Reaper (Episode 2)

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{Agent Wolfe, can you give me a rough estimate of enemy numbers as of right now.}
I look through the trees, sighing, and loading my Rifle, turning to one of the Spore Crawlers and beginning to load my rifle.
{Too many in the treelines to count... but I can feel that there are exponentially more than what we can handle...}
I take a deep breath, and look through the sights, targeting the Spore Crawler's legs as it burrows... the last one uprooted. I fire, three shots in quick succession, watching the creature fall on it's side, immobile in a small trench it had begun to dig.
{Reapers, take care of the Spore Crawlers... then get to the Nexus. The space around it is the only suitable place for an LZ, and Zack and I will have a vantage point above the Zerg.}
I fire another round into a spore crawler as it turns it's opening, causing it to explode. I then signal Laura. {Agent Wolfe, can you provide me an opening?}
I look over at the slowly dying flames, and curse.
{I'm not sure what you're going to do, Agent Zack, but it better be worth it...}
I crawl up to the top of the Nexus, sticking my tongue out, and lining up the shot, beginning to rain bullets down on the straggling Zerg, watching as the Zerglings futilely try to climb up to me, and Hydralisks' brains exploding over the ground.
I pull out the two blocks of C4 I have left and look at the crawlers. I didn't have enough, but if I did it right...{Reapers, do you see any banelings?} I then shift channels. {Laura, I'm going to use banelings and my last two C4 to take out the remaining crawlers.}
I frown, I didn't like this plan... Not at all...
{Agent Zack... I'm not sure if... F*ck it. I'll... I'll get you some.}
I sling my Rifle over my shoulder, concentrating and closing my eyes, raising my arms.
{Reapers... prepare for a Baneling Drop... Stay away from the Choke...}
The shadows cast by the plateau the base was located on stretched out, like two-dimensional arms, blanketing the ground in pitch darkness, and throughout it, the glowing green lights seemed to be diminished, seemingly absorbed into the dark mass. With my last bit of effort, I converge the darkness on the inner side of the flames, beginning to fade into unconsciousness as I release my cargo, roughly 15 Banelings crawled out of the dark spot on the choke point, struggling against the black bonds that held them, freeing themselves and looking at their surroundings...
{Heh... didn't think that'd work... Checkmate... Zack... you're up.}
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IC: Me and Ben swerved across the ground to reach the Spore Crawlers... I myself was preparing the charges already.
I head of towards the Spore Crawlers my MPDD's once again floating around me. I prep a few charges as I go.
I nod and leap down, baiting the banelings into chasing me and then sprinting to the spore crawlers. {Reapers, disengage the crawlers and set those charges to catch the Zerg instead. I've got the crawlers.}
{Yes sir!} I start throwing the charges at the hordes of approaching Zerg. Once I have thrown my last set charge I pull out both of my SMG's and let the lead fly.
OCC: Sorry for not posting earlier, but my internet was being a pain.

{Anything particular you have in mind? I still have four standard charges and one MIRV charge.} Allysa radios, and mentally notes the remaining Stim-packs she has left.
Two left......
The charges erupt in a violent shower of flame and metal, splattering Zerg over the ground and the nearest Reapers (Ben and Alex).

Most importantly, the Spore Crawlers are obliterated.

Just in time, too. The Dropship swoops in, full cliche activated. It swings low over the area, scooping up Reapers and Ghosts, then takes off with a roar.

You are now aboard the Dropship. not good.

IC: I look at the two satchels of primed C4 and sigh, deactivating them. "Well Agent Wolfe, seems we've managed to out do even the Swarm."
Sorry, any longer and some Reapers woulda been toast. Not letting them die so you can have a snuggly moment.

Just sit together on the Dropship... :)
Ah, more medical reconstruction for me. :\
I hop into the dropship, covered in goop.

"Great...Zach, mind seeing me when we get private?"
Dac, I think KO killed you and CR...
No, he survived, unless he prefers to die. I can make that happen...

I sighed with relief, but that was also a moment of itself... "So this is what splattered Zerg guts smells like."
I turn to Quill. "I don't think that's necessary. I am aware, however, of the unnecessary risk you took in facing the Protoss Executor. You're lucky she didn't rip you apart right there. You'll report to the Doctor, same as any end of mission scenario."

OOC: Just one died....

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