Reaper (Episode 2)

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"We need to talk about that, actually."
Speak your piece.
a little late to say this...
But Laura is unconscious on the side of a Nexus.
Dropship nabbed her.


You want her resurrected? That could be what the Doctor needs for... ya know.
hehe. bingo.
I sit away from the others on the drop ship wiping Zerg goop off my armor and jumpsuit.
A drone hovers down, cloaked to avoid the Zerg. It extends a claw and picks up Laura's body, then takes flight.

Mission accomplished. Only one casualty suffered: Laura Wolfe.
My death... was needed. It's final purpose was never clear... but I knew I needed to sacrifice myself... for them.
It was like a little voice in the back of my head... I trusted it to give me the right ideas. This... I hoped, was one of them.

I drifted amongst the Void, feeling myself become a true part of it... even though I myself was already entirely born of it.
I think... that the only reason I can still think... is because it knows that I am not truly dead... in this timeline... I secretly await it... when the end of times comes... that I will be united with every other one of myself in death... and realize how every differing variable would have produced a different me...
The Dropship docks with the Science Vessel, which immediately zooms away once all drones return.

Please proceed to your rooms. You will be debriefed soon.

Subplots may occur at this time.
I go to the armory and drop off my armor to be cleaned. I then proceed to my room so I can shower, get some fresh clothes on and get some rest.
I go directly to my personal ship, closing the ramp and sealing it, then starting cleaning procedures. As I removed my armor and jump suit, the numerous scars from tests and battles that remained unseen became visible. The longest and most prominent of these was on my chest, and was a gift from the day my best friend died. I allow the memories of that day to surface.

We all stepped into the combat room, Jason, myself and the others. This was part of Solar Flare’s routine, so we didn’t worry too much about it, and Jason flashed one of his goofy grins before coming to attention. We all had custom gear, and his allowed his mouth to be visible when he wanted. However, we had no idea the battle that would take place today. The weapon rack raised, offering us only psi-knives and our standard MPs. I grab my knife and pistols and Jason grabs his single pistol and knife. Placing things where they belonged, we listened to the prep speech. [Good afternoon, Ghost operatives. Today we will be testing your ability to fight a foe who can counter your powers with some of their own. Please refrain from dying, it’s a rather messy thing to clean up and difficult to explain to the Board.] With that, several trap doors opened and raised off colored Zerglings. Where it was normally purple, it was a deep blue instead. Not thinking anything of it, two ghosts unleashed a flamethrower style flame upon them, only to have the flames rebuffed and then slammed into walls by the gusts of wind their wings caused. Wings? What the hell are they thinking?! Was the only thought process I had time to register before two or three turned to me and shot ice spikes at me. I lunge to the left, drawing my MPs and firing on them. They were prepared however and created shields out of the same ice. Lacing the bullets with flame, I fire again and make it through the shield of one and killing it, but find that the other had another defensive capability, the ability to use the moisture in the air to slow and stop projectiles and extinguish flame. The others all had variations on the three abilities I’d seen, so I wasn’t too concerned. I continue firing, hoping to wear it down, but with no success. Suddenly I found myself knocked over and the thing leaping at me. Right before it lands, Jason slams into it’s side, making it so I only took the claw across my chest, giving me a nasty scar for sure. Jason, however, wasn’t so lucky. As he slammed his knife into it’s brain, it ran him through with it’s claws, mortally wounding him. Voices of alarm can be heard along with an increase in the amount of gunfire. I crawl over to him, my own wound bleeding profusely. He simply grinned at me with his goofy grin. “Not a,” he coughs, blood coming up, “good idea. Should have landed on top of him.” He coughs again and behind my mask tears well up as I shake my head.

“No, no, don’t talk. Help will be here soon. Just stay with me. Focus on my.” I manage to peel off his mask and can see the light fading from his eyes. He laughs and shakes his head.

