Reaper (Episode 2)

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just post your sheet here markus
The gateway stood forlorn, empty and still within the halls of the temple. Several Protoss were in the room, their faces showing signs of weariness. An engineer stood next to the terminal, noting the red signal that flashed on and off every few seconds. He inputed a few commands and stood back, watching as the gate way began its transformation to a warp gate.

“Stabilizing the warp matrices, the survivors of the Station should be appearing very shortly Exemplar,” said the engineer.

The Exemplar merely nodded his head as the transformation finished and the first of the survivors came through the warp gate. His eyes scanned the steady flux of survivors coming through the warp gate, looking for Altras and Ra'luu. Their failure was a great setback.

At last, the two step through the warp gate as the warp gate powered down behind them. The Exemplar sensed anger from the two for their failure. Yet there was something else he sensed. Great turmoil swirled within their minds as if they witnessed a great atrocity. The Khala link that enveloped all of the Khalai felt tainted within in them. The taint lingered of the Void.

As the medics attended the wounded survivors, the Exemplar calmly made his way to Altras and Ra'luu. The two noted his towering presence and immediately bowed their heads. The Exemplar merely gestured his right hand upward in the air, giving the two permission to look up and speak.

Altras looked at Ra'luu and then back at the Exemplar. “En taro Tassadar Exemplar. It is unfortunate that we meet under such circumstances and I am the bearer of terrible news. As you already know, the station is utterly destroyed and our research was stolen.”

“Altras, as an Executor and leader of the Station, you will bear the full weight of your failure. I was told that we were nearing completion and to let such valuable data fall into the enemy hands, your actions will determine what is the best course of action for you. Do not resist...”

The Exemplar probed Ra'luu's and Altras' mind at once. He saw everything vividly, the battle with Reapers, the Zerg forces invading and then, an anomaly. The Void itself appeared before his eyes. It was unimaginably vast and dark, a great maw of nothingness. He stood there, next to Altras and Ra'luu staring at what appeared to be female ghost's distorted face melding into the shadows.

The Exemplar saw enough and released the two of them, calling for a guard. “You will be under my supervision for the time being. Follow this fellow, he will take you to a rest area where you are free to do whatever you wish. I must report this to the Council. Under normal circumstances, I could sentence both of you to a number of things but these are very, very special circumstances that you and Ra'luu experienced. At the very least, we still have the head researcher alive and casualties were...acceptable.”

The Exemplar turned around and left the room.
The atmosphere within the chamber was silent. They sat, contemplating at the implications of the Exemplar words when the Provisioner suddenly slammed his fist on the table.

“Forget the research! We can restart them from scratch! Another Void-based entity? As if the Voice in the Darkness and the Dark Voice isn't enough?” yelled the Provisioner, exasperated.

“Calm down! From the words of that...herald, this entity is likely not malevolent. According to It, It only hunts those who threaten the fabric of existence,” stated the Book Keeper, a Nerazim.

“Is that a supposition I am hearing from you? Why has it not hunt that which threatens the galaxy's existence? Why is it in a Terran shell?” retorted the Provisoner.

“These things are beyond mortal comprehension. The Void houses many secrets-” began the Book Keeper.

“Bah! And I suppose we should wait and let 'fate' sort itself out while we fall into oblivion?” replied the Provisioner.

“What we should do is enlist the Nerazims. Only they have what it takes to harm these entities as they are all based on the energies the Nerazim utilize. This one in particular has taken shape in the form of a human ghost.” explained the Exemplar.

The Preserver stood up as the Exemplar finished. He remembered the memories of the ones who fought on KL-2, the sorrow and terror the Nerazim experienced fighting the enthralled Terrans.

“Just as the Xel'naga trapped the Voice in the Darkness with a Argus crystal, we can do the same for this entity. Once it is captured, even it cannot escape.”

The Provisioner rubbed his hands slowly. “An Argus crystal of that size would require some scouring. They are quite rare after all. Good thing we have secured the prison vault's from KL-2. Sadly, it has become non-functional but we can use it as a blueprint for another prison. Let me worry about the materials. The rest of you, try to get the Hierarchy to notice and see if there's any volunteers who wants to hunt a 'god'.”

“I will report this to the Hierarchy. Is there anything else before I go?” asked the Exemplar.

“There is one thing, what shall we name this entity?” asked the Book Keeper.

The four thought for a moment before the Preserver spoke. “Reaper. It's name shall be Reaper.”

The other three nodded their heads approvingly. The Book Keeper chuckled. “How apt, an angel of death. Fits the words the Terran ghost said nicely.”

The door opened and the Exemplar stepped out of the room. He turned around and nodded. "Then I am off."
As one of the Protoss left the room, a whirl of thoughts ran through his mind, surprisingly invisible to the other Khalai.

So, they plan to defeat the Reaper... all works excellently together, it would seem. It may not be necessary to deal with him Myself.


I rise and approach the window of My ship, allowing a trace of a 'smile' to cross My face. If the Protoss deal with the Reaper for Me, I will have only gained from his interference.

Indeed, all is going according to plan.
"I shan't tell you until you've done the deed, and after it, I shall be gone. I, I need you to kill that damn Ghost. Why? Hell, I don't know, he just irritates me. It ain't my style to have someone else spill the blood, which is why I need him alive. I'm going to slit his throat, then, and only then, will you get what you desire. And don't think about any funny business, because without me, you can't get what I have." I say, calmly stating all of this as though it was nothing.
I smile faintly. I start to laugh, then get up.

