Reaper (Episode 2)

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My ship phased into existance within the limitless confines of the Void... all was well, I understood my mission, and thus the gears of conflict had begun to turn. As always, the Reaper was very... vague in his objectives... my target was someone on a rogue Space Vessal, traveling around for whatever reason...

Not that I cared. I would simply board the vessal, blend in with it's occupants, single out my target, and leave no witnesses. Though, whichever one had the ability to disrupt the linearity of the entire timeline itself, shouldn't be too hard to figure out... I normally would just look for the crazy, intelligent one...

My ship was a Banshee, painted black, with red lines, like veins, covering the exterior. Energy pulsed through them, and as the ship blended against the nothingness around it, the pulsing energy gave it a ghastly appearance... resulting in it being named the Phantom, by myself and several of my close friends.

I ran a systems check. Cloaking was at the ready, though energy reserves were quickly recharging. By the time the target ship came anywhere near me, I would be ready to cloak... for days, if need be. An advantage of learning the ways of the Void... The Engines were humming softly, and the Display covering the cockpit was glowing a bright red, unseen by anyone outside of the ship, but dim enough for different statistics to be distinguishable from each other. Finally, I checked to make sure that the pressure was perfectly sealed. I have only had one occasion in which the pressure seals broke around the air lock, and... it was a mistake that cost me a newly found friend... and ever since I had been a tiny bit paranoid about the pressure throughout the ship.

Satisfied that everything was going as it should be I slumped down into my seat, my jacket fitting comfortably against my pale skin, strands of dark brown hair falling into my face as I adjusted my mask, a long, almost hexagonal shaped thing, with three optical sensors, two over my eyes, and one centered above them, over my face. The long tube that ran into my coat was connected to a series of filters, and effectively allowed clean, crisp air to be breathed in any environment... although I had noticed that in colder biomes I would have to insulate it with my coat, it didn't hamper it's effectiveness too much.
My coat, was a dark grey, with a hood specially made to go around the mask, giving it a bit of an angled look to it. Black leather gloves covered my hands, going back to the middle of my forearms, though the coat sleeves covered them. Before I closed my eyes I clenched and unclenched my toes, inside of similar black leather boots, which went up to my knees and covered the thick, breathable pants I wore.

I faded into a deep sleep, trusting that the motion sensor inside the ship would alert me to any approaching object before it could notice my presence.

ooc; First RP post back on the forums! :D
Good ta have ya back.

"Attention all Reapers, we have an estimated time for our arrival at our next target: 1:30 PM tomorrow. Please make sure to get plenty of rest."
Allysa stops shooting to hear the announcement, and walks out of the range, heading back to her room. When she gets there, she makes sure her SMG is empty, and goes to sleep.
Jered arrives in 30 minutes.
Does he have to be in a reaper suit always or is it like a marine suit where you can put it on or off?
In the mean time, might want to give me a briefing for the mission (or not, depending on if you already briefed or not).
First, I was alerted by a ship, a small one at that, and when I was just about to say screw it, and go back to sleep I saw the target ship, and scrambled to activate the cloaking. I set the auto pilot to follow the Science Vessal, and I walk into the cargo hold, loading my Rifle, a short Bulpup design, bolt-action, with a drum magazine, and my Pistol, with a similar magazine, but placed in front of the trigger guard. I holster both, and crawl back into the cockpit, eyeing the smaller ship, which was obviously heading towards the target, and flying closer to it, still cloaked, and still trained on the Target.

Then, as I dimmed the lights and was obscured by darkness, I allowed myself to drift, amongst the void, then summoned the ship to me... or, in simpler terms, Blinked into the ship's cargo bay. I cloaked, and followed the man into the vessal, uncloaking as I did so, appearing behind him, with my mask off, on the top of my head, and half covered by the hood.

"Hello there."
"I don't believe there was supposed to be a 2nd newcomer... At least, from what I was informed of. I don't work well with others, but you can stick around me... for now."

OOC: Also, Jered is a murderer and a thief.
Yay, more people for Zack to shoot if required!

IC: I get paged to the bridge and note to ship arriving. {Attention transport, ID yourself or be shot out of the sky.}
"This is Jered, the new guy. Let me in the docking bay. I'm apparently part of some project run by The Doctor. "
{Be more specific, Transport. We have lots of ships that say that.} "Just a different name."
hehehehe jered doesnt work well with others? heheheheehehehe he is so !@#$ing doomed :P

IC: I grab my PDD's, walk over to my armor and put them in a pocket of the armor. I then go lay down and catch some zzz's until we are called for the next mission.
"Well, this is a prison ship, can't you tell? The Doctor himself requested me to be sent from New Folsom (or whatever the main prison is). Just let me in the docking bay already. I'm getting impatient."

OOC: just because Jered doesn't work well with other doesn't mean he will have to get killed. He prefers to work alone but will work with others if he has too.
{I don't think I like that tone. Report to me when you get on board.} I gave the signal to tractor him in, then glance over his files, shaking my head. Another murderer. Grand.
*gets out of ship, then makes his way to the bridge* "Jered reporting. What do I need to do now?"
The new comer is greeted by my fist to his gut, which drops him. "You learn that if you want off this ship, you learn that you don't make smart remarks. You are a Reaper, the single most expendable unit in the Dominion Military. When you recover from that, report to the armory for your fitting, then go select a room and wait. The mission briefing has happened, so you can ask a fellow Reaper about what the mission is."
"I hate being expendable" *recovers quickly and makes his way to the armory*
I walk behind the two, uncloaking again, and sighing to myself, placing my mask on. "Great. I hope people are slightly less aggressive than you are. My name is X308, designation Wolfe. I have been tasked here from the Dominion as part of an... overseer operation... if you will. Arcturus wants an eye on this operation, and as of such I will be staying here for as long as needed." My voice has a slight english accent to it, though it is obvious that my tone is serious.

"Also. I request a meeting with this Doctor as soon as possible." I turn around and begin to walk down the halls, beginning to get a 'lay of the land', so to speak. I had used my cover as a Dominion Ghost many times before... and if need be I specify that I am an experimental breed. I constantly made sure that my record stayed within Dominion records, so everything would check out for whomever was running this little show. Project Sufferer... A team of three Ghosts went in, only one came out alive. My record shows a long list of dangerous, long term missions that are low on Dominion priorities but still a threat enough to send an operative on, and the timeframes between each mission allows me to do whatever I wish, though this normally involves me getting into a conflict with a rogue officer or spy, and them laying in a pool of their own blood.
*is in armory* " So where's my suit?"
I shake my head. "Liar. I already confirmed with command that no other operatives would be assigned to this to keep the Doctor's suspicions low. If you have an alternate assignment, come clean now." I didn't like this. Nothing about her even spoke of Ghost. Then again, me neither, despite my armor and helmet. No ghost was as cold as I was. "I'm not here to kill you, so your assignment is really unimportant. As for meeting the Doctor, he's in his lab right now, but will most likely see you."
"Where the heck is my reaper suit? I want my grenades and pistols..."
I turn and look at him, the shadows in the halls beginning to converge on us, and for a brief second my mask's optics became a bright green. "Top Secret. If you're that curious, look up Project Sufferer. My creds are in there. You question me again and I will make sure you don't have the ability to anymore."

I sigh, and take a few more steps, turning back again, and brightening up. "Though, I'm sure we can make this a successful mission between the two of us, very easily."

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