Reaper (Episode 2)

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My guys sure doesn't... He didn't even get selected for a room yet, or because he wasn't there.
ummm I think Makenna is in room one .... room two has mine and jesters chars, room three IDK, room four has Ben and Terrance ...... thats what I remember .....
A security guard watches the screens with a bored expression. He sweeps his gaze over to the right side of the panel, and a grin slowly spreads across his face. He watches, but then blows an exasperated sigh.

Maybe she won't see camera 3... nah, she got it.

Too bad, that chick was hot. He picked up his comm.

"Hey Ron, guess what's goin' down in room 4?"

{Huh? What?}

"That Makenna girl."

Laughter. {Who's the lucky one?}

"See for yourself. My shift's about over, I gotta straighten up in here."

{Right. Catcha later.}
Knarled, Laura has confronted a guard. >n<
"Uh... I'll have to check with my superiors..."

He pulls out his comm, glancing nervously at the newcomer.
My mask glows, the three optic sensors casting a fiery orange light on the walls around me. If anything, this was more to intimidate him rather than night vision...
All the cameras were now covered up, and the door was locked. I push Terrance onto the bed and my my hands down as if to pull my pants down and off. As my hand touch my hips I pull out a silenced pistol, Terrance's eyes widen, he opens his mouth up, but before he could even say 'oh sh!t' I had placed a bullet in his head, and then another three. I put the pistol back and bring out a couple knives and start slicing his body up a bit, including his throat, causing blood to flood out onto the bed. I stop and move to the other bed and start working on my 'I just had sex' look.
The passing guard listens as he goes by the door, tipped off. He hears moaning from inside. Granted, the guy's moaning sounds a little weird, but...

He chuckles.
I realize this is a doublepost, but it is necessary.

I will be unable to run this for a few days. I will DMhood to Zarkun. If he doesn't want it or is unavailable Jester is my next pick.

As you know the next mission will be to raid a Protoss science facility and steal warp technology. To avoid Protoss air defenses, you will be dropped into the jungle several miles from the target, meaning to get there you will have to survive a long, hazardous journey through thick, monster-infested rainforest before you even reach the target. Once there you will have to deal with the Protoss, of course. Most of the guards inside the facility will be Zealots; try to get inside where the Photon Cannons can't hit you. If you can destroy the two Protoss Pylons the enemy defenses will be weakened enough to send a dropship directly to the facility to extract you. Otherwise you will have to retreat well away from the Protoss with the technology in tow.

I hope that is enough to go on for the next mission. The next mission can start pretty much whenever the DM feels like it.

It is now midnight, shipboard time.
Well...that was unexpected.

DM: It is now 8 am shipboard time. Several alarms go off to awake the Reapers. [Please prepare for the mission. It will commence in 5 and one half hours.] The guard flinches, then indicates the way, lighted by yellow arrows.

"Follow the yellow arrows. It'll lead you to the doc."
I wake up and head towards the shower. After showering I put on a clean jumpsuit and head to the mess hall.
I was already wake when the alarms went off, in the Firing Range. I shrug, and head to the Mess Hall.
I had finished with the preparing and exit room 4, my clothes hanging around me only enough to cover me. I head back into my room and start changing into my armor and such. I smile, Ben Quill will find a nasty surprise.
I watch as the yellow arrows begin to hum... well... they were silent, so hum wouldn't be the right word... they glowed... on and off, a slow blink.

I followed them swiftly, quietly, my cloak beginning to blotch up my form. Bits and pieces of my cloak, my hood, boots, gloves, or possibly my mask begin to materialize out of nowhere as I move more and more. The less I moved, walking normally, basically, miniscule, spread out pieces of me were visible. This was the only drawback to my otherwise advanced cloaking device. I could stay cloaked as long as I wanted to... but for it to be perfect... I either had to move like a snail, or not at all... likewise, in a dusty or ash-filled environment, I could keep up a jog and blend right in...

Now where was this doctor..?
The arrows lead the way to a lab door, where several people can be seen working. Perhaps one of them knows where the Doctor is.
I feel the familiar high pitched hum- wait... no... why do I affiliate everything with a hum..? I think I've been around those Protoss for too long... It is like... the sound of energy dispersing, and electricity discharging. The door looms in front of me, and I take in a deep breath, staring back at it and stepping inside, looking at the workers.
"Where is the Doctor?"
One of the scientists absentmindedly points at one of the office doors and resumes working. There would be no side tracking this team. A guard notices the ghost but ignores her. The other guy had already radioed ahead.
I nod, not wasting any time before heading to the office door, knowing that one of the guards would have notified the doctor, and standing outside of it, waiting for the familiar hiss of the door sliding open.
The hiss comes quickly and a man is sitting behind the desk on the other side. "You're the new ghost I assume?"
I nod, walking into the room without hesitation.
"Greetings. Doctor. I am Agent Wolfe. I have been assigned to this project as to Aid your Units in their given missions, and to provide peacekeeping. The Dominion has decided that the extra funding that is required to keep your men alive... especially after recent events... has been necessary, but is still unwanted. Thus, I am to intervene when necessary, and to preserve the nature of your soldiers."

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