"You know, Ben, you intrigue me. You have so much potential. I think you could be very useful to me. So much desire to kill... so many ways to harness it."

I pace back and forth.

"But first: there is a fatal flaw in your plan. Don't you realize I could just resurrect him? Also, I'll need to know what it is you have before I talk about any deals."
01/19/2013 06:16 PMPosted by KnarledOne
So, they plan to defeat the Reaper... all works excellently together, it would seem. It may not be necessary to deal with him Myself.

The Exemplar pauses outside the door. Who or what are you?
"Funny. I figured you'd ask questions. And by the way, you can't resurrect him if there's enough....damage. Which is why I also ask for several surgical tools, and a very powerful acid. What I have, is a weapon. But it is one that cannot be used without my help. Apart from that, you'll learn later. Now, if you would accept, I'll give you the details of my plan, if not, you lose any chance of getting this weapon."

I smile in return, looking relaxed.
He hears a faint 'sound' in his mind, like a distant, quiet laugh, then nothing.

The Protoss has vanished.


I shake my head, smiling.

"You don't seem to understand my purpose. I am not an acquirer of weapons. I don't kill people, I bring them back to life. No, if you want the Ghost dead you will need to provide something... more."

I sit back down. "Fortunately for you, the Ghost is irritating to me as well. Perhaps we can deal..."
OOC: That was a Protoss? Have you revealed who is the bold person and the italics person?

The Exemplar furrows his brow and continues on his way to the Hierarchy's chamber. The investigation of the mysterious voice would come later.
"We can. And this is no ordinary weapon. It stuns those who are hit by it, rather than killing them....a safe way to incapacitate Zerg and Protoss to bring them back to your lab. Now that's something you'd be interested in." I say mildly.

OOC: I won't reveal anything, but Zarkun, KO, I beg you to go with this. I promise it will make the RP very, very interesting, and the results will satisfy all....Zarkun included. If you want, note me on DA and I'll provide details, but I need your cooperation.
I nod. "I suppose that is accurate enough,'s got to be her loyalty matrix. It's the only thing I can think of. I just.." I sigh and look at the Changeling again, "I don't know enough about Zerg to understand the issue fully."
I think a moment.

"Certainly tempting... but what makes you think you can overcome the Ghost? He is a psionic."
"As I said, I expect him delivered, handcuffed and unarmed, to my room. I will tell you how everything will work, but only once you agree."
I am genuinely astonished. "You expect me to deliver him to you? I am afraid that literally cannot be done. He was put here for a reason: to watch me. I can't take any direct action against him, which is why your offer seemed so convenient... but if you can't do it without my help, you are of no use to me."
"You're wrong, Doc. There most certainly is a way. You just have to accept it. And use it. And, in fact, this way puts you in no danger at all! If he is somehow able to get away, he'll never suspect you."
I frown. "Explain."

If he can rid me of the Ghost...
"Christs sake, and you're the genius!" I exclaim in a sarcastic, but friendly tone.

"It's not that hard...murder one of the other Reapers, frame him. Take him in for questioning, handcuff him because "It's just a precaution", and then you pistol-whip him! He'll never see it coming if you're competent."
I ponder this for a second, and then look at Xeranis, as a grin spreads from her face.
"You felt it too?"
I giggled wildly, the Protoss sighing in relief at something. I remember that Zack is right there and attempt to cease my childish behavior, only to let out a few more giggles.
"Someone was discussing him... Perhaps... that is how he wished to be revealed to the Protoss..?" Xeranis shrugs, then looks at Zack, her cloak draping over her shoulder.
"Nevermind her, but if anything... The Clone has been reprogrammed... we are unsure how... but we do know she has been controlled before... perhaps... if you were to overload her conscious... you would transfer our loyalties to someone we trust more with our well-being..?"
The Nerazim of the council feels a chilling sensation, like being plunged into an icy ocean, with a shortness of breath. The darkness in the room thickens, and he is brought into the Void, where a hooded figure greets him, a long, heavy looking scythe glows blood-red against the darkness. It's eyes glow with a similar light, but... they do not give any indication of intimidation or aggression.
"Child... Your council of the Firstborn... it seeks to imprison me... I am not your enemy... neither is my herald... I am no force that can be captured... they do not understand me... as your kind does... I am the Void... and it is me... You are all my vassals... and I am your protector... They call out against me for not aiding them with their problems... but... I already have... the High Prelate Zeratul's slaughter of the Cerebrate... The mighty Tassadar's sacrifice... all brought upon the power of the Nerazim... my power... Go now... realize that what I say is the truth... and that the council is attempting a fruitless endeavor..."
And with such, the shadows fade and dissipate, the figure with them, and the Templar is left in his quarters, alone and shivering from the supernatural cold that had overtaken him.
I chuckle nervously. "Yeah, remember when I said I'm not good at mental assaults? I'm also a poor telepath, excelling more at Empathy."
"Hmm..." We both frown, as The Clone stares off into space, motionless still. I look at her and wave my hand in front of her face, to no avail.
"She's creeping me the hell out... How about you Z?" I called her Z because of how her name was pronounced, more like Zeranis, rather than Xeranis... but still, I digress.
"She's like a puppet without any strings... This far away from her controller... you shouldn't have too much trouble taking over her..."

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