Reaper (Episode 2)

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I took in air with a gasp, my lungs filling with the gas, before I even had a thought. I was pulled from the Void, taken from it's cool embrace... and now... life seemed even colder now... The lights around me blinded me, and I brought my hands up to my face to shield myself from them... I was silent... I always... was silent. Minutes went by, and slowly I brought my hands down from my face, looking around with a frown. Something... felt missing... like a need for something... Imagine when you need to drink something, but you just ignore it, and eventually it just goes away... but you still know it's there... but on the edge of your mind... just out of reach...

What was this thing..? I look around, trying to figure out one... where I was, two... if I was clothed... and... three... where was everyone else..? My mind was swimming right now... someone's mind was overbearing to me... and it wasn't Zack's... was someone else an even more powerful Psionic..? No... that couldn't be it...
I smile toothily. "Good to see you healthy again, Ms. Wolfe. I was afraid the damage you sustained would be irrepairable, but my machines have you functioning again. There may be... some memory gaps, however. But you must think me rude; we can hardly carry out a conversation like this." I gesture to her position, nude, trapped to an operating table, then press a button. The restraints release. A couple of personnel enter, bringing some simple clothing and a towel.

"I apologize. I am afraid there are no females capable of carrying out the resurrection process. Well, there was Doctor Yar, an apprentice of mine, but..." I trail off sadly. "There was an accident during the fight with the Zerg, and her life was claimed."

OOC: Laura's memories have been altered so she won't question why she hasn't been terminated.
I look at my now visible shackles, and blush, my face turning an almost inhuman black... I normally would have never blushed in front of... well... anybody, but I felt like I could trust this man... I had already known that he wasn't the one I was after, so why not make a potential alliance?

I was already covering myself in the clothing after wiping myself off with the towel, slinging it over my shoulder. "I'm... sorry to hear that. But... in all reality I've had conversations in much worse positions... being stranded in space is one of them..." I trail off, and look around again, my sight restored. Looking back at the Doctor, I sigh.
"I... know you know... my secret, now that is obvious. I trust you not to reveal it... even though I want to cover myself up again... hide under my disguise. You were not supposed to be involved in my operation... Doctor."
I nod sagely. "I will not betray your secret, but I would like to know your purpose, and who employs you. You are, after all, operating in my domain. It is obvious you are no Dominion tool."
"I don't want to show him, not yet. I'm not totally sure I can trust him with this. I need to show you it first, see what you think...but not here." I say, adding the last part quietly.
I chuckle a bit, blushing again and looking away.
"No... I'm far from it."
I shake my head, frowning... this was wrong... so wrong. What the hell was going on..? I wasn't about to give him my innermost secret... to betray everything I had kept hidden for so lon-
"I am the Caretaker of the Void, given physical form, in the body of a Hybrid. I was born a clone, of a lone Zerg who fulfilled his race's programming... after achieving sentience. He assimilated Terran and Protoss DNA into himself... though one like you used him to turn on his allies... and as a byproduct I was born as his loyal soldier. I have long since achieved my own freedom, and I am in service to the Reaper, the embodiment and only true living denizen of the Void itself. He sends me to specific places and times to make sure this timeline goes as it should... Every event that I have influenced was by his will, including my death and resurrection by you..."
On the outside I smiled innocently, but on the inside I felt shattered... broken. I felt like a dam had broken, at the base, and the entire reservoir had been drained... I felt empty...
" did you do to me..?" I looked up at him with flickering eyes, between a bright, innocent green, and an almost devilish red.
I raise my eyebrows. "Your hybridization, you must realize, was already known to me. I knew you were a potential threat, and that threat had to be eliminated." As I emphasize that last word my eyes glow red momentarily, and I know with satisfaction that she will soon forget this conversation.

I adopt my friendly posture again. "But I'm so glad to hear you aren't a threat to me? RIght"
I frowned... something... something... was so terribly off with this man... what... was he?
"Of course! I'm... actually a pacifist towards Terrans and Protoss... I don't kill unless I have to... but I only have one person on board whom I need to kill... and you have already been eliminated as a candidate, so there is nothing ill between us, correct, Doctor?" Once again... I hated myself for adopting this innocent, almost vulnerable smile... I was beginning to feel hatred... But I was locked in my own body... the rest of my mind was in utter turmoil... again... the Void kept most of me free... it was just the part that I couldn't control... was overwhelmingly in control over my movements... my actions... This man was somehow behind it... and now... I had a feeling he could do anything he wanted to me... It was like Dr. Vans all over again... I had no control... but this time... I would be conscious and more than awake during this whole ordeal... I now had my own feelings and beliefs... and this man... he would trample all of them...

And that scared me more than anything...
{It has. However, I need to make sure Agent Wolfe is alright. I'll be arriving in the operating room shortly.} I close the channel before he can reply and approach the ramp. "Out of the way Reaper, unless you want to get smashed." Unsealing the ramp, I start lowering it.
I look around, for my clothes and gear, trying to find them before anybody sees me... in such... casual clothing. I disliked showing more than I had to, for personal reasons.
Perhaps said advanced weapon had a tracking beacon? Just an idea.
Grumbling, I step out of the way.

"If you say so sir." I say, gesturing "after you".
I walk down the ramp and look at him, my armor on and weapons on me, my rifle in my hands. "What's this weapon? I don't have tome to waste talking."
I shake my head slowly.

"If you don't want to know, you may as well not." I say, gesturing for him to move on.
I meant time...bloody brain and fingers...

IC: "If it was important enough that you came and disturbed me now, then you will show me, or you'll report to be debriefed and not disturb me again."
"Okay, it's non-lethal. What it does is....perhaps I should just show you? If you'd be willing to participate, it's only anti-zerg, but you should feel the effects regardless."
"No time Reaper. If you trust it, then find a use for it." Having said that, I cloak and move away, heading for where I could feel Laura's mind.

OOC: Sorry, Dac, but SB and I planned some things.
I scoured the room, looking for my clothes... If I was resurrected here, then my clothes and weapons should be here... shouldn't they?
Reaching the door, I realize that she's feeling exposed and therefore that she's naked. I knock before entering, decloaking. "Agent Wolfe, you in there?"
I blush, again, and hug the towel around me. My black blush is an obvious contrast to my otherwise pale skin, my long brown hair falling onto my shoulders.
"Y-Yeah... I'm here." I take a few deep breaths... then look at the doctor with a look of combined hatred and gratitude... I didn't know exactly what he had done to me... but I knew that right now, at least in Zack's presence... I had control over myself.
"I would still like my clothes back though..."

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