Reaper (Episode 2)

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I remain outside the door. "I'll wait until you're dressed to come in."
OOC: For all intents and puposes, her clothes are IN THE ROOM. >:c
I found them, finally. I draped the towel over the operating table and changed under it, making sure that the Doctor didn't see me as I changed. Eventually my legs, in boots and pants, stretched out and were visible, and soon after that, I got up from under the table, checking my gloves and pulling my hood up, stretching.
"It's good to be in these old rags again. Zack you can come in."
I open the door and step in, nodding to the Doctor, but...something was off about the atmosphere and in Laura's mind. I'd have to check more in-depth away from here. "Glad to see you alright, Laura. I came to check on you and see if you cared to accompany me on a little trip."
I practically leaped with joy, more so because it would give me time to think about what had happened to me, and I would be away from the Doctor... I was in an odd position... for sure.
"Yeah, I'm fine... I don't feel like... well dead... anymore, which is great in it's own regards, though... I don't feel quite alive... either."
I positioned myself so my back was to the doctor, and I give Zack a signal, in the form of an accusatory glare, in the Doctor's general direction, that something was off.
"Doctor, I hope the operation will commence smoothly in our absence." I begin to walk towards the door, anxiety beginning to build up inside me.
I step aside and look at the Doctor, having noticed the glare. Something was definitely off about things in here. "I bid thee adieu, good Doctor." I follow Laura out and close the door. "You wanted to know more about my past, right?"
Once we were out of the room, I exhaled deeply... I wanted to tell him... tell him everything that just happened... but no... I was holding myself back. On the outside... I was calm... in control... but on the inside I was shuddering, in control... but not in control at the same time.
"Yes... an operative such as yourself, especially after undergoing a unique process like Solar Flare, should have an interesting story behind him, am I correct, Agent Zack?"
I nod, leading the way back to my ship. "There's a lot you can learn from visiting the ruins, but...I know you know about Jason. I felt your mind when the memory surfaced back on the Nexus. I know you weren't prying, but you know either way, so I'm going to have you watch a journal entry I made recently."
My eyes widen for a second, and I pull up my mask, the optics blazing to life. "SH!T. My ship!" I set the coordinates for the Science Vessel, using my mask to program the autopilot for space flight. How... far away were we even?
"We're one short leap away from the planet. Didn't trust the Protoss to not send an attack fleet in retaliation." I chuckle. That thought had been obvious the moment she mentioned her ship. Then I realized that I'd chuckled three times for the same person. Maybe it was time...
I audibly sigh, and pull my mask up, looking relieved.
"Alriiiight then... let's see your journal... I would also like to get my weapons back before we leave... I can get those in a second, you get your journal all ready."
I walk around the corner and blink, to where my mask said my weapons were located. They were being inspected by various scientific people, who jumped back or fell off of their seats as I appeared in the room, walked to the table, slung my rifle over my back, and holstered my knife and pistol, walking back out of the room, and blinked back to Zack's room.

All of this was done in a few seconds, in one fluid motion. I love being a Hybrid.

IC: I beckon to a small console with a view screen, a psionic receiver., and a microphone. "That is my psionic journal. The only one in existence and the place I've put everything since I graduated the Ghost Academy." I hit a switch and think #382 and the beginning of the memory appears. "Just hit the play button and it'll show you what I showed it, and what I said afterword." Starting up the ship, I begin take off procedures.
I quickly hit the play button, and reprogram my autopilot, setting the coordinates for me, and to strafe for a good few miles.

I listened to the memory... would that be what it is... listening? I drank in everything... I understood now. The Dominion wanted them all dead... so then why wasn't he..? Why was Zack still alive..? Was he whom he said he was..? If the Dominion had attempted to kill him... why would they be employing him still?
I listen to everything play and tear up behind my mask. That day would always be the single most painful day of my life...Ground Zero as I called it...
I nodded, eventually taking it all in, and going elsewhere in the ship to find Zack.
I see Laura and wave her in. "Well?"
I take a few moments to think.
"I... am confused, Zack. You know they tried to kill you... so... why..? Even with any of the programming you went though... I would have left then and there... gone rogue..."
I sigh. "Because the danger was a normal thing, even outside of the Program. Then I didn't know that they had intended for me to die until the Dominion shut down the program, and at that point I'd made each of those scientists pay dearly for what they'd done to me and Jason, ensuring each of them was but a shadow of their former selves, a husk devoid of true life. I utterly destroyed their minds." The malice in my voice was scary and heavy, even for me. I took a deep breath and sighed. "I'm sorry, but Ground Zero is a...hard thing for me to handle...even after all these years..."
I nod, and smile a bit. "If you wish... I feel I can trust you with a very dark secret of mine... my very own ground Zero..." I look around nervously, before chuckling.
"I don't want you to feel like you have to tell me anything. I do know that something in your's off, like the Doc did more than revive you."
I wanted to scream out and tell him everything... but again... I held back... I don't know why. I hoped... so desperately, that he could sense the divisions in my mind.

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