“There’s *cough* *cough* nothing they can do this time. Live, and *cough* fight on. Fight to correct our mistakes. The *cough* *cough* Dominion’s mistakes.” The life leaves his eyes and I shake him frantically.

“Jason, wake up. Jason, come on, stay with me. Wake up.” I only grow more frantic. It broke my training, caring for him like this, but he was my best friend and my brother, the only person in existence I could trust absolutely. I start to black out slowly as several of the other Ghosts run up to us. The last thing I can remember hearing is one of them calling for a medic.

I played the memory again, this time into the Psionic journal I'd made. I then speak. "It was only after ravaging the memories of the head scientists at the programs shut down that I learned that we were both suppose to die that day, and that those particular strains of Zerglings had been programmed to target me. Jason had received two similar ones, along with a winged one, as he was the higher threat, which he'd killed easily. After his death that day, I swore I'd never loose it like that again, nor would I show emotion or deviate from my training and mission." I take a moment and sigh, walking over to the journal. "But Agent Laura Wolfe may just change all that. She's the first to have made me chuckle twice in a day since Jason died, and once the Doctor resurrects her, she may get me to a third time. If she does that, then maybe there's hope for me yet." I look at the journal and shake my head. "The future is even shakier than before. Hopefully we don't loose our humanity in this insane path to a 'higher knowledge.' Journal entry #382 end. Agent Zack Tren, signing off." The journal shuts down and I sigh as I get in the shower. Let me be right in doing this.
Now Knarled, if you could Narrate Laura's Resurrection, it would be much appreciated. I'll post tomorrow morning.
I want to join this but... I feel I'm always interupting. KO, mind directing me to where I should go to join? Is there a discussion thread in this RP?
I quickly clean myself off, changing into fresh clothes, and making sure to keep a pistol on my person...just in case. I go to where I knew Zack would be, and knock on the door.

"Like I said, I'd like us to talk." I was not aware of him being in the shower.
There is no discussion thread for this RP. If you wish to join, simply create a Reaper and post it here.


New life.

I am actually quite pleased with this turn of events.

Now, that's not to say things couldn't have been better. There was the unfortunate "accident" that claimed the lives of the on-duty scientists apart from myself, but for some things a price must be payed.

I'm just happy to be alive. Obviously this thing's purpose was to kill me.

Well, time to get a new purpose. When I resurrect things, I don't have to bring them back exactly as they were before. This time, a little brain modifications are necessary.

Harder, of course, without my underlings. Perhaps I should have waited until this step was done to dispose of them... no. One could have broken in that time, and with that Ghost onboard I have to be careful.

Well, I had to be careful. Now, not so much. Not with my new friend to protect me. If necessary, I could break completely away from the Dominion now, and there's not a Ghost in the Sector that could come near me.

Thanks to you, pretty one, I think as I initiate the final stage.

What's more is she's not even suffering. None of her emotions or thought processes have changed but one: I copied the Zerg Swarm by warping the loyalty centers of the brain to provide with an overwhelming desire to serve one master.

That would be yours truly, I think as she emerges from the tank.
Dac, I'm not in a room....

IC: I hear nothing as I step out of the shower, putting on a new jumpsuit and new armor. I had to visit the place, regardless of the dangers. {I'm leaving for a bit Doctor. I'll be back in three ship board days.}
Overhearing him, I curse. I really did need to talk with him. It was important. I realized he would probably still be within earshot though.

"Ghost, I really do need to talk about something I found when I was roaming the Protoss Nexus..."

OOC: Permission to have picked up an advanced weapon requested.
I hear the Reaper and sigh. "That is the Doctor's area of expertise, Quill, not mine. Go talk to him."

OOC: Not my call :p
{Approved, as far as I'm concerned. I assume this is cleared with your superiors?}


@Dac: Hm, I'm not sure how I feel about that... it will be difficult to bring that in realistically, as the technology would just be confiscated for study ordinarily...

However, since you asked I will make a choice of advanced weapons available soon.

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