Reaper (Episode 2)

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I could feel something in her mind, something straining. "Laura, I need your permission to enter your mind with a probe. I'm no good at mental assaults."
I nod, and giggle to myself...
"That's one way to find out my secret..."
I laugh a little. "Well, I'm not looking for your secret, I'm checking your mind. The Doctor did something to it." I get the all clear to leave and my ship soars out of the hangar, heading for Retarth IV, the place where it all happened. "So do I have your permission?"
I nod, giggling.
"That's the thing... my secret is my mind... and me."
" going to be interesting then." I focus, slowing my breathing and reaching out for Laura's mind, finding it easily and working my way in. Once there, I see...
I walk out of the room. A slow paced, angry sort of walk. My footsteps are heard throughout the hall, and I walk to the operating room. My mind was thinking thoughts of anger, but okay. I was whistling, not to a song or anything, just whistling as I approached the operating room, my walk still ever so loud and slow. Then, it all stops. For just a second in time it stops.

The doctor hears a knock on his door.
He is drawn into a world of Darkness, and three different people meet him. One, is me, as he knows me, wearing my uniformed jacket, and greeting him with a smile. I stand to his right. Directly in front of him, is a Changeling, standing on two legs, with a reptillian like tail swaying behind it. It is facing away from him, looking into the darkness. To his left, a Dark Templar, glowing green eyes belay a smile filled with warmth.
"Zack... meet Xeranis... and... well... We like to call her 'The Clone'. She was the first of us... The fragment of me that is her... it's changed... She wouldn't let us tell you everything..."
The Changeling is silent... eerily unmoving. I sigh, and look at Xeranis.
"Most of what you know of me is true. I am a ghost, and every now and then I am employed by the Dominion, I, Laura Wolfe, was in fact born a Terran and raised and employed as a Banshee Pilot, long before I ever met her... I died the day I met her... literally... If you would come with me..."
I motion behind us all, to what seems to be a swirl in the darkness... like a form of tornado on it's side, visible when you didn't focus on it, but obvious from the corner of your eye.
I nod, watching the Changeling. "It's with her that the change in your mental state resides. Does, the Doctor know about this?"
I nod, sighing.
"He's the one who did it... whatever it is... He's controlling us all through her somehow... We don't know how to do anything about it... She kept us from telling you... this whole time she has been actively stopping us from speaking about it... but we're free in here...'
I nod slowly, considering what I was seeing. "Then...does she perhaps have a mind of her own? A separate section of your brain to herself? IF I can get in there...I might be able to fix it. What science thinks it's mastered, psionics can undo."
I lay down in the bed, having gotten rid of my equipment. I look over the data sheet again, trying to make sense of what I had read. Both of my SMGs were held nearby, and I was shaking from the use of the Stimpacks.
I chuckle to myself.
"We're all one in the same, so to speak. We're a hybrid... she was just the original fraction. We each represent our relative races... She is the Zerg part of us... Xeranis the Protoss part... and I'm obviously the Terran part..."
I glance at a screen on my desk and see Ben Quill standing outside my door. I sigh.

"Come in."

The incident with Laura was... unsettling. But I should have expected an old friend or tow to intervene.

Fortunately, that threat was now neutralized. For now. It wouldn't be long before her employer realized what happened...

But he would be too late. Meddling fool. He should have known better than to interfere with my Plan. Perhaps, once I have completed my task, I should prepare something particularly interesting for him.
OOC: Just to know for sure, I can't kill you, right? :P

IC: "We need to talk about something. Something I found, and what I expect in return for finding it." I say, walking in and taking a seat.
I raise my eyebrows. "Oh? And what would that be?"
"Nuh-uh, first you have to do something for me."
My lip twists slightly into an amused smile. This Reaper is playing a dangerous game. "You must have thought this out well. What makes you think I won't do something nasty to you once you tell me what you found? And what do you want me to do?"
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just post your sheet here markus

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