Reaper (Episode 2)

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honestly I has no idea who dah sh!t you are nor do I entirely care. I need to rain blood death and destruction on something so im off to do some vs AI on SC2 ...... I hope .....
OOC: So nobody wants to get killed by me but when HBRB comes...


IC: "That's....incredible! So, what the hell do we do about dinner?"
"SLNDERBURRITO IS HBRB! THE ONLY ONE WHO IS MORE EFFECTIVE AT SPREADING CHAOS THAN SMYLEZ AND MYSELF! And also, now to start formulating a plan to kill Terrance and find a way to blame it on a different character..."
sorry SF but I STILL dont know who that is :P
My eye starts twitching. "Search up Crash and read that RP. I haven't. But I know that the Changeling is in there."
i have heard of this 'the Changeling' and its [Data Corrupted] ...... I probably wont look said RP up as I honestly dont really care.
The Crash was not my best, in all honesty. The first, like, three chapters of that was me being young and childish, until the point where I began to formulate my own subplots which ran directly with Nait's own.
With "the Reaper."

Actually, at the risk of giving something away: The Reaper might be interested in this and thus send someone disguised as a Reaper to spy. If I run into you in a chat or something I will explain further.

But for now, Reapers only please. I suppose Laura could be disguised as one or something.
Go on, make an account, and send a note to me as UndergroundByDesign. We can discuss there. ^^
"He is VyrmArmy on DA."
OK, I have replied. Hopefully we can get this moving again.
OCC: We going to continue this?

Allysa walks into the Firing Range, and begins firing again, waiting for the call-to-arms.
Allow me to join?

Name: Zero
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Appearance: Always in a Psionic Suit, dark hair and blue eyes, no one can get quite a good look at him. A large scar goes down his cheek from dueling a great beast.
Armament: A Sniper Rifle that reloads faster than a zergling on crack. Also has gauss rifles, flamethrowers, pistols, and knives.
Abilities: PsiForm, Cloak, Snipe, Deploy AutoTurret, Deploy Shredder, Shadow Clone
Knarled is just gona tell you to make a reaper *shakes head at the fool*
dam. Well might as well get started.

Name: Jered
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black Hair, other than that looks like Tychus Findlay without his scar.

Is that good or should I take it to the PreRP?
"No Pre RP. And better get started on Makenna killing Terrance. BUT DACDER DIDN'T TELL ME WHICH CABIN BEN WILL BE IN BEFORE HE F*CKING LEFT!" I rage quit the game of patience.
Knarled never made a PRP so it belongs here ...... umm ..... looks ..... ok need more though go to original Reaper thread for a look at app people have used.
12/29/2012 06:03 PMPosted by ShadowFury
No Pre RP

Good to know.
I just need to be in an RP right now so anything is helpful
[Data Withdrawn Temporarily]
Alright Xer, that looks fine (Reaper char). You can RP yourself arriving on a prison ship or something.

@Dacder: "Right here." I point. "This is the regular mess. Ordinarily it wouldn't be open now, but I anticipated your need and ensured its availability. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do."

EDIT - I just now realized Laura and Jered could arrive at the same time, and I (the Doctor) could be confused because I only exepcted one... hehehe.

Also, Laura is officially accepted now that that little bit of "top-secret discussion" is over.

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