but quickly.

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