Reaper (Episode 2)

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I stand up pocketing the napkin and dropping the apple on my plate I leave heading back to my room not very interested in doing other things.
I remain against the wall as each Reaper left the room, gauging each one's thought process and feelings about a suicide mission into Protoss territory. They seem to have made peace with what they are now. At least they did better then the last group.
By the way, what did I miss on this besides me being placed in a doctors hands in a medical bay?
OOC:......Mockingjay? Hello?
ummm we got called to dinner and the Doc gave us the briefing for the next mission. now everyone is off to do ..... something before the next mission.

IC: I arrive at my room and immediately go for my bag. Opening it I shift through the contents for a moment before finding my Mini PDD's. These will be helpfull versus the Protoss .... I hope. I grimace at the possibilities of what the protoss might have at this place and what they might be able to do to my PDD's with their psionics.
I'll just wait until Knarled says something... Unless he did say something about my person but I missed it.
"You are fit for action, Alexander. You may now leave the medbay. Try not to let this happen again."
I smiled, it was good to be fine. But I so wanted more of that drug. "Doc? Do you have any more of that drug? The one that keeps you nice and calm. It makes me forget all about my worries."
The medical doctor smiles. "We have been instructed to provide you with whatever you need... as long as you remain valuable to this Project."
"Knarled, where would be places lacking in security cameras?"
Knarled, who do I slaughter, who do I frame, and who do I leave scarred for life?
When, where, and why don't matter.
I chuckle as I turn to face Ben. "I'm not shell-shocked...that's just a side effect of the stims I take," I reply to him, and then add, " sounds like a fantastic idea as of right now, I'm starving."

I follow Ben to the room where dinner was supposed to be held. (We'd get there extremely late, thus missing dinner, just as an OOC note for those of you wondering what the hell I'm doing~)
OOC: Last post for a while. My anti-virus picked up that something was going wrong, so I'm gonna let it scan for a bit.

IC: As we get there, I shake my head.

"Great...we missed it. Now what the hell do we eat?"
If you wish to slaughter someone, Ben would be an excellent frame. Jenny would be an excellent victim.


HBRB, is that you? Welcome, welcome! I do hope you will decide to join my humble RP.

As to your question, SF, there are cameras pretty much everywhere. The trick would not be in finding a room with no cameras, but a blind spot in the cameras.

There are even cameras in the bathrooms! *horror*

However, while there are cameras in the living quarters, I doubt anybody would do anything if they blocked... especially if it looked like there was a good excuse for blocking them, such as things of a private nature occurring.

IC: "If you missed dinner, that is... unfortunate." My voice comes suddenly from behind the two Reapers. "However, the problem can be rectified. I am sure we can find something for you. Allow me to escort you to where you will be eating in the future."

I escort Jenny and Ben to the mess hall, and on the way repeat everything I told the others during dinner. Which, I must admit, isn't all too painful. I never mind explaining my own genius more than once.
Alright then, Knarled. Give me a layout of wherever these people are, so I can formulate a plan of how to enter the facility/ship.
we are Reapers (hence the name) so make another Reaper that just got transferred to this 'project'
I'm a ghost who lacks a heart and only cares about mission success.
yeah ok MOST of us are Reapers
Ahhh that's funny, morph thinks that I would use a 'normal' character |D
That's all KO is allowing right now. Cause he has the villian, and my ghost, and Dac's Roach, unless he suddenly died of a heart attack.

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