Reaper (Episode 2)

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You'll need to wait on KO, xer.
Awwww. I've been waiting for minutes!
"I'm here to observe and kill when he's reached the desired results. Your mission is your business, not mine." A small flame pushes the shadows back. "And don't underestimate me."
be prepared to wait for sometime xer.
I chuckle and nod. If I was sent here, then this one must not complete his goal... either that, or this doctor is not my target... "I won't, oh no, most definitely not... as long as you don't make me excited to try and fight you..." I turn again, continuing to walk, my form cloaking in a much different way than normal. Bits and pieces of my body just disappeared, like a piece of paper being burned, until nothing was left. It is at this point where one would notice that my boots made no noise against the ground, either, and that my weaponry was specially made to be silent in all situations... my powers came from the Void... and that can mean as long as there is any lack of anything in a given place, my powers are viable...
Shaking my head, I return to the firing range and start practicing with my rifle. If we ran into those...creatures, again, I would turn them to ash, then their ash into nothing. They were pathetic and an insult, even to the Zerg.
I find Terrance lounging. I grin. I change her grin into a little innocent face. I walk over to Terrance and tap him on the shoulder. I say to him, "I am truly, truly sorry." I stop and then continue. "My behavior was inappropriate and I was just a little pissed off. Please forgive me." Through the whole thing I was swerving my body a little and trying to get him to focus as much as possible on my qualities of attractiveness, this had succeeded.
Terrance responds, "Hey, it's fine. Why don't you sit." He kept his focus on my lovely bodily figure, his eyes usually moving between my @ss and my breasts. I move around, seductively moving to try and get him to want me. I had practiced this with all of my victims, so I was confident it would work this time.
I sit down next to Terrance and look him over. He wasn't bad looking. I was feeling like telling him the truth about his appearance, but decide to lie instead and say to him, "You are f*cking gorgeous." I start to move closer to him. "Mind if I rest my head on your chest."

He replies, "Thank you, and go ahead!" As I move my head down I notice his arm move around me.

As my head sets down on his chest I feel his heart pounding, he was getting excited. I smile, this was going to be easier than I though. I feel his hand rest on my back and slowly move down it.

Oh, dear...

Actually, I'm somehow surprised that this is the first episode of this nature...

At any rate, nice way of getting in, SB, and I loved the Ghost confrontation between Laura and Zack.

It is now 9:00 PM shipboard time.
So... My armor fitting?

Been waiting for Minutes!
Yes... Knarled I need something for Laura to do, at least a conversation with the doctor, and xer isn't going to shut up about his armor anytime soon...
"I'm sorry if Makenna is a succubus. But that's how she murders, and that's the best way to get the Doctor to believe Ben did it."

Fine. Just ask a guard to speak with the Doctor. As for you Xer...

The armor is removable like CMC armor. As for where it is, your suit would be in the suiting room that people are automatically assumed to go to right before a mission. You will not require your suit while aboard the Vessel.
"I walked here for nothing... I'm beginning to like this place already..." *goes to quarters*
I search around the corridors, eventually chancing upon a differently-clothed person. Perhaps he could direct me to this doctor. I approach him, and erect my back, holding my rifle in a tense, but still relaxed position.
"Where... is the Doctor..? I wish to speak with him immediately."
"I'm surprised I haven't seen any of my comrades in here yet..... where are they?"
*walks around in the quarters, looking for someone*
"Dang, No one's home."
Xer: there are several rooms with our chars in them and I think KO needs to open up another room .... also please PLEASE get Cortex out of your head do posts that are more descriptive. see pretty much anyone elses IC posts for examples, or the IC coming in a sec on this very post :P.

IC: I wake up from my nap fully rested and somewhat surprised we have yet to be called for the next mission. Standing up and stretching I decide to head over to the Range and get some practice in. After a short walk I arrive and grab a pistol on my way to a shooting station. I open fire getting some built up tensions on the targets.
From knowing the psychology of men he was already ready to do something. I look at him. "Hey, wanna go back to your room?" I ask.

"Sure." Terrance responded. On the way there I swear he started sweating a tiny bit.

When we arrived in the room I see that it was assigned to him and a man named Ben Quill. That's who the blame will be placed on. When we enter the room I start finding stuff to cover up the security cameras up with. "Let's make it a little private." He nods in agreement, with a smile across his face and starts helping. Perfect.
I was walking down the halls, injecting some kind of chemical into my system, it calmed me down... I couldn't focus on that one evening where I had 'died'. "Time to get some rest... Though, if I was going to be afraid of someone... It would still be him instead of these yahoo's."
For my reference: does everyone remember what room they're in, because I don't.

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